Saturday, January 31, 2009

What Condition My Condition Was In

It is my opinion that Kenny Rogers wakes up in the morning. Has a pee. Dons a robe. Gets the paper. French presses the coffee. Has a seat at the kitchen table. And takes a moment to thank Ethan and Joel Coen for allowing him to be significant.

The fact is, it's a symbiotic relationship. The Dude and the song, the song and the dude. There are several of those living in what still is the proudest moment of 1998 besides my graduation from high school...the release of The Big Lebowski. Since that day, language would never be the same. Nor would living room accents. For we all know that a rug is not worthy if it doesn't tie the room together, don't we. It's not a question.

But really, the movie isn't about The Dude. Of course it IS, but we all know it isn't. The shining beacons of perfection do not lie in the milk mustached, Eagles-hating, anti-hero. Oh no. It's Walter.

I fucking love the character of Walter.

It is my true belief that nobody can get John Goodman to act but the Coen brothers. This is based on several examples that I am too inebriated to mention here, but you all know what I am talking about. Barton Fink, Oh Brother and The Big Lebowski are all excellent. And they are all excellent because of John Goodman (John Turturro not withstanding). But John Goodman, without the Coen brothers, well, let's not go there. In these instances, well there's no one better. And I'm reminded of it every time I refuse to roll on shomer shabbas, leave without finishing my coffee or follow a statement with "am I wrong?".

Maybe you can tell that we just drank heavily went to see it in the theater. Well maybe you can't. But this isn't 'Nam, Smokey. This is bowling, and there are rules.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

"You know, Dude, I once dabbled in pacifism myself...not when I was in Nam of course."

That is actually very English humour from the mouth of an American.

Remember when the they were in the car to deliver the ransom and the Dude was speaking to the kidnappers on his cell phone? Walter kept interrupting him, so the Dude said:

"Don't say 'people', I'm doing business!"

Don't say 'people'? Is that a 60s expression? I want to hear you say "Don't say people".

inkspot said...

Mme Inkspot thinks John Goodman is cool (she's right) but will not permit her husband the same degree of beefiness. The inequity in this sublimates into the building of empires.

Rachel said...

i have never seen the big leboski. nor am i familiar with the coen brothers, even though I may have seen a few of their movies. have i? I dont know.

but I am however inebriated as well.
stupid bowl sunday does this to me.
i must drink to drunken stupor in order to get through this hedious, godawful "holiday".

The Future said...

Was "Raising Arizona" a Coen Brothers film? I'm thinking it was and he played as similar sorry ass character in that one. Personally, I think everyone should wear their hair like Nicholas Cage's character in that movie. I don't know why it never caught on.

theWaif said...

Future - "Raising Arizona" was indeed a Coen Bros. film. And frankly, I think it's the only movie worth watching with Nicholas Cage in it.

"Big Lebowski" is my second favorite Coen Bros. film next to "O Brother". John Tuturo is priceless.

Nobody F's with the Jesus.

Jill said...

John Goodman sans the Coen brothers = The Flintstones.

Love The Big Lebowski. Slag set my computer screen saver to say "marmot." That word makes me giggle every time I see it.

Kara said...

goranas - a decent human being can quote it all day long. that's what i believe.

inkspot - if everyone did it, it wouldn't be cool. weren't you ever in high school?

oh rachel - i love it when we're drunk together.

future - yes, that's by them. and i think we should totally try to get the missus to rock that hair.

waif - do NOT. Seek. The TREASURRRRE

jill - see, you made in 8 words the point that i was TRYING to make in a whole rambling post. that's why i likes ya.

Sarah said...

One of my favorites too. I'm cracking up about the "marmot" thing.