Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Weeding the Forest

I went camping recently and came to the realization that I had perhaps spent too much time in the city. I was siting in a folding chair, having a berry flavored beverage, looking around at the natural wonders, etc. and then reached over and pulled a weed out of the ground. I went camping and tried to weed the forest. How messed up is that? Who does that, I mean really. I have no defense, but to say that they were those really annoying long green stemmed ones with the little yellow flowers on top. They drive me nuts. I guess knowing they were permeating what I considered to be untouched beauty was too much to bear and I had to take action. Or, I'm anal. Hard to decide which.

So I won't be doing that anymore. Camping, I mean.

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Laura said...

This post is lonely. I'm giving it a comment to cheer it up.

And yes, you are a very sad, sad person for weeding the forest and not, for instance, my front yard.