Saturday, October 03, 2009

Seasonal Greetings to You and Your Kin

As I was surfing the channels just now, and ad for an upcoming screening of The Wedding Date popped up on ABC Family. For those who don't have crap cable, ABC Family is a channel that plays family-friendly shows and whatnot. Their new motto is that ABC Family is a new kind of family.

The Wedding lucky ducks a Debra Messing RomCom about a woman who can't face going dateless to her sister's wedding so she hires a manhooker. I think she pays him something like $5 grand. I doubt it was enough. My guess is at some point toward the middle, both hilarity and true love ensues.

So ABC Family condones getting paid for sex. Definitely a new kind of family. One I can get behind. Keep that economy going however you can!

It's Halloween month and that fills me with the kind of joy only achieved with mass quantities of candy corn. My costume is already in the works and we'll start on B's next week. We have a couple sets of friends who love Halloween so much, they want to make babies with it, so the pressure's on. Last year we made a decent pass at Juno and Paulie despite my being sick as a dog filled with sickness (see left).

This year will hopefully turn out just as well but with less sickness. I'm going for a certain type of Alice in Wonderland and B is gonna be Ira Glass. These are almost cheating since both of us need to do very little to pass, as you can see by the comparative photographs included here. Astonishing, isn't it.

This time of year makes me happy. I'm having to physically stop myself from going out and getting pumpkins to carve yet, since they would rot within days. I bought fresh cider at the Farmer's Market earlier. A fire was built in the fireplace this morning. That bit took some work. I had to flip a swtich. I've already watched two out of long list of bad teen scary moves from the '90s. Did you know
The Faculty and Apt Pupil were directed by Robert Rodriguez and Bryan Singer? Sometimes directors do the weirdest things.

In other Octobery news, I've purchased a pair of fleece sweatpants and I may never take them off. Yes. And before you call me boring, I'd like to point out that last weekend I rode around town in the Booty Mobile. I just didn't blog about it because what happens in the Booty Mobile stays in the Bootie Mobile. Besides, the pictures are on Facebook and they know what they did.

I've had enough computerness for the weekend. Off to read a book.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Alice in Wonderland will be a big improvement on last year, when you were basically 'Kara with a cushion under her sweater'. I hope you find a suitable dress. I'd like to see you in a tutu next year.

yinyang said...

Hmm. B does kind of look like Ira Glass. But, what I'm more interested in is how he came up with the idea of being an NPR... person (journalist?).

kara said...

goranas - i did a tutu a couple of years ago. dead ballerina.

yin - it came about by a lot of people telling him how much he looked like ira glass. so, yeah...not much imagination.

axtroo said...
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AxAtlas said...

I thought ABC shows were all too wrapped up in extramarital affairs. Must be expanding.
If B does Ira Glass with a mic, he could easily be mistaken for Elvis Costello or Pat Pentland from Sloan or someone's next door neighbor.

Robert the Skeptic said...

I always start planning my Halloween costume at least a year in advance... then never get around to assembling the elements until too late. I think people are getting tired of my Indiana Jones "fall back" costume. Maybe I will just shave my head this year and let people guess.

Rachel said...

IMHO, Brendan is too cute for his own good.

I think I has a crush on ur boyfriend.

Stinkypaw said...

Love this month as well, all the colours and the fresh air, yummy, plus there's Halloween! And Fleece pants! Those can be warm, especially by a fire!

erin said...

I want a pair of fleecy sweatpants to never take off.

The Future said...

First of all, decide how you're going to spell Booty-Bootie once and for all. Secondly, don't I remember you being appalled that I would go outdoors in sweatpants. Have we moved to a new life stage, hmm?

Anonymous said...

I love Ira Glass! I am upset that most of my friends wouldn't know who that is...

ABC Family also debuted Lindsay Lohan's "Labor Pains" about a girl who pretends to be pregnant so she won't get fired or some shiz. So they not only endorse hookerism, they also endorse lying, cheating, and crack (as evidenced by the fact that Lohan is the star.)

Anonymous said...

That's why I only watch one of two channel duos: Lifetime/Oxygen or MTV/VH1.

Those channels really promote good values whether it be housewives and army wives cheating on husbands and making it look glamorous or shallow youngsters competing for the affection of groupies who LOST competitions to be with semi-famous has-been stars.

Boy that was a mouthful.

Also I wear NOTHING but fleece pjs since receiving a pair for xmas/bday a few years back.

kara said...

ax - you're thinking of Lifetime.

dad - i guess...telly savalas!

rachel - if you distract me with something can probably take him.

stinkypaw - it's making it very hard to leave my blessed couch.

erin - and you can. go to old navy...they're on sale even. and i HATE old navy.

mom - you have to love me AND my typos.

jackie - the fact that i have had a nerd crush on ira glass for the last 6 years might have something to do with why i chose B to be my roommate all those year and a halfs ago.

anonymous - see, i'd trade in Lifetime for WE so that i can get my Bridezillas and Women Who Marry Prisoners fix.

The Future said...

I am seriously concerned about the degradation of your standards. Who are you again?