Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Happy Anniversary...I Want Jewelry

This is my 359th post.

I've never stuck with anything this long. It's nice to know it can be done. This means both my cat and my boyfriend can hope.

With this being a huge ass milepost and all, I figured I'd blog the hell out of a post just for yous alls.

But I haven't anything to say, really.

So I'll talk about this hat.
This beautiful piece of frippery has graced my desktop for about a week now. Every time I get stressed or pissed off at work, I close all my windows and just gaze at this beauty until my breathing goes back to even. It works like a puppy calendar.

As for the details of the piece, I can only assume this woman is English. Only the English would dare to risk irreversible damage to late-in-life neck muscles in the name of fashion. It's too cosmo for those of us across the pond, even in its ridiculousness. And we do ridiculous...anyone who's ever seen a picture of that headwear that attends the Kentucky Derby can attest to this.

The real question is, if that hat appeared on my doorstep one day (via air where it would need to purchase two seats), would I wear it?

What do you think?

In the meantime, find a moment this weekend amidst your ballyhooing to pause and raise a glass of whatever to toast Condi's hair...both her actual hair and this blog, as one would not exist without the other...and here's to another 359 posts filled with absolutely nothing of value. And some more run-on sentences. I know I'M excited.

12 keep(s) me blogging:

Gorilla Bananas said...

Here's the deal. You slip into your bikini, you put on that hat and you go to the beach. When you get to the beach, you unravel the hat and lie down in it. Everyone thinks you're cool and you don't get sand in your coochie. Voila.

erin said...

That's a genius idea Gorilla. I sat here for about two seconds trying to figure out what someone would do with that beast of a freaking hat. Pink freaking giant ass hat.
And run on sentences totally excite me. I would think you would know that by now. We don't really know each other, do we? Ah-ha!

Robert the Skeptic said...

A woman came in from Mexico wearing a hat like that... there were two illegal aliens hiding inside.

In other news: Do you realize that YOUR BLOG has outlasted Condi's career as Sec. of State!! You win by default!! Congratulations. (And to think SHE even has a doctorate!)

erin said...

The girls just left for their dad's house but we did celebrate with my mom last night. She brought Max panties that say 'Potty Trainee' on the bum and tons and tons of gum.
Oops, I guess I just threw off the coolness and the snarkiness of the comments section of your blog by being totally pedestrian!

The Future said...

No one is mentioning the most notable aspect of this photo and that's the fact that the gentleman (who looks like Liza's drunken father in My Fair Lady)had the schutzpa (sp?)to wear a matching pink neck piece or ascot or scarf or neck tie or an out-of-sorts bow tie, I don't know which. At his age, I'm impressed with either his adaptability or his serious color blindness.

Amber said...

I've figured it out!

It's attached to her coat/jacket thing. and when it's sunny, she just unfolds it and VOILA! instant shade. Also protects from the rain, snow, and other weather extremities. Thus preventing any damage to neck muscles, while LOOKING absolutely chic.

I must have one.

Mary Witzl said...

I am just blown away by that picture. You've got to hand it to a woman who can look that ridiculous in public and still have that air of haughty confidence about her. If I had that hat on, I'd be cringing myself into a ball, just waiting for the first rotten tomato to reduce me to a sniveling bundle.

You could wear it, I'm betting. You'd have the nerve!

Sarah said...

That's not a hat. It's a giant cloth napkin and she's the napkin ring.

Rachel said...

That hat...I must own it.

Even if its pink.

Good lord. I'm suprised no one has mentioned the resemblance to a cigar. Perhaps this redoubtable Lady was attending a cigar-afficiando's fete?

theWaif said...

Sarah wins. Hands down.

kara said...

i am amused by all of you. what a wonderful anniversary gift.

the jewelry's on its way, right?

Charlie said...

My shower curtain!

(I realize that I'm visiting from Stinky's blog, but I really miss my cheap Chinese piece of vinyl).