Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Typical Conversation Between My Sister And I

She works ten feet away from me. Obviously we're very productive:

[11:23] L: i love bamboo shoots
[11:23] k: good, you can write about that
[11:25] L: i had to kill a daddylongleg this morning that tried to get in the shower with me

[11:25] L: it was awful
[11:25] k: i'm sure it was
[11:25] k: how you even managed to come in today, i'll never know
[11:26] L: it made me late, i'll tell you that
[11:27] k: oh my GOD
[11:27] L: i splatted it with my flip flop and then I had to stare at it till i was dry enough to go get a paper towel and clean it up. Ughhhh!
[11:28] k: oh my GOD.
[11:28] k: you are the biggest wus.
[11:28] L: just with spiders. give me a rat or a snake any day.
[11:30] k: that's so fucked up...rats and snakes are much more combative...and their teeth are larger.
[11:30] L: yeah but they're also cuter
[11:31] L: and they don't have so many legs
[11:31] L: evil nasty yucky legs
[11:31] k: but they have the bubonic plague and snake venom
[11:31] L: nah, not all snakes and rats
[11:31] L: not in the general Portland area anyway
[11:32] k: well, daddy long legs don't bite...they're like the puppies of spiders
[11:33] L: not even! puppies do not have a billion legs and go crawling around over you while you're taking a shower and lay eggs in your stomach and stuff
[11:33] k: you need so much therapy
[11:33] L: and this was a particularly big-bodied daddylongleg, not cute at all
[11:33] k: i'm so done with you

11 keep(s) me blogging:

Laura said...

You suck.

I will be boycotting this blog forevermore.

Well, at least till tomorrow.

Jen said...

That is the funniest fucking thing I have ever read. Ever. And Laura does need therapy. Killing a Daddy Longlegs... preposterous.

Laura said...

To quote a very dear friend of yours and mine...

[11:42] Amy: I find it quite humorous that you harrass your sister about her fear of spiders when you have a ridiculous fear of sharks...of which you are at no risk of ever coming in contact with

You go, girl! Way to put it to the wo-MAN!

Niall said...

I presume that was you who left the comment on my site ... was it?

Niall said...

Hmmm, interesting conversation there. Was that a real one, or a typical one?

What age is she? (and you for that matter)

Niall said...

Note - not boyfriend

Niall said...

I hate hackers!!

Kara said...

niall - uh huh, sure.

Niall said...

Sure as a fox!

Tyson said...

Flip-Flop my ass, you used my shoe to kill that poor innocent creature.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say thank you for using the term "flip-flop" instead of "thong" in the foregoing story. I don't need to explain why.