Friday, October 06, 2006

We're Off on the Road to Morocco

That's the whiteboard behind my desk at work. The countdown has been up there since day 15 I think. Ryan, who did the lovely pictoral decor couldn't really come up with anything that would've been visually "moroccan" so he just supplemented with Egyptian stuff and the occasional ear of corn. Go figure.

To realign my karma, since I'm abandoning my coworkers to seasonal hell for 3 weeks, I brough in Voodoo Doughnuts. Portland's best kept secret is a secret no more. Your eyes do not deceive...some of what you see there includes an oreo doughnut, a coco puffs doughnut, a captain crunch doughnut, a voodoo doll doughnut (complete with jelly blood on the inside), etc. Buying voodoo gives you good juju.

So...I leave for Morocco in two days. I've wanted to go there since I saw this movie (to your left) when I was a kid. Granted the film was probably not filmed there. More likely, it was shot entirely on a Paramount lot with some sand bags and a thousand boxes of hair dye, but it's a great flick. In fact...I've seen it over and over as I get older and it still cracks me the hell up (not quite as much as Road to Rio...a source of contention within my family). If you have nothing to do in the coming days, I highly recommend renting it. A word of advice concerning all the "Road" forward through the love songs...they're ridiculous and long and you just want to punch Bing in the adam's apple.

Anyway...I will try to post whilst I'm gone, but I have no idea how often I'll be able to get to a computer. So you're all just gonna have to check back here and there (obsessively) to see if there's any hilarious pictures of Amy or I riding a camel. Or dromedary. Dromedary camel. Whatever.

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INAMINI said...

So you're off to a country where the population probably doesn't speak Danish, Dutch or English. I can just picture you trying to rent your camel in body/sign language.
Hope we don't read about you in the headlines.
Have a great time, and we'll miss you, you craxy girl!

Niall said...

According to, the main language of Morocco is their own unique dialect of Arabic ... Hope you've been brushing up on it! Also, French is spoken on the north and south, so, some 'Parlez vous Anglais' wouldn't go astray. It's also GMT apparently, so we'll be in the same time-zone for three weeks; I can't wait! They also use the metric system, always good.

Now, from the National Geographic (I wonder if I can put on pictures ...). Oh, if you want to listen to some of their music (I'm listening to it now - it's free!), you can listen/download it here - here ... it's worth a listen at least! It's free to listen to some of the songs, but for the whole track you must pay. Damn Moroccans! They're onto us! Or me at least. I can't understand a word! I think they're playing a lute. Hey, did you know the lute originated from North Africa, and then it migrated to around the Iberian peninsula where it evolved to Flamenco.

Ok, now I'm reading something about Alcohol in Morocco - "Although alcohol is forbidden in Islam, it is widely available in Casablanca and other Moroccan cities." ... You going to Casablanca? You should! Especially seeing as you like movies and whatnot. "imports [...] whisky, vodka, tequila, etc." I guess ye're OK then! But it's kept in locked cases apparently.

Anyways, enjoy the trip. Update when you can. Take lots of photos!

Niall said...

Wow! My name got a capital N! It never used do that before.

Orhan Kahn said...

Those cakes look so freakin' sexy!

AxAtlas said...

I like the scene where the camel alternates licking bob and bing's faces...of course that's the only bit I saw of the movie.

sarah said...

I like the Road to Bali. My kids call it the "Beautiful Princess Movie". I don't know why. Dorothy Lamour isn't pretty, nor does she have a good voice. (Better than mine, but crappy nonetheless)
Have fun in Morrocco! I'll check your blog. Be safe!
Oh, and don't try the bacon, cheese and maple bar at Voodoo. I almost puked.

The Future said...

If you run into Bing or Bob (or Dorothy I think) while you're there, you'll know you've taken a wrong turn. For that matter, don't run into any camels, it could be distinctively smelly and painful. Stay in touch to the extent you can. I'll be tracking your homeward bound progress while you run like heck in Minneapolis.

slaghammer said...

I never would have guessed you are a "Road To" fan. I remember the first time I realized that the actors in those old movies were not young or ambulatory. That was an uncomfortable revelation.

Kieran said...

That top drawing kind of scares me, it's like the mad scrawlings of a psychotic. I'll see the women with pitchforks in my nightmares.