Thursday, October 02, 2008

I AM History

First order of business:
Vice-presidential debates TONIEEETE. People here are leaving work early. There are bars and independent movie theaters all over the city broadcasting it for the masses GRATIS. This is where I'll be throwing popcorn at the screen in disgust:

History in the making. I fucking hate that term. Every second is history in the making. That sentence that I just wrote is now historical. Whatever.

Second order of business. It's been a while since I've requested forcefully that you bow to the cuteness that is my nephew. Well the Face just turned two. I think it's time to revisit.

Cuteness as it emerges:
Cuteness as it stands today:
Cuteness eternal:
(Which means I'm going to find a way to keep him this age. I'll use science!)

And did I mention the Waif is knocked up with another? How will the world contain such cuteness? A question for the ages. Now we can all sit back and watch her gain, like, three pounds over the next 7 months.

10 keep(s) me blogging:

Rachel said...

Oh my god. I think my ovaries just popped out another one. And I'm already ON the damn rag.

Sarah said...

I still haven't met the "phantom face". He doesn't exist until I can see him in person. The last two years of his life haven't actually happened. Fix that.

Lauren is doing magic tricks with a burrito. I'm going to stop this madness.

theWaif said...

"I'm going to find a way to keep him this age."

Please, don't. That's why we have cameras, to capture the cuteness so we can look back at them at this age without having to deal with all the fun things that go with it, i.e. the tantrums and diaper changes, etc. And I would like to sleep in past 6:00am again someday. Like, maybe when I'm in my 40's.

As for the debate, every time you notice Palin doing her pointy-finger gesture, please take a swig on my behalf.

Orhan Kahn said...

Cuteness, approved by teh Bear.

Gorilla Bananas said...

So The Waif is really intent on popping them out like Mrs Palin? Good for her - her brood will balance out the hockey-playing, polar-bear-hunting demographic.

Woozie said...

You throw popcorn, I throw bricks :D

AxAtlas said...

You’re gonna have a tough job as an aunt of another kid (of course no where near as tough for the Waif)! Cuteness 1 will want his mommy but the Waif has to take care of Cuteness 2 more so. He will start crying and asking for his mommy and will have it rough getting used to not doing the same stuff he used to with mommy during the Pre-Cuteness 2 Era and will want more attention. Your job will be to try to entertain the kid and…good luck!...I mean congrats! It will be fun!

froelica said...

I wasn't able to go somewhere fun to watch the debates, since I was in yoga class with 10 fat elderly women and James. We watched the 9:00 version at home though.

The Future said...

I question your taste, including all the cuteness of the Face in the same breath (blog) with the weirdo winking, helicopter-shooting, "up there in Alaska" maniac who is Palin. She doesn't deserve to shine his shoes which he usually doesn't wear. I'm beginning to feel like she is a tornado, gaining speed and losing credibility until hopefully she implodes onto herself. Her lack of intellect and pitiful folksy mannerisms are scary to put it nicely. If she's folksy, then O.J. is simply your guy next door.

problemchildbride said...

Congratulations to The Waif!

There ought to be a winking at the camera cap set on debates. She's vicious too. From behind that wide-eyed smile, she tells some pretty vitriolic lies.