Monday, December 22, 2008

All Work and No Play

This was yesterday:This is today:
So of course I went back to the cemetery (to keep from strangling the cat out of sheer boredom). This time I took my camera. It was at dusk so very few of the pictures turned out awesome. But some of them are purty.

Here's the whackamole bit, though. While I was taking a picture up on a hill, I heard yelling. I turned around and took the earbud out. There was a woman in long flowy skirts standing about 100 yards from me (I don't actually know how far away that is, but people since it's commonly used to mean "not that far", I think it fits). She asked if I had a cell phone. I told her I had left it at home (having just recently had one fall out of my pocket). She did seem to believe me and said that it was kind of an emergency. I told her of a battery shop nearby that might let her use a phone. She mumbled something about just going herself and walked away. And I went back to taking pictures.

45 minutes later, I'd stomped through just about every corner. It had gotten too dark to take any more worthwile pictures and I started toward the entrance. I heard a bunch of sirens and saw flashing lights up ahead. As I kept walking I saw the gypsy coming toward me, this time with some firefighters. They weren't running, or even walking briskly...just headed my direction. I passed them quietly and kept going. Not far behind them were two paramedics carrying medical kits, but still...just walking. At the entrance some cops stopped me and asked if I was the one who called. I said no and they thanked me for my "help".

This is what's weird about that story: If it was indeed an emergency, why weren't they running? Or at least walking quickly? And who was the emergency for? I'd been all over the cemetery and hadn't seen another soul. There's only one entrance and they weren't heading for it. Weird.

Maybe she'd found something.

Like...a dead person.

Above ground.

Anyway, I took pictures. Cemetery at dusk...with something horrible and emergency-like within that I walked right by and never noticed.

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Orhan Kahn said...

Oh, wow! Kara, you sure do know how to take a picture!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Here's a suggestion: the woman is crazy. There was definitely a phallic symbol among those cemetery photos, I waited so I could see it twice.

d said...

now i admit that i haven't seen many zombie movies, but don't they generally, as a rule, dress like gypsies?

happy festivus, k2

Wow, that was awkward said...

you kill me

Sarah said...

Great pics, but I still can't believe you were walking around a cemetery at night by yourself. Spooky. I'm sure my imagination has made the gypsy lady much scarier than she actually was too, but geez!

Robert the Skeptic said...

A dead person!? In a cemetery!? Who'd of guessed that!?

You were good to not give the gypsy your cell phone. Don't give cell phones to gypsies, the just sell them; they never call anyone.

Seriously, the cemetery pictures are beautiful.

Stinkypaw said...

Amazing how snow can make something normally eerie, feel quiet and peacefull... beautiful shots. The scooter wasn't a tomb stone, right?

theWaif said...

You totally should have followed them to see where they went. It was probably some cultural gypsy ritual gone awry somewhere deep in a crypt underneath the graveyard. Or maybe I've been reading too much Sherlock Holmes lately.

Anyway, all I gotta say is all this snow better not ruin Christmas. If I don't get to open presents on Thursday, this camper will be less than happy.

AxAtlas said...

Your story reminded me of when Bollo escapes death.

The Future said...

My comments in order, sort of:
Maybe it was "Night of the Living Dead" and no one told you meaning none of those people who brushed by you were alive, hence no talking, just walking. There's no emergency if you're already dead.
The trees iced with snow, especially the multi-trunk whatever it was were very cool.
In spite of everything else, the headstones with pictures of young people made me sad.

Susie Q said...

I have a theory about the gypsy lady and the rescuers. I'll bet she found a frozen homeless dude. I picture the guy from Scrooged. That is a hill-ar-i-ous movie, but that part always makes me teary.

Sweet photos, by the by.

Julia said...

Awesome photos! They make me sad about the fact that I don't get to enjoy real winter. Send some of that snow my way.

Rachel said...

Wow, you sure know how to use a camera. those are great pics.

Mary Witzl said...

I envy you the snow! Here we've got the cold, but not the merest flake of snow. And we could use some snow to cover up all the trash on the ground... We do have some great cemeteries, though. No snow in them, just eucalyptus and lemon trees. And plenty of trash...sigh.

(By the way, I gave you the Honest Scrap award. Help yourself to it if you want it!)