Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Where is Rove?

Today is the end of August. The weather tells me so. It's like 65 degrees outside. This is horseshit, this Oregon Summer. Anyways. I wonder what the White House is like while the President is on vacation. Is it more relaxed and functional since there isn't the constant need to re-explain everything and update the President on how people are finally realizing how idiotic he is through poll numbers? I bet Scott Mclellan stops stuttering all together. Does Condi bother to curl her hair? Does Rumsfield...well, I don't think he even notices. TUMS and Rolaid sales probably go down in the area. 3 syllable words get used again. French fries are openly eaten. Or perhaps not. Where is Rove? Is Rove on vacation too? Or is he still in the mansion with his beady little eyes carefully montoring what everyone says and does? Is that why Bush feels so comfortable taking vacations? Because his pit bull stays behind to guard the junk heap? French fries still have to be stuffed down within the confines of the broom closet adjacent to the China Room? Here's a thought...maybe Rove sends Bush on vacation to throw everyone off so he can finish writing his autobiography of the days when he had the power to send the President on vacation. This is a mystery worthy of Hercule Poirot

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Weeding the Forest

I went camping recently and came to the realization that I had perhaps spent too much time in the city. I was siting in a folding chair, having a berry flavored beverage, looking around at the natural wonders, etc. and then reached over and pulled a weed out of the ground. I went camping and tried to weed the forest. How messed up is that? Who does that, I mean really. I have no defense, but to say that they were those really annoying long green stemmed ones with the little yellow flowers on top. They drive me nuts. I guess knowing they were permeating what I considered to be untouched beauty was too much to bear and I had to take action. Or, I'm anal. Hard to decide which.

So I won't be doing that anymore. Camping, I mean.