Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jet Lag Sucks Monkey Toes

I'm gonna half ass this post 'cause I'm going to bed. I know it's only 7 pm, shut it. So I made it home safe and sound and at least 5 lbs lighter after spending an uneventful night in Casablanca and then again in some little town outside of London before finally coming home on THE LONGEST FLIGHT EVER. Or maybe it wasn't that long and I'm just impatient.

I want to thank you all for you lovely comments. I'm sorry I haven't really responded to them, and I'm WAY behind on reading all of your blogs, but I have a few days off now and I'm sick again so there will be much time to spend wrapped up in polar fleece blankets drinking tea reading about your humdrum lives (you know, in comparison to my spectacularly exciting one...hardeefrickinharhar). I'll add some more pictures and maybe an anecodote here and there as I remember them.

This is from Fez. I don't believe it needs any particular caption since it is quite glorious on its own.

Here's another picture of someone's's just how I do.

The stuff of nightmares. Slimey nightmares with scales and teeth.

The rooftop bar with the overpriced beer. Twas where I hung with the non-gay German spooners.

Our guides in the desert. They had some scary ass teeth. I made them take a picture with Sugar bear. Sugar bear was found in a cereal box when we were kids. Since then, and no, I don't know why, my family has taken pictures of him all over the world. He has his own web page. I know. Believe me...I know.

It's here.

It's so damn beautiful. This picture sucks compared to the real thing. For serious.

I'm going to bed.

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AxAtlas said...

Good that you returned home safely. Good pics (nice stop sign). Dig the Sugar Bear dealio. Adorable.
Hey! You half assed your post, I'll half ass my comment.

sarah said...

Glad you're home and safe. See you Saturday. There will be alcohol...oh yes, there will be alcohol.

slaghammer said...

That is a helluva pile of teapots.

d said...

personally, i can't get enough of them sugarcrisps.

thank god you're back.

Jen said...

ok, I'm glad you're back without being Kara-napped. That being said, I can't believe you have a SugarBear, and that your whole family is in on the SugarBear travels... Your family is crazy and kick ass all at once. No wonder you are my friend. The Joan Crawford dress is still in the plastic bucket next to your house; I can't believe I never made it over there to pick it up. I think I am going to be something else anyway, even though the Joan Crawford idea beats ass with wire hangers. I hope you feel better soon -- if you had cable you could watch scary movies all day long. Oh wait, that would be my life if I was home sick. Let me know if you need anything for your sickness -- ginger ale, Thera-Flu, toast, vodka...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the civilized (ha-ha) world! I'm sure ol' George is happy you're here now. How was re-entry with all the paranoia? I hope you fell better soon- nothing that Western medicine can't fix!

Mycaelus said...

Glad you've returned home safe, etc, etc. Love the pictures, especially the one of the beauiful rolling sand dunes. It makes me want to go visit the desert.

You're such a lucky lady.

Anonymous said...

the sand dunes remind me of my visit to australia where they filmed the sand shots in star wars. awesome.

the sugar bear thang is amazing. love it.

so glad you're back!!! you've been missed!

The Future said...

Your posts are worth reading and seeing no matter how sick and tired you are, so there! Enjoy your remaining R&R and try to get well for some portion of it.

Kendra said...

You better rest up because Saturday...WE DANCE! We have some pretty killer (yes, killer) costumes. And the video camera will be rolling! Do you have "Thriller" or should we burn you a copy?

alphawoman said...

I am looking forward to hearing the anecodotes! I also want to hear how you came about making this trip on your own all alone.

Niall said...

I'm a picture person, so I didn't read much of your post ... sorry. Good pictures though.

Kara said...

ax - thankee

sarah - i'm drinkless this week as well due to meds...i'm going on three weeks of puritanical behaviour and i am DONE

slag - yes...makes it even better that the door was open

d - i don't even know if they sell that cereal anymore

jen - i could drop it by if you like. maybe i'll call you tonight to check

inamini - there were some raised eyebrows as to where i was and why i was alone, but for the most part there were no issues...just my own testiness

mycaelus - luck is a subjective thing, but yes, it was amazing

macoosh - i saw a movie studio in the middle of the desert/Atlas mts. it was crazy

kendra - ok, but i refuse to become "that girl" again

the future - thanks mama

alphawoman - well, i was there with a friend, but she wasn't enjoying herself so she went home 5 days into it, i stuck it out for a week on my own but eventually came home 4 days early.

niall - yes, you are a generation of non-readers. oh SNAP!