Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Do You Say 'Tequila' in Spanish?

Did I ever mention that I'm going to Mexico? Well I am. And no, this is not one of my normal, non-relaxing backpacking adventurous vacations. This is going to be a rolling luggage, only bringing flip flops and a floppy hat, swimming pools with floating bars kind of vacation. That's right, I'm going to a RESORT! I'm so excited I could pee. But not in the pool, I'm just too old for that anymore.

I've never been anywhere tropical. Sub-tropical, Mediterranean and just plain hot-ass desert I've done...but never tropical. I might eat a coconut. Shit, I might try to shimmy up a tree and pick one of the damn things myself. Though to be perfectly honest, I don't know that I'd recognize one in its natural element. I disgust myself wit
h my citiness.

Anyway, this goes down in early January so I need to star
t doing some sort physical-type thing to prepare my body for a bathing suit post-holiday season baked goods binging (which has already begun). I was thinking maybe yoga. It's really the only "sport" I can think of that involves a lot of sitting and laying down. I like that. I took some yoga classes way the hell back in college, but was really put off by the chanting. I don't mind the audible breathing or whatever, but I'm not going to fucking chant "ohm". It's not relaxing. It's stupid.

Yes, I realize this kind of negative point of view will never get my chakras alig
ned. I'm prepared to deal with that disappointment.

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The Future said...

Maybe Pilates? Or perhaps kickboxing would be more relaxing for you?

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm linked to a blogger called Liv, who is an expert yogarina. Beautiful woman who can do amazing things with her body. By the time you get to Mexico I'm hoping your butt will be in good enough shape to get a "Nice ass, Senorita" every day. And at least one pinch from a guy who looks like Jimmy Smits.

twinkie said...

Picturing you in college during yoga while chanting "aummmm" Is making me giggle uncontrollably! heeeeeeeeeeeee

d said...

you know what else involves a lot of sitting and laying down? sitting and laying down. something to think about.

Mandy's Kidding said...

Why work out when you can just not eat?

That's my philosophy! The lazyman's diet!

I am so jealous that you're going to a resort. My trip to India was so un-resorty I can't even deal.

theWaif said...

No mention of the fact that you and Brendan will be sharing said resort room with 6 of your relatives and their significant others? You'll probably have to sleep on a pull-out couch too, you know, at least some of the time. But then, what with you being so used to sleeping on trains or in hostels most of your travel life, I guess a pull-out couch in a hotel room with 6 relatives would indeed be luxurious.

I hope I still fit into my maternity swimsuit. Finding a new one in the middle of winter would be a bitch.

Amber said...

Tequila in Spanish is "tequila."

Difficult to remember, I know. Just don't eat the worm at the bottom. The rest of your trip will not be as nice afterwards.

Also, try not to smuggle any Mexicans back. Prison would not be kind to you. You're too pretty for that.

yinyang said...

You should get a Wii and Wii Fit!

Sarah said...

Pilates seriously kicked my butt. I'm just too lazy to actually do it anymore.
I'm so jealous of your upcoming trip that I think I hate you. Yes, I hate you.

Orhan Kahn said...

All these adventures and not one to my beautiful country Down Under! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

Enjoy your time in Mexico :)

Wow, that was awkward said...

Do you know spanish? I can give you lessons right now.

Dos cervezas sil vous plate (say it just like that)

Donde el banyo?

El Brendano es loco.

I don't take pesos for tips, so you will have to think of something else.

Robert the Skeptic said...

My "chi" got badly sunburned once so now I don't do anything remotely holistic on vacation without heavy grade sunblock on my outside and cheap Margaritas on the inside. BTW the only thing in Spanish you will need to know how to say is "How much"? [¿Cuánto cuesta?]

La Twinkie said...

I respectfully disagree, Robert... another very important thing to know is:
Una margarita por favor (a margarita please)

ooh-nah marga-ree-tah poor fab-orr.


Donde esta el bano? (where is the restroom) especially if you drink the water. tee hee...

dawn-day s-tah L bah-no

AxAtlas said...

Go mall walking. You get to exercise and remedy the loneliness levels of the store employees all in one.
You missed out on Curling lessons 2 months ago.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting to me is that at one point we become "too old" to pee wherever we want, and then at a later point we become too old NOT to...

Have fun in Meheeecoooo.

Rachel said...


I KNOW I left a comment! It may have been a crap comment (I honestly cant remember what the fuck I said, so it was probably crap) but at least I left a comment.

and blogger goes and noms it.


Mary Witzl said...

Have fun in Mexico, and if you find a coconut that's fallen out of a tree, get someone else to open it for you -- it takes a special knack that you cannot develop in a week or two.

Don't underestimate yoga! I have a friend who lost a good 30 pounds doing yoga. My own yoga teacher is my age, but her body is about 15 years younger. She's too nice to hate, too.

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