Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Matter of Personal Preference

I'm always curious to discover what other women consider sexy.

Let's take Robert Downey Jr. for example, shall we? Yes.

The 80's weren't his best era with that slight essence of ventriloquist dummy around the jaw line there...which lingered until he discovered cocaine and disappeared from the face of the earth for years and years.

I am convinced that there are some men in this world who make deals with the very devil to age the way that they do. As if contained within rehab (or prison) there existed a kind of Opposite Day El Dorado where the fountain of youth just made you age beautifully. Gary Oldman drank from did Tim Roth, Gabriel Byrne, Jon Stewart, etc. And so, apparently, did Robert Downey Jr. - who, upon his reappearance to the outside world - became the first actor (in my opinion) to successfully introduce a super hero to a the starting line-up of every woman's fantasy (as evidenced below - though I, personally, don't dig the sculpted facial hair).
And then a HUGE downgrade. Not hot. FUNNY. Not hot.
Oh now wait, but what is this. Could this be the culmination of all things desirable? Classic sexy fictional character, period garb, untamed facial scruff, post-coital tousled hair. A waist coat. Yes, I do believe this might be it.But I'm curious to know if you agree. And if not, why? Which RDJ is your RDJ? Young with a little baby fat and an innocent pre-penal twinkle in the eye? Impeccably groomed and somewhat pointy superhero? face? Or mad genius with a propensity for a dirty fight and a WAIST COAT?! Just curious.

Yes, I watched Sherlock Holmes tonight. How could you tell?

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Gorilla Bananas said...

He blacked up! I thought that went out of fashion after Al Jolson retired. Anyway, I thought being sexy to women was all about attitude. You think you're examining his face, but in reality you're thinking about the way he struts and postures.

Amber said...

I much prefer Sherlock Holmes' RDJ.

Anonymous said...

Definitely the last RDJ, oh, the waistcoat, LORD dearie me...*swoon* and I think goranas has a point, RDJ dows have a certain BEARING, yanno? Even in that picture, his facial expression screams "swagger." Now, normally I find machismo deeply offensive, but somehow, RDJ doesnt go overboard with it and actually pulls it off.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Tony Stark's goatee, but I think RDJ is completely sexy. I wonder if part of it is knowing all the crazy shit he did over the years. I mean, I'd make him double bag it, but I wouldn't turn him down. Sherlock Holmes (though I haven't seen the movie yet) is my favorite of your given options, but I like him a lot in Wonder Boys too.

erin said...

Oh no what about RDJ in that movie with the two girls? It's not hot, per se...but very interesting.

Or Chaplin? I found him oddly attractive in that movie.

Robert the Skeptic said...

YOU of all people should know this: The camera LIES! What do you think Downy and the others look like before they step into three hours of makeup before shooting? In this Photoshop age, nothing and nobody appears as they do in real life.

The next time you are in the grocery checkout, glance at the "O" magazine and marvel at how well Oprah is aging - NOT!

Charlie said...

"... an innocent pre-penal twinkle in the eye"

Are you inferring that he was penisless at some point in his life? Or are you saying he had a virginal look about him?

Stinkypaw said...

Funny to read this now, as I've been brewing a post on how some actors age better than others... I'd say my favorite for him is now... Holmes and some Ironman... started liking him when he 'came back' in "Ali McBeal"...

The Future said...

Exterior-wise, he is getting better by the year, I agree that he wears his experiences well (probably better than his internal organs do). From the inside, my favorite was "Hearts & Souls", it was worthy of 10-12 rescreens for me. What can possibly beat a plot where four captivating, tweener ghosts drag his character along to finally complete their earth purposes?

Auri said...

The new and improved RDJ of Sherlock Holmes makes me a little HNB (hotnbothered)... And I'm digging your list of hotter older men. I'd have to tack on Harrison Ford and a few others though. Nothing quite as sexy as a man that's aged well=)

Murr Brewster said...

Oh, yes. I would not look askance if he happened to stumble through my sliding glass doors and hole up in my bed. Or was that Matthew McConaughy? In which case, never mind.

theWaif said...

I'm right there with you on RDJ. George Clooney isn't shaping up too bad either. Can't say the same for Robert Redford, he must not have gotten the memo about the fountain.

Mary Witzl said...

I'm with you here: Holmes is bound to be his pinnacle. How could any man look better than that? Just the right touch of scruffiness and none of that gormless shapeless softness that plagued him in his early years.

Anonymous said...

Sherlock Holmes... *sigh*

kara said...

goranas - the accent's hot too. you should see Tropic Thunder. let me know what you statement (funny) or offensive?

amber/rachel/jax - glad you're on my team.

erin - nothing about that chaplin/hitler mustache is sexy.

dad - don't ruin my fun with truths!

charlie - i'm referring to the years before he went to a lot of prison.

stinkypaw - i don't remember him in ali mcbeal. i also didn't watch it.

mom - i forgot about that movie!

auri - 10 years ago, i would've agreed. but lately he's just looking like jowls and skin.

murr - HUGE difference. i think i would actually kick McConaughy OUT of my bed. he's got a neck that i can't handle.

waif - clooney?! what about your favorite...russell crowe!

mary - you've nailed it exactly.

missprime - you've ALSO nailed it exactly.