Thursday, April 24, 2008

And Here I Thought You Were Dead

I feared they were gone forever. That haunting voice. The electronic waves that induce shivers. The two albums I never get tired of…a staple of my teenage years…the mood setter of my dating twenties. My darling Portishead. They’re back. After almost 10 years. Finally.

I really never thought it would happen. But a friend just came by and plopped the cd down on my desk. I feel as though I’ve just peeled back the Wonka bar wrapper and saw a flash of gold.

So now I’m listening to it. They’ve definitely tried to evolve their sound. If that’s not the uppityest sentence you’ve ever seen in your life, then I don’t know what is. But yes, they’ve changed. You can’t just put this cd on in the background and go make out. It requires attention. It requires notice. It requires a volume dial that goes to 11. But honestly, they really can’t fuck up in my eyes. It’s experimental…less melodious…Beth Gibbons doesn’t wail the way she used to, which is a bit of shame since she can wail like no other…but that’s ok. Maybe she felt the need to evolve away from the wail. Maybe I just really enjoy using the word “evolve”. And maybe you should just shut up about it for once. Jebus.

The album is called Third. And if you don’t have a friend to randomly drop the cd onto your desk, you should go out and actually purchase it. "Deep Water" is a random track, but the others are definitely shiver-inducing. There are a couple of songs that could almost be the musical score to some sweet “futuristic” sci-fi flick, like Bladerunner. Of course it (Third) will never replace Dummy or the self-titled album that continue to have a steadfast place in my musical affections. But I have no problem with additions. No problem at all.

Oh, and happy belated Earth Day. I celebrated in the manner below.

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AxAtlas said...

So is this CD going to be the 'mood setter' of your 'dating twenties' as you still are in your twenties?

EmmaK said...

Wow, I love Portishead. So they're back. Wonder where they've been for the last ten years??

Orhan Kahn said...

Maybe I just really enjoy using the word “evolve”.

And wail.

Rachel said...

My boyfriend is a big fan of Portishead, but he thinks this album is a disappointment.

I, I have no opinion, of course. LOL

C said...

On Earth Day, I walked my mom's dog to the recycling center during the course of a long walk where I prevented our plastics and glass from being added to a landfill. My recycling also included some bottles I found in neighbors' yards. Additionally, I enjoyed nature and stuff. I'm feeling so superior.

As far as soundtracks go, I always thought "Sour Times" sounded like it came straight out of James Bond movie.

Gorilla Bananas said...

The "shiver-inducing" track sounds interesting. Cheaper than air conditioning, anyway. I've never heard these musicians, but your description suggests they're almost half as good as Bill Haley and the Comets.

Kara said...

ax - yes, but i'm totally over dating at the moment.

emmak - well beth gibbons is supposed to a sporter of the crazy pants so i imagine she's been locked up. but prolly not.

or - i'll wail on you, sucka

rachel - it would be if you expected more of the same. but if band constantly did the same shit for decades at a time, they'd turn into the rolling stones. or paul simon.

c - yeah, but can you really picture Portishead music in a bond film? really really?

goranas - never heard them, eh? you either date yourself or record stores are few and far between in the congo. either way, fix it.

Mary Witzl said...

Wow, Kara -- even my kids have heard of them! I haven't, needless to say. I am Out Of It. I'll get them to play me some right away. (Just kidding, but since my youngest read your blog over my shoulder, I know I'll get to hear them at some point.)

AxAtlas said...

When you say you're "over dating at the moment", do you mean you are all like
a) "Like OMG! I have a date with South Carolina on Saturday, South Dakota on Sunday, Texas on Tuesday, Wyoming on Wednesday!" and you are so close to joining "Rebounds Anonymous"

or are you all like

b) "Ugh, the dreaded dating dealio. I need to be free! I need to be me! Where are them chocolates n' gummy bears that goes with Tom Waits' Wrong Side of the Road damnit!?!?!"

Orhan Kahn said...

Let the wailing begin!

Niall said...

So what's the point in listening to Portishead if it requires attention? I mean ... really? You just want to make out. Not think about the wording of their lyrics.

In other news I've started a blog after all this time. Sure, we'll see how it goes.

Jahooni said...

never heard of them... you should put some of their tunes on here so us dummies can listen.

shoot, i threw all by vodka bottles out the window! crap. ;)~