Monday, June 25, 2007

Not Even Worthy Of A Title

I know I haven't blogged for a while, but I'm in a funk. The weather is acting bipolar and Kansas is gone to California all week for his stupid job that allows us to pay for our stupid super cable and stupid food to put on the stupid table (well, coffee table, we don't have a real table). Right now I think everything's stupid.

Paris gets out this week. Stupid skankho.

Trying to pass another stem-cell research bill while Bush is still in office is stupid.

Whoever knocked over my scooter the other day is trying-to-get-his-ass-beat stupid.

The crazy bottle blond my newly dyed hair turned up with is stupid.

Ex-boyfriends/toys keep popping up everywhere. Boys are stupid.

My job is stupid.

Saw Spider-stupid-man 3. Tobey McGuire doing hi
s best Saturday Night Fever impression had me longing for those glorious days I spent in the fever hallucinating about being eaten by whales. Yes, that was better.

I'm currently out of cheese and forgot to get any at the store today. Fucking awful.

I'll be back when I hate the world a little less.(Pilfered from Marc John's Drawings)

8 keep(s) me blogging:

Devon said...

This post is stupid.

Yes! got it first.

yinyang said...

Lovely graphic at the bottom there. Sorry to hear about your cheese shortage.

Macoosh said...

devon took my comment! stupid.

since you're out of cheese you could do ellen's cheese routine. ever see that? if not, go to youtube and watch it. it's fantastic. might make ya feel better. unless you don't like ellen and then, well, i've just added to the pot of stupidity, haven't i?

Kara said...

devon - your originality has always been your strong suit. send me a cd of your band.

yinyang - you never realize how much cheese affects you until you no longer have it.

macoosh - i do not know ellen's cheese routine. i do not have an opinion one way or the other about ellen. and i'm wondering what is planted in this pot of stupidity you speak of.

AxAtlas said...

If you can't beat stupid. Join stupid. It's the only way.

At least you don't have a lotta insane humidity up there. It's 84 degrees down here in 'Da Lou'. If ya wanna sweat like mad, just stand outside for a couple seconds.

The Future said...

Well, I think commenting on this blog is stupid.

AxAtlas said...

One more thing to note:
If we were to apply Newton’s 1st law of motion to stupid human behavior: For every stupid action there’s an equal and opposite stupid reaction.

nic said...

I agree that boys are totally stupid, as is a lack of cheese.

You could also find monty python's cheese shop skit on youtube. Somebody dies. Should fit well with your mood.

Feel better soon, Kara.