Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dissent and Why It's Wrong.

This title is misleading. I mean it that way on purpose. I think it's because I'm listening to Iggy Pop. Or maybe because I'm not wearing pants...I don't know...the influences all blend together.

Wait. I forgot that Brits read this blog on occasion.

I'm not wearing trousers. I AM wearing pants. Well, actually, they're rather like skivvy shorts. If such a thing exists. Well, it has to because I'm wearing it.

Anyway, my chores are way easier to do when I don't have a tight waistband all up in my business. And music always makes chores easier. And Kansas has these giant head crushing earphones (he's playing Halo3, the slug) so I'm rocking out with giant head crushing earrphones in a sweatshirt (ipod in el pocketo) ...skivvies...and canvas tennies (the floor is cold and I can't be bothered to find my slippers). I've told you all of this because I'm a movie junkie and setting is important. But in this case, it isn' ignore it.

Ready for my rant? Here it goes:
I'm an opinionated person. I know this about myself...and I make it fairly obvious to the everyone I encounter. Sometimes it's helped me, but more often than's kicked me in the ass. And that's ok, you know, everyone has their thing.

Now, I love having this blog. It's my nest. I can say, do, be what I want here...which is a snarky, sarcastic little bitch...with a sense of style (ok, maybe not). I've also said before that not everyone has to agree with the things I say and do. I have an outrageous number of opinions, it stands to reason that other people do too.

As much as I love having my blog, I love having readers...and even MORE than that...I love having commenters. Now, in the few years since I've had this blog, not everyone has bowed down to the alter of condi's hair. Whatever...they'll all die young of the clap. I'm ok with people practicing dissent. Lord knows there's not enough of it going on in this country. But what I DON'T think is cool is hiding behind the term "anonymous" so that they can get their two cents in but can't be traced...because heaven forbid they be CHALLENGED on their assertions and dragged into an actual dialogue. Why, then they might have to defend their point of view. Wouldn't that just be the worst? Well, remaining anonymous implies that they cannot.

Unlike some of my fellow bloggers, I allow anonymous comments to be posted on this blog. I have several reasons for this. 1. Not all of my people are motivated enough to create an account (kansas/amy g.). 2. Unless you are grossly insulting or obscene in your remarks and/or are a spammer, you deserve to be published. Who am I to decide what should or should not be said in this vast open space that is the internet?

However, you have to understand, all you anonymous people out there, that when you are so very moved by someone's post as to respond in a negative really need to grow a pair and attach an identity to it. Maybe then whatever you say can begin to carry some weight.

I'm going to go watch that show that Sue was going on about. Yes, I'm turning on the Sci-Fi Channel. Who wants to fight?

20 keep(s) me blogging:

Special Agent, ZenBoomer said...

Nobody is anonymous to The Government... [nobody!!!]

Gorilla Bananas said...

Some people don't realise that they can post under any name without setting up a blogger account, like Zenboomer above. Others set up an account with no blog. Lord Angus Fartwell did that a couple of years ago purely to call me a baboon. But the blog owner has ultimate control with the delete facility.

Kara said...

zenboomer - brazil was on yesterday. i thought of you.

goranas - this is true...but my complaint is against those who are too chicken shit to even come up with something fake. i have more respect for Lord Angus Fartwell than I do for anonymous on my last blog. though...he's a dick for calling you names.

Rachel said...

Hear hear!

On a tangential note, how do you feel about anonymous agreement? I had thought to leave the above comment anonymously, but ultimately rejected that as being too silly and stupid.

Oh, I explained my "strangely enough" comment on my post forum. Sorry for the delay. :(

Sarah said...

What I've gathered from this post is 1. you clean your house in undies. 2. your blog is your nest. 3.anonymous comments are usually amy g or kansas. 4. calling someone a baboon is funny. Did I pass?

nic said...

poo on grouchy anonymous commenters. poo on them, I say!

I personally like to clean in my jammies. Or whatever is most befitting of michigan at the time. With that said, when it's 30 degrees outside, I have no desire to be in less than some form of pants (preferably flannel), tee shirt and hoodie. Slippers or socks, too.

I'm hating my ballet slipper shoes right now. My feet get sweaty and I start sliding around in them. Has anyone invented an insert that you can stick in there, then when it gets yucky, you can take it out and wash it?

Being the goddess of fashion, I thought you would be the one who'd know.

I also like being totally random.

love ya!

Kevin said...

I'm with you on the anonymous comments. It's very easy to say something when you know you can't really get called on it.

Damn Anons.

Mary Witzl said...

The cowardly nature of anonymous posters who hide behind their lack of identity negates whatever obnoxious things they might say. When they lob their vitriol from an address that cannot be responded to, I wonder that they do not blush at their own lack of courage. I would.

And I was with you on the pants thing. My kids are always catching me on this one. I can't constantly be remembering what dialect pants is underwear in, especially early in the morning. They like asking me for rubbers too, the little twerps.

The Future said...

I prefer cleaning my house through intermediaries, tee hee. And Dr. Scholls does the shoe insert thing. If your own mother can be frank on your blog, why in the world can't someone who doesn't even know you? Beats me.

Kara said...

rachel - positive anonymous comments are ok...but i really do like knowing "who" i'm talking to, you know? and i reject neither silliness, nor stupidity...well...i'm selective with stupidity.

sarah - yes. gold star.

nic - the sliding in the flats is tres not ok. try some baby powder (my preference) or yes, there are any amount of insert thingies you can use. i just never have. there's also something called put them in shoes to keep from slipping. i can't remember what they're called exactly.

kevbo - hear hear! may they all develop boils.

mary - there were a lot of 3 point words in there. bravo, friend...bravo. eloquence is almost a lost art. keep it alive!
twerps indeed.

future - i'm glad you don't require your cleaning ladies to remove their pants. wow that sentence is wrong.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Never write anything you can't put your name to, my grandpa told me, or something similar. He ran the newspaper in the Western Isles and routinely dumped letters that weren't signed. On islands where everyone is called Iain or Mairi MacLeod anyway the whole idea of singing yourself Anonymous is moot.

Jill said...

I hate cowards. And pussies too.

Jahooni said...

The anonymous readers on mine are lazy friends and family members that won't set up their own blogs but are secretly living life thru us....

Anonymous said...

I think your point is completely off base and invalid. And you stink. So there! :P

theWaif said...

Okay, yes, the anonymous poster above was just me, I's just ribbin' ya! Couldn't help myself, you understand.

I just couldn't believe no one had done that yet!

You do stink though.

I kid! Of course I kid!

(She does though...)

Gorilla Bananas said...

What's wrong with pussies, Jill?

Mary Witzl said...

Well done: GB beat me to this one. We'd be in a pretty sorry state in this world without any pussies. Let's find a better word for people without courage; pussies have done a lot for the world and are always in great demand.

froelica said...

This reminds me of when some anonymous a-hole gave me a whine job about me irrational fear of whales. Here I am, minding me own business, scaring myself to death with nauseating pictures of frightening sea creatures, when along comes an "anonymous" to argue with me about the true virtues of the whale community. I don't need to be told this. I love animals. More than people. This includes whales. Yeesh.

Trolls suck.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Iggy pop looks like a racehorse after a grueling steeple-chase. Or a man made of bits of rope.

Kara said...

he's not pretty, this is true...but i'd do him.

KIDDING. gawd.