Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Rachel Wants to Know

Rachel wants to know my opinion on the war between the apples and the PCs. The fact of the matter is...I don't know what oversensitive politically correct people have against apples anyway. They protect you from doctors.

Just kidding, I totally know she meant computers. It basically rolls out like this:

I hate MACs because you can't right click.

But we have a MAC because B-rock respeks the hardware.

However - he's magically installed Windows on it. So I can right click.

That's love.

If what she really wants to know if in a blind taste test would I'd choose John Hodgman or Justin Long? The answer to that is always going to be Hodgman. I've loved him since he told that story about getting bit by a penguin in the London Zoo on This American Life. All Justin Long ever did for me was the final scene of Drag Me to Hell (You'll understand when you see it. It's glorious). But he negates that coolness with EVERYTHING ELSE THAT HE TOUCHES. So there you have it.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

I want to know your opinion on the battle between Rice Krispies and Cocoa Puffs. I don't believe you decide these things purely on taste. You're too grouchy in the morning.

Auri said...

Grouchy? Kara? I never would have guessed. I think Justing Long is lovely and would have bought a Mac purely based on him. However, they are overpriced and my employee discount only covers Dell computers =(

Auri said...

Justing is related to Justin by the way

yinyang said...

The thing about the battle between Macs and PCs that annoys me is that Macs are PCs (personal computers). And, no amount of Justin Long could make me spring for a Mac. So, their "clever" advertising scheme is a failure with me.

Rachel said...

Thanks for answering my buring questions Kara! I was about to die from the breathless need to KNOW!

BTW, you CAN TOO right click on a Mac as long as you have a two button mouse. Im using a Logitech mouse with my current mac. And also! The hefty price tag is worth the sacrifice: my mac is 10 years old, has never crashed or had drive issues, has never had a virus, and is still running smoothly. Only reason Im buying a new one is because this one is maxed out and cant be upgraded any further.

GO MACS! Pssh at Dells.

Macoosh said...

.... rachel stole my comment -- you can right click. you can even do it on a 1 button mouse that has different areas on it --- i have the apple wireless mouse and i right click away to my hearts content!!!!!

i am in love w/ my imac and I was a PC up until i bought it. totally worth it. :) apple paying me for this comment b/c they should. i need the money.

Robert the Skeptic said...

I totally LOVE those Mac v/s PC ads.. however, the advertising is totally deceptive.

I used to train government workers to go from "dumb" terminals to PCs. The process at times was akin to teaching Cro-Magnon man to use fire. None the less, I discovered that, kicking and screaming though they did, once they understood the concept of directories and sub-directories, they possessed 90% of what they needed to know about using a PC.

Macs/Apples hide the directory structure so you never really know "where" something is. That is the biggest complaint I hear from most people. And if you look at their Mac, the desktop is cluttered with hundreds of icons all over the place. And Mac's have hard drives and suffer the same breakdowns that PC's do. Wait until your Mac fails to boot... who ya gonna call?

Bottom line - Love the ads, hate the operating system.

Prof. Worm said...

A hard-hitting and objective review, Kara. You are extremely knowledgeable about computers, the pros and cons, the ins and outs . . .

Twinkie said...

I want a Mac just because they are so much prettier! :)

Ms. Salti said...

I haven't used a Mac since I was in 8th grade... which was a VERY long time ago!

The Future said...

So, I give up, exactly what kind of a computer is he holding in the picture anyway? I don't recognize the model. It seems a little soft around the edges.

yinyang said...

Here, my favorite video about Macs.

theWaif said...

You obviously were never an "Ed" fan. Much as I love Hodgeman, I gotta give it up for Warren Cheswick.

kara said...

goranas - interesting. let me consider it.

auri - such logic with your choices. disappointing!

yinyang - i love that you went all philosophical on this one.

rachel and macoosh - enough with your mouse lies! LIES!

dad - window directory structures are difficult enough so i'd say that's another big fat check mark in the against column.

prof - i think we all know that i'm totally about the serious journalism.

twinkie - prettier? do they come with flower patterns?

ms salti - so, like, last year? i know, i'm so nice.

future - it squeaks too!

yinyang - that was...pretty damn funny, yes.

waif - never an ed fan, no.

Mary Witzl said...

Here's how pathetically limited my computer knowledge is: I don't even know what kind I have. It's SO EMBARRASSING when people ask me. I get all paranoid: I'll bet they think I'm just pretending to be semi computer literate.