Tuesday, September 01, 2009

On An Escapade...Baby

For any of you who really know me (and by that I mean have been reading this drivel for two years or more), you know that I like to take my boys for a test drive to make sure they'll stick for the long term. And by test drive, I mean I travel with them to somewhere far away from here for an extended period of time. B-rock's getting off easy...we're just hopping over to Europe to visit some friends and attend a wedding, but it's still going to be two weeks of non-stop togetherness. No soccer matches or True Blood girls nights or ultimate frisbee to give us our "apart" time. It could be interesting as we fight CONSTANTLY.

An example of which is below:

(3:57:08 PM)
kara: jesus, it's 4:00
(3:59:02 PM) Brendan: yeah
(4:17:15 PM) kara: i'ma make porkchops
(4:18:19 PM)
Brendan: really? I was going to make dinner, but I will not object if you want to
(4:18:52 PM) kara: what nonsense were you going to make?
(4:19:40 PM)
Brendan: I don't know.
(4:19:51 PM) kara: well then you lose.
(4:19:54 PM)
Brendan: I was going to rummage around until something came out
(4:20:02 PM) kara: ew
(4:20:13 PM)
Brendan: and then you would eat it. delicious.
(4:20:27 PM)
kara: YOU LOSE

I won that fight. How do you think we'll do?

Anyways, we're gonna be in London for a few days doing whatever. I hope to knock back some
pints London-style (which means until 11:00pm when all the shit closes) and maybe take in something cultural like a wagamama. Or a wax museum.

Then it's off to Denmark where one of my high schools friends is getting married. I'm excited to be going back as my last visit was 6 years ago...though my Danish is painfully rusty. Oh well, it's better than brendan's.

And THEN we're weekending in Paris because b's never been there and I really want a gyro.

So yeah, that's what's up.
I imagine I won't totally disappear for the whole two weeks. If I could manage to blog from Romania and Morocco, I can probably post a little something from a public place in the EU. Unless they don't have free wi-fi. Assholes. But, you know, it will only be if I feel like it.

I think you should know that I'm watching The Big Lebowski on TV for perhaps the millionth time. This movie, Dr. Zhivago and Beastmaster, are the only movies I absolutely can't bring my self to turn off if I happen upon them. Lebowski is my security blanket...like elliot smith and gummy worms. However, watching it on TV does have its, *ahem*, quirks. Like this little gem:

See what happens when you find(fuck) a stranger in the alps(ass)?!?!

I wonder who's job it is to re-write scenes such as this for the general audiences. I also wonder how I might take their job from them and make it my own.

One time on a plane they showed
There's Something About Mary. Normally I hate that movie, but it felt like Christmas when Ben Stiller yelled "you're such a froggin' ashpole!" at someone.

Anyway, in other Lebowski-related news, thanks these label things we give our posts, I am reminded that I wrote a
half-assed Lebowski movie review back before I was calling them that. Oh memories...of earlier this year. And now you can share in them too. Because I give.

As to that travel business, we don't leave until Saturday so I may still have stuff to say about nothing. Or I'll get busy throwing things at the cat or working or something and you'll get n
othing. It all depends.

Until then - see ya, you human paraquats.

18 keep(s) me blogging:

Gorilla Bananas said...

Uh oh. Going on holiday together was the beginning of the end with the last one. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Send me an e-mail if you want to have tea with Dr Whipsnade when you're in London.

Orhan Kahn said...

Eight years old, dude.

Please don't get rid of Brendan. Please. I like this one.

You lose him, you lose me. It's a done deal.

Rachel said...

What are Ýou an expatriate? What's wrong with vacationing in your own damn country?!


I speak out of loving envy, of course.

erin said...

Everyone's talking about Paris lately.
What is totally weird is that the last time I went to Paris I ended up eat gyros and roasted peanuts the whole time.
The gyros were at this little Greek hole in the wall that had a giant vat of cucumber sauce in the middle of each table...about two blocks from the opera house? That's all my addled mind could come up with. I was pregnant with Rose at the time and I could smell the greek place starting up their 'fires' or whatever they use to cook (divine flames?) in my hotel room...which was three blocks from the opera house...nevermind. This whole comment was pointless.

Ms. Salti said...

Don't disown me, but I've never seen Lebowski. I'll put it on my list.

Hope you two don't kill each other on your trip. I'd miss your witty comments on my blog!

2 weeks for True Blood? WTF? And even more lame b/c you have to wait until you get back to watch it!

Auri said...

Have a great time in Europe lady. B-rock sounds like a keeper. hey... he offered to make food without being beaten into submission... that's a start.

AxAtlas said...

Geez! Haven't you thrown a bunch of tests at this B-Rock already? He's obviously passed em' all with flying colors and i'm sure he's going to pass this one anyway.
But if you have him go through an obstacle course, you totally hafta film it and put on youtube and vimeo.
Also, we should have a betting pool or an online poll on how he does. My money is him on passing (no pressure).

Rachel Noy said...

Make sure you go on the underground! Sweaty armpits on the tube are the bane of my life.

Have fun!

Stinkypaw said...

Have a blast, wherever you may be, and try not to kill each other! If my memory serves me right, last trip in Europe wasn't that "good" for a relationship...

Bon voyage!

kara said...

goranas - if he turned that tea into a beer, i'd say 'totally'.

or - MISQUOTER! "eight year olds, dude". and don't worry, he isn't going anywhere.

rachel - you really think we would run into more men in skinny jeans and skeez 'staches in europe than in YOUR part of the country? come ON!

erin - i don't love paris, but this way he gets to go and we don't have to deal with it again. and yeah...i fucking love the gyros.

auri - he cleans the dishes afterward too. it's like having a house man. do those exist?

ax - an online poll isn't a bad idea. i'll see what i can rustle up.

ra-noy - the underground is one of the cleanest public transit systems i've ever been on. this includes my own city's. no worries there.

stinkypaw - it's how i weed 'em out! but i'm 99.9999% sure this one's a keeper. and that's about as sure as i ever am about anything.

The Future said...

Forget the gyro! You have to have a ham & cheese crepe from a cart. Don't come home without it.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Going to Paris to get a Gyro!! Isn't that a bit like going to Athens to get an Eclair? (Although come to think of it, I did once have Chinese food in a restaurant while in Mexico)

Hope you find a safe place to park your scooter while you are away.. like at your sister's place.

... and bring me another pint of that Danish whiskey that tastes like paint thinner.

Orhan Kahn said...

We both misquoted ACTUALLY!

He is not just any dude, he is The Dude, with a capital D.

"Eight year olds, Dude."

There, the universe is once again balanced.

Anonymous said...

Salti- Two weeks IS B.S. But they are making a True Blood beverage that doesn't hit stores until like the 10th. So the delay means you can go out and buy it and drink True Blood while watching.

K- Best wishes on your trip and your Beau.

theWaif said...

Fie on you for going to Europe without me and for getting that idiotic Janet Jackson song stuck in my head. You better bring me back something really cute from Paris to make up for it.

Srsly tho, have a voyage magnifique. And beware the béchamel.

theWaif said...

Oh, and I'm sure you won't mind if I take your scooter for a jaunt around town while you're gone, right? Thanks, you're the best!!

Mary Witzl said...

Fighting all the time is perfectly fine if you manage to amuse yourselves. My husband and I still enjoy a good spat and playful banter -- it cheers us up.

Loved the Great Lebowski. Our kids particularly enjoyed the part when they didn't want to pay for their friend's cremation urn.

Orhan Kahn said...