Thursday, July 10, 2008

Easiest Post I've Ever Written

Because I didn't write it.

Ladies, gentlemen and trailer trash...I give you...the Waif:

Hello, gentle readers. Waif, here. I’m sure you’ll remember me from such gems of comments to previous Condi’s Hair posts as,

Those Charleston Chew thingies are tasty,” and,

“Scalp burns are the worst cause you can't put sunscreen on your part or else your hair gets all greasy and hats are just annoying, your head gets overheated,”

and “shut UP.”

Yes, of course we remember you, but what the eff are you doing posting on your sister’s blog, you ask? I’ll tell you exactly what the eff I’m doing here—classing it up, that’s what.

Here’s the deal: I’ve decided two things. Firstly, I’m lazy. Far too lazy to upkeep a blog of my own. I mean, I can do once a month, but once or twice fortnightly? Come ON. Nextly, this is just plain more fun. That is to say, posting what I like, as infrequently as I like, and getting to make fun of my sister’s posts on her very own blog? Yeah. It’s gonna be great, people.

Anyway, this is just a friendly how-dee-do to let you all know that you’ll be seeing more of me around here. So everyone thank Kara for her fabulous decision to feature me on her blog and be sure to check back again real soon for the next edition of…The Waif Chafes.

Oh, and Gary Oldman has a hairy butt face.

13 keep(s) me blogging:

Kara said...

your FACE is a hairy butt face.

Stinkypaw said...

Nice to meet you... I think?!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Ok, the first thing to do is to get your own blogger identity because it doesn't look cool to post under your sister's name. She can then make you an invited writer for her blog using one of the blogger options. Post a few pictures of yourself because you're somewhat cute. I'm not saying Kara isn't as well.

Rachel said...

OMG this is gonna be great! Totally awesome. And might I say, totally cool graphic! Did you design that? I am in awe of your design skillz. I am so so so looking forward to what promises to be a slew of witty reparte between you and Kara.

Don't forget pictures of Kara being, well, Kara. and the Face....he needs a feature too.

Wow, that was awkward said...

Kara you fool! Never let anyone have access to your blog. The things that can be done are unlimited. Your sister will likely post a blog pretending to be you, talking about how you have discovered the fun toe jam licking and monkey porn. She can change your password and have her way with you. Abort, abort!!

Robert the Skeptic said...

So did you hack Kara's password or did she blurt it out in her sleep? Anyway, 'nuff of this typing stuff, you two need to broadcast another episode of "Kara Radio"! We are all waiting!!

problemchildbride said...

Well on the one hand, hello. And on the other Gary Oldman's butt is so nice it could be a face. Andrew Lloyd Weber would kill for a face as nice as Gary Oldman's bum.

theWaif said...

Huzzah, commenters!

k-lo: i'm rubber and you're glue, et cetera and so forth.

stink: likewise!

mr. bananas: boy, you are a demanding one! i do agree with the first bit, however. kara and i shall exchange words on the matter. as for the picture, be careful what you wish for...(see kara's first comment regarding hairy butt faces).

rachel: thankee kindly! they're almost as killer as my nunchuck skillz.

wow: hmm, well, i was just going to post a monthly feature and leave it at that, but I quite like the sound of your idea. Yessss, I can see it now... "What are we going to do today, Brain?" "We're going to take over CONDI'S HAIR! And the WORLD! MWAHAHAHAHA! HAHA!!!"

dad: no conspiracy here, she is 100% complicit. and i KNOW! new condicast coming soon, i hope (keep nagging kara, people).

pcb: hello! you make a very valid point. I'd say that goes for stephen king as well.

Orhan Kahn said...

Hello, my name is Pedo Bear.

Tits or GTFO.

theWaif said...

ok: compliment accepted?

The Future said...

But what does it all mean?

Mary Witzl said...


This is one of the reasons my sisters don't know I have a blog. They're worryingly computer savvy too, considering how old they are.

theWaif said...

tF: i'm not even sure yet, but I daresay we shall soon find out.

mary: probably a wise decision on your part.