Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shake Your Disco Egg-Lovin' Booty

I cannot lie...Peeps were hurt during the making of these eggs. If I tried to lie, I have a sinking suspicion that you'd all discover I was lying somehow. Somehow.

A little word to the wise here, for those who have yet to try Disco Egg Decorating. Glitter glue is your enemy. Sure it seems like a good idea at the time...two steps in one, guaranteed time saver with fantastic results...and sparkles...but it's not.

First off...the glue takes off the dye.

Secondly...whatever fabulous shape you happen to make with the glitter glue will immediately begin to slide down the side of the egg shell making your "happy" creation "sad".

And never seems to dry so you end up just wiping off the glue/glitter and consequently the dye. "And SURPRISE, it's all over the table. Boo.

That being said, decorating eggs is pretty fucking fun...especially when you drink London Fizzes. I don't remember what's in a London Fizz (Sam), but I know it's good. And fizzy.

Most of us enjoyed our eggs.

Some of us enjoyed the tools a little more.

And someone in particular got all romantic with the eggs but still refused to smile because he doesn't like his teeth. So he gets stuck with an unsmiling close-up where half his head of hair gets cut off.
Not so much disco...but so very fabulous, nonetheless.


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Jen said...

I like tools. They are useful. I can hold them with my powerful hamster claw-like grip. I look like a flat-faced creep in that photo. I refuse to let my picture be taken anymore. End transmission.

teaandoranges said...

O monstrous! O horrible! What have you done to these Peeps, Kara! There are more gory decapitations there than at a Tudor baby-eating competition! Was it the peer pressure? The "we're all doing it so it can't be wrong" factor? That's how it was in WWII Germany. Oh yes.

(Is led away weeping over man's inhumanity to marshmallow)

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

I'm not called teaandoranges! - not in my non-porn life anyway - It's me! Sam! Bloody blogger's being bloody arsey to me lately. Teaandoranges and problemchildbride are one.

I must know the recipe for a London fizz. I just must! Never rest until you've discovered it, Kara!

The Future said...

Was it the glitter glue or the London fizzes that were truly the problem? It does seem like perfect solution to flashy, bling, bling disco eggs.

AxAtlas said...

All of your disco eggs look a lot better than these disco biscuits (refer to "Street Terms" section) ...but I can see your disco eggs dancing to music from these disco biscuits .

Gorilla Bananas said...

The middle one in the first picture has a suspicious shape. Did you hard boil that one first? I'd like to see them hatch.

Kara said...

jen - tools like you too. heh heh.

sam - I can't believe you just compared our egg decorating to nazis. For shame. This makes my heart bleed. Can your heart bleed? I mean, it's already got blood coming out with the pumping and isn't it kind of already bleeding?

future - you always have to bring up my drinking...DON'T you.

ax - you have way too much time on your hands, my friend...and way too much access to google.

goranas - that one WAS was hatching a two-headed peep. nature's miracles...all of them.

Macoosh said...

egg decorating is sooo one of the most fun things we can do in life. soo.

and i love kansas w/ the no smile, chopped head, and romantic egg. best photo ever.

Orhan Kahn said...

Looks like everyone had fun. And tell me, why is everyone so beautiful? Where do you live? I'm packing my bags and booking a ticket!

slaghammer said...

Why in the hell are you decorating eggs? What does that have to do with baby jesus in the manger? Not much I’m guessing.