Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can I Get a 'Woot'? It's Not a Request.

I'm starting to think Blogger blows goats. My images from the old posts keep disappearing. And I know they're not defecting, because Condi's Hair is a happy homeland that no image would ever want to leave.

Don't anyone raise an eyebrow at me or I'll have you locked up.

Anyway, who's got opinions on Wordpress and the like?

Mexico was lovely, thanks for asking.

In other news, my boyfriend, formerly known as my roommate the Missus, currently known as Brendan, got interviewed over the interwebs last night. The interviewer is web comic artiste Erika Moen and he is interviewed about his podcast among other things on her weekly interwebs show. Brendan has a whole interwebs life that I'm just now beginning to wrap my head around. With the exception of my half-assed blog and the occasional facebook/myspace page update, my life and the relationships in it have mainly functioned without benefit of Al Gore's inventive genius. Brendan has friends all over the world that he has been systematically meeting and then doing creative/artsy projects with for longer than I've known how to use Outlook. Yes, there are feelings of inadequacy on my part as a result. You've often been stuck reading about my frustration at the lack of a creative outlet...but then I meet someone like Brendan or Erika and I am ashamed of my laziness.

Then I get over it, pop a cap off a Pabst and settle in for some Girls Next Door. We make our own demons.

Anyway, snippets and bits of the interview are here:

The Erika Moen Show

Erika's web comic Dar is here.

Brendan's Children's Hour of Knowledge podcast is here.

Brendan's 101-word a day story blog Anacrusis is here.

Brendan's regular blog Not Falling Down is here.

If only linking things burned calories.

I'm gonna get my mediocrity a snack.

20 keep(s) me blogging:

Brendan said...


Woozie said...

Pabst? Your taste in liquor is bad and you should feel bad.

Kara said...

brendan - simmer down. i'm sure the cat is trying to sleep.

woozie - you're young. you'll learn.

Andrew said...

My site uses wordpress. Judge for thyself.

Mandy's Kidding said...

I don't like the sound of wordpress. It sounds like a cafe press, and I don't want to squeeze the juice out of my prose.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Wait, he was your roommate before he was your boyfriend? Isn't that like saying he examined your coochie before he was your gynaecologist? Anyway, whether it's a blog or a podcast or a web comic, what matters is the audience you're reaching. I'm going to mention you in a post again on Friday.

yinyang said...


The Future said...

What is woot or Woot is what or whatever? Maybe I should just leap into the dumbass category and deal with it. And if you decide to change your address, please leave breadcrumbs.

d said...

oh great. now i'm hungry.

Mary Witzl said...

Mediocrity? What mediocrity?

twinkie said...

Yay for podcasts. Can't get enough of them. And yay for you being back from my homeland. In fact.. you get a woot for that!

Kara said...

andrew - but yours makes me do maths. i worry.

mandy - well i hope to hell my prose someday has juice. it needs to pull its weight. to contribute.

goranas - crass! he was my roommate first because i didn't know him before he was my roommate. so how could he be my boyfriend first?

yinyang - sweet.

future - your comment made me laugh. a lot.

d - when are you not?

mary - i got it some tortilla chips. thanks for asking.

twinkie - i don't really listen to podcasts very often. except for This American Life because it's ear crack to me. i want to marry that show. and then give it some babies. and then raise them.

Kara said...

oh - and goranas - what's with the shout outs? how do i keep making the cut? i'm touched AND confused.

Orhan Kahn said...

Love is a beautiful thing.

AxAtlas said...

Dig the links. Brendan: maintain the awesomeness. Hef: dude, you suck.

nic said...

I thought it was w00t.

On the other thoughts, it's never a good idea to compare yourself with others.

And you can't leave. To quote scrubs, you're like Norm up in this bitch.

It's cold here. *sniffle* So cold, in fact, that they called off school. Therefore it's freeday friday! w00t!

sorry.. i'm bragging, aren't i.


Jill said...

Friends don't let friends drink Pabst. Somebody organize an intervention! I would do it, but I don't want to.

Gorilla Bananas said...

So let's get this clear. You and Brendan moved into the same room (separate beds?) to get to know each other. Then you decided you liked each other and became an item. Fine by me, but it sounds a little unusual.

I feel obliged to mention you in my blog whenever something strange happens in your neighbourhood. Or maybe I just want to tease you.

Kara said...

or - you just made me vomit.

ax - you have to speak up for Hef. he's old.

nic - i'm not talking to you until i see wedding pictures.

jill - some people eat steak. some people drink pabst. it's just the way the world is. DAMN it's good to have you back!

goranas - no, silly, he moved into my TWO BEDROOM apartment. then about a month later we made out. this is how fairytales are made.

Orhan Kahn said...