Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Luckier Than You Are

I was going to tell you all about my weekend and how much better it was than yours (I guarantee it) but I just don't have TIME! Work has been a goddamn marketing sweatshop and tonight is Wolf Parade and there's JUST NO TIME.

So I leave you with a montage of my open mouth and some other people. Seriously...what IS my problem.

Happy Birthday Sup-Pop! Without you, the Seattle grunge movement would never have inspired me to stunt my budding pre-teen sexuality by wearing flannel shirts and baggy men's jean shorts, thinkin' I looked all sorts of hot.

We celebrate you with beers.

One never really needs to get this close to amy g.

Devon tried to kill me on his motorcycle. By "try" I mean scare me to death by driving fast with me on the back of it.

So I shot him.

Marie's there too...but you know how she feels about pictures of her own face.

Oh wait, now just wait a minute here. What might this be? Might this be a picture of ME AND DAVID CROSS? Yes, I think it might. You know how I feel about the man...not only is it written plainly upon my face, but it's also here.

And last but not least...Jemaine and Brett of Flight of the Conchords. We've been a little bit obsessed with them since the HBO still lived with me and we could have Conchords-watching parties. I believe here they're singing Business Time. And I am most likely singing too. Because it is, you know. It always is. And I'm probably drunk.

I'd also like to add that the gleaming white skin you see me sporting in these pictures stayed that way, despite direct sunlight and temperatures in the scalding 90s (oh Seattle, you're so cute). Wanna know why? Because amy g. had sunblock that was
SPF 70. I didn't even know such a thing existed. I applied three times throughout the day, so that means at one point I had on SPF 210. Uh huh. You can tell in that pic with Tobias Funke up there. Grease monkey. Grease monkey and about 6 beers in. I've seen a few celebrities in my day (was in The Vegas when Oceans 11 was filmed...you do the maths) and can generally keep my cool around them...but it was not to be with DC. I was pretty much the farthest thing from cool you could get (both literally and figuratively) with some blubbering and stuttering and an unintentional use of the word "douchey". However, he was still nice to me, so I very much heart him. Even if he does look like the unibomber with that beard.

That really is all I have time for. Except for that. I really didn't have time to write that bit. I promise the next post will be less journalish and more something else. Sometimes I even keep promises.

Now leave me alone, damnit...I'm busy.

18 keep(s) me blogging:

Rachel said...

You sure are pasty, but I'd BET my LIFE that I am pastier (except for the parts of my face that have rosacea).

I'd kick ANYONE's ass at a pasty-showdown.

The Future said...

Well, I'm most impressed with your math skills. Yes, your multiplication is accurate; if only I believed you did it in your head. And I can't remember, exactly how many of the 11 did you see?

Wow, that was awkward said...

Flight of the Conchords are awesome!! I just scored their CD. Hoping they have a new season soon!!

theWaif said...

Oh yeahhhhh?!?!!?? Well, it just so happens that I had a very exciting weekend as well. We went to a wedding reception and Ty had a baseball game, and today we went to the library and sing songs and listen to stories about pigs and...I SAW JACK LEMMON ONCE...

i hate u


Gorilla Bananas said...

How many flies did you swallow while posing for that picture. I feel sorry for the beardie comic. He probably wanted to go somewhere to relax incognito and then a starstruck fan comes along expecting him to be funny.

Sarah said...

I still love that picture. Especially since I thought it was Josh N. :)
So what, your exciting weekend doesn't have everything to do with dinner on Sunday with ME?

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

Oh, you're so out-pastied, sistah. God, O had more to say but it apperas I am too overserved,

Orhan Kahn said...

Well, I'm impressed. Very much so. You have scored yourself 3 shades of awesome. That makes it a total of 10. Still 2 behind me. Don't ask how this system works, just have faith.

Also, you have pretty lips.

Anonymous said...

One time, I saw SPF 80. It was amazing.

Robert the Skeptic said...

That isn't David Cross, David Cross doesn't have a beard. You are soooo gullible.

Kara said...

rachel - i have those parts too, only it's not a skin condition...it's just my own body hating me.

future - more than you because you had to leave to catch a plane! ha! i only saw, like, 4 of the 11.

wow - they are, aren't they. i do find that i enjoy their songs more in the context of their show. i'm the same way with tenacious d.

waif - wow...sounds like you had some fu...i'm sorry, no. i'm not even going to pretend.

goranas - oh no, my man...he wanted to be noticed. people were buying him beers, etc. he could've stayed out of the crowd if he wanted to. but he was too busy making out with his 25 year old girlfriend (from that traveling pants movie).

sarah - THAT was the perfect way to end the weekend. i LOVED how big the kids' eyes got when they heard about the ghost. fooling children is one of life's great pleasures.

sam - what's with people trying to out-paste me? if you're whiter than me, you are officially a sheet.

or - well, you got an extra shade for that compliment, young man.

riot - you shut your lying mouth. don't tease me with such mythical SPFs.

dad - he doesn't have a beard when he shaves it off. yes.

Mary Witzl said...

I'm pasty too! But then, I live in Scotland, so I suspect that disqualifies me. Being pasty in California would be something.

And your weekend was absolutely better than mine. I cleaned out the refrigerator and dealt with dead rodents.

Rachel said...

Who is that guy feeling up Amy G?

Somebody save her, man!...Unless they are "special friends"?

Just wondering....

Susie Q said...

Seriously, that IS Josh Northcutt and you can't convince me otherwise.

Stinkypaw said...

Looking at these pictures, I can almost hear you (with your mouth open)!

Sarah said...

Finally updated my blog.

Kara said...

mary - but i'm not in california! pasty in oregon is much like pasty in scotland, methinks.

rach - he's actually giving the peace sign, but yes, i'm sure he felt her up at some point. that's her BF.

sue - whatever happened to old joshy pants?

stinkypaw - yeah, it's really not hard to imagine. especially if you ever DO hear my voice. i can be shrill.

sarah - FINALLY.

theWaif said...

blog, dammitch.