Monday, December 15, 2008

It's a Marshmallow World

The Christmas pahhhty was a good'un. If my home had gills, one might have noticed it was stuffed to them. That being said, I hope my home never has gills. I imagine it would have a negative effect on the insulation.

Brendan and I are making sugar cookies tonight. I need to do something that doesn't involve a couch. It was 20 degrees and icy so I worked all day on my couch. Now I hate it. Cabin fever gives me extreme emotions. I might make out with it later. Anyone living in the Midwest or East Coast will roll their eyes at the fact that I stayed home on what in their godforsaken part of the world one would consider a mild winter day. Well shut up. My face almost froze half off when I took out the Netflix. And I didn't like it.

My job is making two things very difficult for me this month. Blogging and Christmas shopping. It really is a problem for me, all this working. It makes me not want to type anymore and you know what that means. Less magic for you. But more importantly, I'm normally done with all my shopping by now. Until tonight I wasn't even close. I was going to be left with frantically snatching up whatever I could a few days before Christmas like a DUDE. Thankfully Amazon and eBay saved portions of my bacon. Only portions, mind you...I still have to brave the Winter weather for others. And they won't even know how I suffered for them. Like a martyr that didn't get any sort of biblical write-up or canonization. There's so many of us out there.

Stressing about Christmas shopping makes it difficult to keep my life stress free. That's how you end up with M&Ms in the popcorn. Oh fuck,
Legally Blonde is on again...I gotta go.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Ah Missy, the thought of you all shivering and blue-nosed makes me chuckle in a compassionate way. Stuffing yourself is a good idea - your tush will give off heat so at least the houseboy will feel warmer. Speaking of which, can't you get him to make you some gifts by carving things out of wood and stuff?

Mary Witzl said...

At least you've done some of your Christmas shopping! To date, we have managed one round, and the car broke down on the way home, so that means future ventures will be difficult. The stores were so crowded it wasn't true; waiting at the check-out was like a bad joke.

I've got a kitchen full of stolen oranges, a small packet of cloves, and a bunch of red ribbon. I'm planning to beg the kids to come and help me make those clove-studded pomander things. That'll be it for our Christmas decorations this year. See? Others are worse off.

Twinkie said...

I'm so lucky my hubby loves to shop. He's done our Christmas shopping and the little I had to do happened online.

Woozie said...

I hated Legally Blonde. I saw it in theaters because my dad and I went to see some other movie that came out that we both wanted to see, and that was sold out. I was in the mood for a movie, and the only one starting any time soon was Legally fuckin Blonde.

Stinkypaw said...

Mmm sugar cookies... you could give those as gifts, then everyone would know how hard you've worked for them!

M&M in the popcorn= yummy!! Indulge, CHristmas is once a year only - and that's a VERY good thing!

Rachel said...

I live in Connecticut, and I hate cold. and 20 degree is abysmal. No eye rolls from me, missy.

and I finally posted something. I hope youre happy.

Robert the Skeptic said...

I had a dream that I got a sweet-heart bargain deal of "It's the Economy, Stupid" T-shirts left over from the first Bush's election from a warehouse that went bankrupt. I would love to give those out as gifts; yes I am that cruel.

Alas, I remember what sad little boy I was when I enthusiastically opened my presents on Christmas day only to have my happiness destroyed by receiving a shirt. Shirts, regardless of what is written on them, are NEVER Christmas gifts. You won't find any on MY Amazon wish list, anyway. I love free shipping; Santa or UPS, it's all the same.

Orhan Kahn said...

You have the most random labels for your posts. You make LSD seem as if it can help people thinkg straight.

AxAtlas said...

2 nights ago, when walkin' in my neighborhood, there was this girl yapping about how snow and ice here is nothing compared to what she got in Boston and that Portlanders are wussy...and then she slipped. She wasn't hurt but it was funny and i wish i had a video camera with me.
M&Ms in popcorn eh?...not a bad idea. I gotz nuthinz elze to do.

Kara said...

goranas - i don't give him knives.

mary - but you can send anybody anything from turkey and just say "it's from turkey" and it's going to be the coolest thing ever.

twinkie - what are your thoughts son bigamy?

woozie - come ON! it's PERFECT for male bonding! it's up there with Animal House!

(please know that i lie)

stinkypaw - if i'm gonna work that hard, i need to reap all the benefits.

rachel - good. we need to be responsible for keeping each other going at this lazy time of year.

dad - that's funny because i totally found the perfect t-shirt for you this year.

or - it's a christmas song. this post was totally about christmas. duh.

ax - awww, poor ax. i'm telling you...bartend.