Friday, June 10, 2011

Insert Penis Joke Here.

Like everyone else, I'm tired of hearing about Anthony Wiener and the pictures of his wiener. Ok, maybe not like everyone else because it's still EVERYWHERE. Here's my issue with this issue.

It's not a fucking issue.

Except that it is. And no one is more guilty of making it into an issue then Wiener himself (not to be confused with HIS wiener). First the denial, then the admission, followed by gooey levels of remorse and apology. So disappointing. So badly handled. So utterly avoidable...

This is what he should've said instead of "I'm sorry."

"IT'S NONE OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS! Regardless of my marital status, if I want to send a picture of my impressively sized man meat to another consenting adult over the internet - what business is it of the public's! You don't know my life!"

He then could have added that his wife's knowledge (or consent or lack thereof) is something that is only between them. So since he's not engaging in anything illegal (i.e. prostitution) everyone else just needs to bugger off and let him get on with his day.

Boom. Done. The whole storm would be gone by now.

But no, instead he's getting pressure to step down from a position where he's doing a lot of damn good by other people who have most likely done something similar in the privacy of their own home. Screw that, I bet half of them have done something similar in the non-privacy of their office, the bathroom stall of a airport or somewhere else terrifyingly public. There's a reason why I refuse to use the computers at the library!

Anyway - there you have it. The reputation of another good politician totally ruined not by his deeds, but by his inability to own up to them. And that makes him a pussy.

But this is still awesome.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

What you're forgetting is that a lot of people who voted for him wouldn't have voted for him if they'd known he was sending women photos of his dick. So they feel cheated and he needs to show contrition.

Maybe they shouldn't care about him sending women photos of his dick, but humans are funny about things like that. Would you vote for a man whose wife called him "master" and washed his feet like a slave girl?

Anonymous said...

youre not the only one sick of this crap. I personally dont give a fig about any of our politicians personal business unless said business is ILLEGAL. I only care about those politicans DOING THEIR JOBS. which they havent been.

and I hate american media. Crap like this (and realitiy television) is why I no longer watch tv.

kara said...

goranas - my argument is they have no right to feel cheated about anything but his getting caught and lying about it. that's the disservice to his constituency, so that's what he needs to apologize for. if Obama pranced around his private rooms in drag, it wouldn't matter to me as long as it didn't affect his job. people's sexual needs just aren't my business (this statement is, of course, meant to include the idea that this is the case as long as those needs are not illegal or insidious.)

B and I argued this around and around because he said one of the girls claimed that the picture was unsolicited and therefore that made it all wrong. I argued that we have no idea what went down there. How those conversations went. We only have that she took it straight to the media and he is unwilling to be clear about his actions. Unless we have transcripts or logs, we just don't know so I'm unwilling to assume he's just some lech who needs to apologize for being so.

rachel - i just continue to hope that people eventually realize you cannot be secretive about anything in the age of the internet. so it's better to be open. hopefully this knowledge will breed a better kind of politician in the next generation or so.

Me said...

You said weiner, lol.

The Future said...

It's the lying. I wish I'd kept count of all the politicians and famous figures who have simply lied once they've been found out, and it just keeps happening. Doesn't anyone ever learn anything from lying idiots of the past around here? Let's start with Nixon then everyone can pile on since then. Maybe the better question would be do any of these Yayhoo's tell the truth or have the rest of them simply not been caught...yet?

Robert the Skeptic said...

One thing you can say about Weener after watching that video... he certainly has balls!

stinkypaw said...

I totally agree with you. It is not because one chooses politics as a job that he's no longer to his private life. I hate the way we are so quick to judge others on THEIR personal lives. None of our business, why can't we respect that?

nic said...

Yup. Lying political dudes and their sometimes obnoxious private lives which aren't private anymore. Media circus. No privacy. I read somewhere that we're raising kids to never know what privacy is. Cameras everywhere on cell phones, etc. I really have nothing more to say.