Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm a Thief

So, I stole this idea from Rachel, who I believe, stole this idea from her sister, who may or may not be an idea thief herself...I'm not willing to do that much research. Below are the first sentences from the first posts of each month of this past year; you know...the one that's about to end.

Here we go!

This is gonna be short because I can feel the sweats coming back again.


I took the first of my three self defense classes last night.


You've all missed me, haven't you.


So I have nothing to write about.


I'm sick.


I know.


Saw Sicko this weekend.


Have I used this title before?


Sunday afternoon I was walking Quimby.


And how is that, you ask?


Some psycho wench against the war in Iraq tried to go at Condi with blood (paint) on her hands at a House of Rep. foreign relations committee hearing.


This title is misleading.

Well, mine didn't turn out as interesting as hers did. Oh well. What is kind of cool is how it reads like a conversation. If you lump them all together, they're kind of like dialogue.

Based on these sentences I have...had the flu, learned how to fight off baddies, grown a swollen head, lost my inspiration, gotten sick again, gone to see a movie about sickness, repeated myself, walked a dog, answered my own questions, verbally defended Condi's coif and mislead my readers. I'd like to call that a full year, but I don't know if I can. Obviously I need to make some changes in my life to add a little excitement. Or maybe I should just make it up for the benefit of my posts. Nah...that's too much work.

Speaking of work, I have no reason to be here today. It's the definition of dead in this office...minus the smell. But because of the wonderful world of databases...not only will I sit here twiddling my thumbs all day...but I'll have to work tonight. Friday night. When I should be kickin' it with a tasty groove (TM - Tenacious D). Blast databases and all their uselessness. If they had children, I would curse them with webbed feet. Would database babies have feet? These are the things I plan to investigate in 2008. It should make for some interesting posts.

Or I'll just keep writing about the levels of hotness and shoes. What I do best.

12 keep(s) me blogging:

Susie Q said...

As one of your loyal readers, I just want to thank you for a year of wonderful postings.
I always look forward to your witty ramblings.
Keep up the good work, little missy.

Gorilla Bananas said...

It's funny how each of those sentences, no matter how short, sounds like you. It's probably because I've read them here before... apart from the weird one about the sweats. The babies of databases are like ducklings in an empty field. Or something else in an empty field.

zenboomer said...

When you get to my age, your year in review goes something like this:

"January >> December - Woke up, still alive". That is as good as it gets.

Rachel said...

I think your sentences are much more interesting than mine. Yours have punch! only the last two of mine were any good. :)

EmmaK said...

I just found your blog and I rather like it so I will be back soon. Happy New Year!

Old Knudsen said...

If only I had sentence structure otherwise this would end up as a very long post containing 12 full posts with lots of commas and no full stops or periods as they have in America.

BananaToo said...

Love your first sentence idea (stolen or not)! May have to try that myself.

Can't wait to hear more about shoes. Glorious shoes...

Mary Witzl said...

That Happy New Year tiara looks so much like the one my sisters and I wore on our birthdays when we were kids. It brought a tear to my eye remembering it.

I love beautiful shoes. I dream of being able to wear them, though I almost never do. I've even had myself photographed in some of my nice shoes, only to wrench them off afterwards and massage my feet. Even wearing heels for five minutes is agony. How do you cope with the pain of high heels? I've never learned the secret.

Kara said...

sue - in this day and age, loyalty means everything. i thank you.

goranas - the fever know, you go in and out of them when you have a fever. i'm sure you've suffered from them. and i'm glad the sentences sound like me, since i wrote them. otherwise i'd be trying to figure out who's been hacking into my computer once a month.

zenboomer - oh're not that old.

rachel - punch means nothing in this world...nothing.

emmak - happy new year to you too!

old knudsen - i don't understand why you of the british ilk insist on using two words for something that can be summed up in one. i don't understand how you find the time to say anything.

bananatoo - steal away. i hold rights to nothing. nothing at all. except maybe the title of my blog...which i stole, consequently, from our secretary of state's head.

mary - don't cry! you have to wait til midnight on the 31st to cry about all the years that have been stolen away by the evil bitch known as 'time'.

and a good friend once told me that the key to high heels is to wear them enough that all the nerve endings in your feet die. that leaves them nice and numb for cute shoe wearing. i'm convinced she's right.

theWaif said...

Congratulations on another capital year of blogging. Pip, pip!

I've just had a splendid idea...what say you blog for the entire span of 2008 in an olde British accent? It'll be smashing!

Orhan Kahn said...

Well, mine didn't turn out as interesting as hers did.

I don't know how interesting hers was but yours was damn cool.

And amen to concertrating on levels of hotness and shoes.. just be sure to maintain your many shades of awesome.

Happy new year, Kara :)

Stinkypaw said...

I hope you won't mind, but I'm stealing it as well! But I'll give you credit or at least say where I got it from! ;-)