Friday, February 22, 2008

So...We're Going To Vienna

Just because we can. We leave in two hours.

Here's some pics:

So we left behind the cold ass climate in Cluj Napoca, Romania. The land of ridiculous headwear.
Which was prolly a good idea. Kansas was getting a bit punchy to move on. Here he is doing Spider Kansas. Yes, it has a name.And off we went to Budapest, Hungary. The land of...paprika and unpronounceable EVERYTHING.We shopped.Drank beer (mine's on the left...notice the size difference).And climbed in between the legs of giant Communist statues. If you can see me in there somewhere. The pic seems really dark on this computer. So I'm feeling him up...what can I say, I'm human. And he's well built.
Most importantly...we went to the BATHS! Oh they were glorious. Well, Kansas hated it for reasons we won't go into (he has some public hang ups), but I forced him to stay there for hours and hours. The sun was shining (it was going down by the time I took these) and the water was hot and rotten egg sulphury, t'was glorious.
These guys were glorious too. And rockin' the speedo.
I couldn't stop taking pictures at Statue Park.
Really, I couldn't.

Hungary's history is especially fascinating from the turn of the century to when Communism fell in '89. The Terror Museum is a must-see for anyone who visits. I had no idea how much the people of this country suffered for almost an entire century at the hands of the Nazis, The Arrow Cross gov't and the Soviet Red Army. We even got to watch an instructional film strip on "spying 101" from 1956. You all better watch your backs, I learned some shit.

Anyway, we were going to take a night train back to Prague and hang out or whatevs, but then we discovered that we were only 3.5 hours from Vienna. And shit...if you're only 3 hours from Austria, well, you damn well go to Austria.'re going to Austria.

The next time you hear from me...well, I have no idea when that will be, so nevermind.


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Gorilla Bananas said...

Heh! Under the first statue you look like a gnome taking a dump! But the toe-to-ass, hand-on-crotch one is very erotic, I'll give you that. Dance a waltz for us in Vienna.

Mary Witzl said...

Whoa! Big, heavy, muscular, grim, cold, fiercely idealistic stone communists. I am scared out of my wits. I don't much like them, to tell you the truth. But they definitely meant business. And I am prepared to believe that they thought they were doing the Right Thing.

The Future said...

A great collection of never before seen Hungarian vacation shots. Regarding your next leg, just be sure you sing "Do Re Mi" whilst you're there even though you technically won't be in the right city. Austria is still Austria, right?

Rachel said...

Ah, the joys of living vicariously.

I can "be" in Budapest whilst in the warm toasty confines of my own home.


froelica said...

I hear Vienna is gorgeous. You bitch.

theWaif said...

I'm impressed with your rather optimistic foresight in thinking to bring a swimsuit with you to eastern Europe in the dead of winter. Or can you buy/rent them there this time of year? Rabbit-fur-kinis or wool-lined speedos perhaps?

Vienna would be fun. Little bit jealous, yes. If you happen to find me a cute furry beret while you're there, I wouldn't be ungrateful.

Orhan Kahn said...

Love the pictures. Good game, great effort. So jealous!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! Say hi to Vienna for me. I hear they have the best little sausages there...

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

Give Vienna a big kiss on the cathedral for me and eat Mozartkugelen only if you really have to. They're like a separate currency over there. They're everywhere. Have fun!

Kara said...

goranas - my hand is nowhere near there! i'm holding a camera strap in my lap! perv.

mary - don't much communists or statues? 'cause there's a difference. slight, but it's there.

future - kansas thwaps me every time i sing.

rachel - well hungary was toasty compared to romania. i could strip down a WHOLE LAYER!

fro - it looks like a german speaking version of paris. no need for the envy.

waif - oh the bathing suits were the first things packed. i read about those baths AGES ago. kansas would only go once, pooper.

or - great effort?

sarah - thank you!!!! i hear you can get those great little sausages closer to home.

sam - it was fun...never ate any Mozartkugelen. lots of other heavy crap, though.

froelica said...

Well, I've been SORELY misinformed.

Stinkypaw said...

Now I really want to go to Hungary!