Tuesday, April 07, 2009

They're All Twitterpated

I held my new nephew in my arms today. His name is Mercer Smith. I will call him Cer Smith because it makes me laugh every damn time I say it out loud.

Brendan held him too. As he held him, he kept giving me looks. Big eyed looks. "I want one" looks. There was a lot of me shaking my head and shouting "But I'm too young!"

All of you who chuckled at that will be found.

Look at how excited the Waif is to have birthed a foal. Somewhere out there, Sarah's cracking up.

Here's the little scamp himself. Admittedly he looks a tad like E.T. in this picture, but he's a damn little darling and I like him very much.

Lot's of big stuff has happened to me lately. First I destroy my blog template, then I go to the Seattle Comic Con (that will be another post, don't worry), the Waif gives birth AND I FOUND A MUG!

Ok, since honesty is the best policy, I will say that I did not find this mug. Tracy found me this mug. And then bought me this mug. It is...well, you can see for yourself why both she and I knew it had to be. And if you don't, well, I just don't know what you're doing here.

The best part about it: I really believe the tone is meant to be kind of a "eh, what the shell", c'est la vie kind of tone. But that's not how I read it (and consequently say it out loud). Oh no. It's angry. It's a serenely-colored angrily exclaiming mug. And therefore, the most perfect mug in the history of things that hold hot water. I'm so happy.

Brendan has now been engaged to help me fix this crap heap of a template. So stay tuned for changes. I'm not paying him so keep your expectations low.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

I would call him "Smithy". Fond regards to the Waif, who looks in fine fettle for a woman who's just popped a sprog. I am looking for a "What the duck?" mug, which is more your style.

Message to Brendan: Make her belly swell, boy, she's as fertile as a mare in season!

Wow, that was awkward said...

Awesome! Congrats to your sis, her family and the new aunty!!

Sarah said...

I did laugh. And even before you referenced me. :)Even though she looks tired and annoyed that someone is taking her picture, she doesn't look like she had a baby. And for that I hate her. Yeah, Laura, I hate you.
I believe there may be a market for this type of mug. As GB suggested, "What the duck?". You could also do, "What the crab?" or "Son of a fish" and so many more. If you become rich with this idea, you will buy me a coffee.

Susie Q said...

Congrats on the newest addition to your clan. I like 'em. The Waif makes a mighty fine offspring.
And I like my coffee black, just so you know...

Stinkypaw said...

Congrats to the parents and to you auntie Kara!

Nice mugs (all of there of them! ha!)

nic said...

LOL @ pseudo fishy swearing references!

And can brendan help me with mine? I'm tired of being standard.

You? At a comic con? Was that your idea or someone elses?

And congrats to the waif! Cute ET! :)

Rachel said...

I chuckled.

You know where I live; I do not fear you!

I got two words for Brendan though: "FALSE ADVERTIZING"

Inside that fragile sleepy body and masked by that sweet baby smell lies the soul of a life-draining bloodsucker that will DESTROY you!

Remembering this is how I managed to not be a mommy. :)

AxAtlas said...

Congrats! Welcome Mercer Smith! Way to be the 2nd son in the family (i am one...high five!).
Oh and nice teaser on the first 5 words of the last paragraph there!

Kara said...

Ax - i had no idea what you were talking about until i read it three times. please read nothing into the word "engaged". just know that i have a thesaurus. and i use it.

goranas - gross. and don't call me horsey.

wow - i'm going to absorb all those congrats and spread them at will.

sarah - i love "son of a fish". let's find a way to use that.

sue - damnit, i'll buy you BOTH coffee.

stinky - excellent pun, lady!

nic - as i titled the pics on facebook...'relationships are about compromise'. yes, i went to a comic con.

rachel - i'm keeping you around as my 'will talk you out of things' henchman.

Rising from my Ashes said...

thats twitting. No thesarus allowed

Rachel said...

Yay! Henchman! I graduated from minion!



Wait, was I your minion or someone else's?

Great hopping misdeeds, I can never remember these details!

Mary Witzl said...

Aw, he's cute.

For the record, though, all babies look like E.T., or probably more to the point, E.T. looks like all babies. He was made that way to ensnare us, you see.

kara said...

Ashes to ashes - who says? you the boss of twitter?

rachel - i think you're everyone's minion by default. you have to work your way out of it.

mary - damn him and his adorable way of eating reeses pieces.

Twinkie said...

awww! A baby!!!!!!