Wednesday, October 04, 2006

5 Songs I Want Played At My Funeral

So I got "tagged" with a "meme" by Macoosh. I have no idea what all that means exactly, or why I'm being forced to do what is a glorified chain letter, but I need a break from today's craziness so she's LUCKY.

So here they are...the
5 Songs I want Played At My WELL ATTENDED Funeral:

I Put a Spell on You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins : It'll freak the stupid superstitious old people out.

The Big Payback - James Brown: It'll freak everyone else out.

St. James' Infirmary - Louis Armstrong: Classic New Orleans jazz funeral style, bebe.

This Monkey's Gone to Heaven - Pixies: C''s funny.

You're Just What I Needed - The Cars: Hey, I can be sentimental too...fuckers.

I'd probably come up with better ones if I wanted to give it more thought...but I don't. Strange, that.

So now I have to "tag" other people with the "meme". And my chosen suckers are Amy, Sarah, Jen, Devon, and Kendra. Do it or face the wrath of...other bloggers. It's blogger code, people.

10 keep(s) me blogging:

Laura said...

What, "Boris the Spider" isn't on there? I think you'd best rethink that exclusion. Also, Kenny Rogers' "What Condition My Condition Was In" is also missing from the list and I find that disappointing.

Anonymous said...

see now, i tagged you specifically because i knew the answers would be good. so HA I was right! And I hate chain letters (or meme's in the blog world) as well, but not when I know i could get a chuckle out of em!!!

but i do feel lucky...and i'd love to know what spell you'd put on your

slaghammer said...

That's not a bad lineup. When do tickets go on sale?

Devon said...

This is a horrible misuse of the word meme and therefore I will not be participating.

richard dawkins would be rolling over in his grave... if he were dead... and could somehow know that you used the word meme wrong... and dead people could roll... and cared enough to expend the energy to roll... what were we talking about?

AxAtlas said...

What would you do if they played all these songs at a party?
Please note that I didn't look at this pic upside down...because I don't want screamo...i mean screamin' jay to haunt me.

INAMINI said...

Now the big question- what kind of funeral do you have planned? You have to have a theme or no one will come.

apterix55 said...

Music at your funeral? I just hope it's not "Little Honda" by the Beach Boys.

niall said...

I can't say I've put too much effort into considering what music I would like to be played at my funeral ... seems somewhat morbid. If you think about it, it shouldn't bother you which music they play at your funeral. You won't be there (technically), to enjoy it. They could get Beethoven to play his fifth in person, but you would miss the pleasure :/

On less morbit news, my site's back :) Kara, check out my new video link ... I couldn't quite find the one you were on about before, but when I do ... no ... no, I woldn't do that!

The Future said...

Don't you DARE have "Boris the Spider" played at my funeral or I will be puttin' a spell on you!

AxAtlas said...

i'm a fan of john entwistle. Playing "Boris" at a funeral would be slighty warped yet funky.
anyone know if there's a 5 string banjo version of the song? if not, then i'll make one and play it at funerals. that would create a good revenue stream for me.