Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A New Post Is Here! A New Post Is Here

Lord I'm a lazy writer. I really shouldn't be. I have a comfortable chair, an ergo-friendly keyboard, occasional spare time to fill. I'm not having to write this from the floor of a 19th century Siberian prison. So what's my problem? Writer's block? Lacking a muse? Do I believe in muses? No. No, I do not. But since you asked, I believe in Happy Hours, walla walla sweet onion rings, and sit-coms with no laugh track. There's more, but people don't like reading lists.

Monday I spent my evening laying in a kiddie pool with my feet hanging over the side reading the Mercury. I've officially decided that's how one should always spend their 101 degree days of summer. Short of having a cold beer at my side, it was damn near perfect. Actually, it all sounds kind of trashy, but what can I say, I'm poor.

Currently I'm addicted to Indian food. Though I've always liked it in general, I now seem to crave it. This is the evildoing of a certain Real Taste of India caravan down in cart row. I'm convinced they're trying to slowly take over the world by creating food slaves. It's working too. If they told me I couldn't have my chicken tikka masala unless I infiltrated the FED and stole billions of dollars to support their world domination operation...I'd probably do it. That's how freaking good their tikka masala is. If we were an army, our uniforms would smell of spices so we'd stay salivating, like those greyhounds chasing the big bone around the track. Those dogs are ridiculous looking.

2 keep(s) me blogging:

Laura said...

Greyhounds are big. I saw one the other day and didn't realize how big they are. And weird-looking.

Too_Many_Thoughts said...

Yup, I understand. Even me, these days have nothing much to write, I guess it's just a writer's blog or something.
Ha! Hooked onto indian food! Don't you find it too spicy? Being an indian, I have to admit some dishes are way to spicy!
Anyways,take care