Monday, April 13, 2009

Saints Preserve Us

Brendan's making me white chili. I think it's because he's afraid of black people.

You can hear the wine, can't you.

Look at my new blog! A few snips and sweeps and it'll be good as new. I've totally lost most of my "cool people to link to" links so if you want your ass added, comment me, yo.
And just for the record: yes, that is Condi's hair scalped right off her head, turned around and placed very carefully on top of Cap'n Cleavage there. Brendan is a genius. And not the unsocial kind.

Since this took so much effort (mostly not by me) I'm going to stay on blogger for a while longer. Wordpress can sit and pine for me the way Twitter does.

You know it does.

Reason why I've grown to love this town #462 happens this weekend. Some people call them "the carts", some call them "the caravans" but I call them the ONLY place to get good cheap food in this town. They're all over the city selling Belgian fries, Indian food, pho, Thai food, burritos, pizza, falafal, gyros and everything else you can think of and they make figuring out what to get for lunch the most stressful part of my day.

But this weekend, it all comes to a head at Portland's first Food Cart Festival - where a bunch of the cart purveyors will gather together and let you try them ALL out for $5. Basically this is the definition of heaven on earth. Some people might say that's a massage or a bath, but they're wrong.

I've been anticipating this for weeks. I'll not eat the whole day beforehand. The plan is to be rolled home like Violet Beauregarde. Though not juiced, thankyouverymuch.

And the money goes to Mercy Corp.... the company I would most want to work for should they ever consider to have me. I know you have to apply, blah blah blah. Still.

You want to live here now, don't you. Well you can't. The gate's closed.

Kidding...they voted down my gate proposal.

Politics can suck it.

23 keep(s) me blogging:

Brendan said...

You remember that we live in a gated development, right?

kara said...

the gate's open right now, bey-otch.

i'm going to go watch PBS.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Food Cart Festival... mmm, Reminds me of my uncle Marsh always talking about going to the Kaopectate Festival in Tijuana. Who inspects those carts... Health Dept. or DMV?

Gorilla Bananas said...

I don't like the text colour on this new layout. It's a weak grey that's hard to read and doesn't suit your personality. Are you allowed to eat as much as you like for five dollars? I know you'll do it anyway, but there must be rules in eating, this isn't 'Nam.

Orhan Kahn said...

As much I know that there is nothing but love between us you have added me twice to your blogroll, somehow. Or I'm just naturally so awesome that it wants me their twice? Either way, win-win. Amirite!


Macoosh said...

i love the new look and i lurrrve this post.

part of me really believes you put together a gate proposal.

George said...

I used to have a t-shirt that said 'Who needs Gates in a world with no fences?'

Anyway, like you layout, looks good. Shell yeah, Twitter and Wordpress are longing for you, gal!

Cathy said...

I like me lots the new layout - someone's a clever boy! I lost I don't know how many days, weeks even months perhaps, of my life playing with blog templates, and still never worked it out. AND I don't know anyone who does. Lucky I'm not really blogging now, hey?

kara said...

dad - somebody inspects them, though i don't know who personally. i imagine they wear a badge, though.

goranas - 10 points for excellent usage of a demi-Lebowski quote. if i make the font black, will that help your age-d eyes?

or - i don't know WHAT you're talking about.

macoosh - the part of me that did it believes it too!

george - can i call you King George? because i'd like to. that t-shirt sounds like it might be related to computers. therefore, i support your not having it anymore.

cathy - not if you ask me! i'll be ready to read the moment you decide to come back.

Rachel said...

Food festivals are awesome!

I'm moving to Portland as soon as I get rich!!

No gate can prevent my coming!!!

Exclamation points!!!!

Rachel said...

and you know you better put me on your linkage!

Sarah said...

I like your cheap slut template. I have age-d eyes too though and grey is unfriendly to them.
The Cart Festival sounds like something I might have to partake in. I am all alone with all three kids this could cheer us all up.

d said...

once again, this post has absolutely nothing to do with me.

but i do enjoy the new look.

Woozie said...

White chili?

kara said...

rachel - you'll need to be rich. unemployment just reached double digits! hurray!

sarah - who you callin' cheap? that hair is coiffed, young lady. and that takes CLASS. gimme a call if you want to bring the clan in.

d - it never will, you realize, unless there is a reason for it.

woozie - yes. white.

Mary Witzl said...

WTF is white chili? Can such a thing really exist? Does it TASTE good? I'm skeptical.

Like those legs, though. Wish I had legs like that.

Jill said...

What is white chili?? Does it only have white ingredients? That would eliminate all the regular chili ingredients. Brendan gets 5 bonus "boyfriend" points for cooking dinner, 10 if he does it on a regular basis. That's the most important quality man a man can have as far as I'm concerned.

And the Food Cart Festival! Everything for $5?? I want to move to Portland. I'm also hungry....

Brendan said...

White chili, you PHILISTINES, is a chili made with white (or in this case, cannellini) beans, chicken broth, chicken or turkey meat, chiles, onions, carrots and no tomato sauce. (This does mean that it is usually less thick than standard chili; I'm working on finding a good thickener.) You put some sour cream and cheese on top and serve it with tortilla chips instead of crackers. It is extremely delicious, and makes up for the lack of lycopene by being lower in fat and being red meat-free.

The recipe I use was based on this one from Simply Recipes, with some additions. I use canned beans instead of soaking them, because I am lazy.

Brendan said...

Recipe link.

Amber said...

Your boyfriend makes me laugh.

Sarah said...

Philistines. HA!

Brendan, try making a little flour or potato buds in the chili to thicken it up. That's what I use in my stews.

The Future said...

Maybe Brendan should start a White Bean Chili cart! He'd obviously have a great deal of interest.

Twinkie said...

LOOK! It's e-coli on wheels! teehee.