Sunday, October 19, 2008

Whut'up **w/ Pictures**

I'm trying to post and watch Aliens at the same time and it's not working. Strike that, I'm trying to post, watch Aliens, eat grapes and bid for vintage Christmas trees on ebay at the same time and it's not working. This could perhaps be proof that I am less than a stellar multitasker. So I'll comfort myself with a cookie.

een's coming. I loves it. The Mis...Brendan and I will be dressing up as Juno and Paulie for the occasion. You know it's mainly to see him wear those shorts out in public. I'm so excited. That reminds me, if anyone has a suggestion for crafting a pregnant belly that involves something a little more realistic than a pillow, please pass it along. I promise to post pictures once the ensembles are complete. We will be stunning. Oh Halloween. I loves it.

In other news, I've been doing lots of things with pumpkins. Picking them out in fields. Carrying them to the car. Bringing them in the house. And carving them into ravens. Well, I carved a raven...Brendan carved Christopher Walken's face into his. You see, of course, why I adore this boy. We did the corn maze again this year with a bigger crowd...but the existence of teenagers can easily ruin any good time. Little curses, all of them. So I've been busy.

The reunion is next weekend. On the phone this evening, Amy g. asked if I'd thought about what to wear. This is funny to me for several reasons. 1. Why the hell would I think about what to wear a week before an event at a casual BAR with people who's opinions meant nothing to me ten years ago? And 2. Last week I had a dream that I went to my reunion without a shirt or bra on. Timely. I only talk about the blasted event for the benefit of those who like to live vicariously through other people's uncomfortable moments. Normally I am one of those people, so I'm empathetic to their desires.

There's also been some writer's block and general sickness (involving medication that wouldn't allow for drinking). But I feel as though you're all tired of my reasons for not blogging. I may have lost some of you. And I haven't even posted the CondiCast yet. Well, damnit. Sometimes you have to go to 5 thrift stores before you find a short pleated skirt and it's not even plaid. Some perspective. You're welcome.

Time to read all your junk. I've missed you.
I think I threw up a little just now.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Try putting your cat inside your jersey so people can touch you and feel the baby kick. I hope you're going to wear the same outfit for the reunion - tell them the father is Pee Wee Herman and all the girls will hug you in sympathy. Don't people dress up as witches anymore for Halloween?

Orhan Kahn said...

You and Brendan are such nerds.

For reals.

Pictures of said pumpkins would also be ace.


Rachel said...

Just think, not so long ago, we were those teenagers ourselves. But of course, we weren't nearly the bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling that kids today are.

As for the preggers problem, I say its time for an arts and crafts night! Paper mache time, whoo! Don't forget the pop-up bellybutton.

Heh, now I have that theme song from pop-up video in my head. "Pop-up video!"
Remember those?

Oh good lord, I'm old. Shoot me.

nic said...

Rachel is not old. For I am older.

But we will not talk of such things. Or about how I'm lucky if I can get a recognizable face in my pumpkin. I think I'll do mine this year using a power drill and then a dremel. Maybe I'll have better luck.

Nice punkins. And I think paper mache would would well, too... I'll get back to you if I think of anything else...

But I don't feel like thinking. at least, not right now. I need something mindless to do.

I'm still here. :)

AxAtlas said...

Going as Juno and Michael Cera???(sorry, Cera has unfortunately become typecasted already in his career. hmmm). That's not scary. That's funny.
You two should go as Bristol & that would be some scary shit.

yinyang said...

Ooh, you added pictures! I like the bird (raven?) pumpkin.

Emily said...

Your pumpkins are AMAZING!!! They make me happy. :) See I'm smiling...

Kara said...

goranas - no. and witches are BORING.

or - don't go thinking i EVER do what you tell me.

rachel - that's a damn good idea. where does one purchase paper mache?

nic - i had a stencil and a carving nice. otherwise all my pumpkins look like the elder brother from Of Mice and Men.

ax - brendan got his shorts in the mail today. hilarious.

yin - yay! the raven's the one i did!

emily - except they got rained on today. stupid stupid rain.

Wow, that was awkward said...

Christopher Walken gives me major willies. But damn those are awesome punkins! I tend to stick with triangles and crackhead teeth for mine. Old school baby.

I ate about six bowls of Cinnamin Toast Crunch and now my belly hurts.

Orhan Kahn said...

Of course not.

Either way, you hang onto that boy. He has talent.

And don't go think that applies to you; you're merely his side kick with a sweet smile and a sharp tongue. He wears the cape, you're in the g-string and Wonder Bra.

I'd hit the both of you like they do on the Discovery Channel :)

Mimi said...

As I also planned on the Juno costume for the Halloween festivities, I was also struck by the pillow problem. I solved it by using a pillow case and stuffing it with towels or t-shirts. Since I have to work with the costume on, I didn't want anything that would be difficult to deal with. And it doesn't look half bad.

Kara said...

wow - how can you not like christopher walken? he's cooler than santa AND moses.

or - ew.

mimi - that's a damn good idea. i'll try that out.

The Future said...

Mike suggested styrofoam and a garbage bag, I don't know why. I would normally ask Grandma something like this but that's out. So, I would suggest one of those moldable, bean baggie types of pillows. It would have that heavy, pregnant look to it and you can get pretty small ones, (Grandma sleeps on one). It also might be easier to hold it in place. Sorry, that's about as creative as I can get these days, sleep deprivation.
Your pumpkins are really awesome! (I should have put that comment first.)

Robert the Skeptic said...

As much as I love Halloween, I always ALWAYS procrastinate on preparing a costume. Then I have to throw something together at the last moment. I should work on this in July.
On high school reunions - I can't relate. I hated HS and everyone there. I would almost like to go just to show those jerks that I never got fat. But they wouldn't remember me anyway... besides, my school was bulldozed to the ground. I have one nagging curiosity though... how many of the cute little gals I had a crush on are now fat. That will continue to haunt me.

Sarah said...

Sweet pumpkins! We are waiting to carve ours until next week, but I'm already plotting and planning. We usually end up with a vomiting one because it never fails to amuse me.
I think your mom is on to something with the bean bag pillow thing. It would look the most realistic and wouldn't be too uncomfortable. You could also steal a belly from a maternity store's dressing room. Just a thought...

froelica said...

I'm sorry, I'm just wicked excited about it. I say that picture and thought, "How did Kara get that picture I took of my bird/branches pumpkin???"
Then I thought "Wait, I didn't post that anywhere online yet..."
Then I thought "Someone hacked into my Kodak picture portfolio!!!!"
Then I thought "No, that's stupid..."
Then I read your blog. And I realized we carved from the same template. And I felt better.

froelica said...

"Say" means "saw".