Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Three (Well...Fourish) Things Of Note

We took a break from loading the car for a moment to have a Rolling Rock on the front porch. It was 80 degrees yesterday and there were people to watch. Oregonians dressing for warm weather are often humorous to behold. Anyway, I glanced to the right of me and noticed a oldish Volvo station wagon parked nearby. And I cracked up. For, like, a full minute. There was a bumper sticker over the insignia that said "Buy Local". I know.

We didn't get home until 9ish, but not before stopping to buy a take 'n bake pizza (taco pizza, hello 8
th grade). We got busy putting up curtains and the like so when it was done we realized there was suddenly nothing to eat it on. I opened up the dishwasher filled with dirty dishes and took out two plates. Hand washed them. And set the table (2 TV trays). What's the point of this vignette? Remember how excited I was about the dishwasher? Still hand washing. Blurgh.

Thirdly (yes, it is a word, suck it)...I may or may not have told you all long ago that I had broken up with the Belmont bus line number 15. Well...today I had to swallow my cud and make niceys. I live directly on the line now...and I hadn't moved my bike yet. So un
til I do...the bus I must take. But I don't have to like it. Maybe couple's counseling.

We had a debate the other day(ages ago), here in the office about what playing Voldemort will do to Ralph Fiennes' hotness. I maintain that any future fantasizing will be hindered by his lack of nose. For those who live in caves and don't know who he is...see below:


not hot

A coworker came up with this...he thinks it will help. I give you...Mixed hotness.

You be the judge.

8 keep(s) me blogging:

Macoosh said...

that mixed hotness doesn't work for me.

nope not even a little.

Laura said...

Mixed hotness definitely backfired. I'd say it's even less hotness than not hot. And less than not at all leaves much to be desired.

I fully expect a blog post from you regaling the demise of one Jerry "Jerkface" Falwell. Let's hear it, folks -- hip, hip...hooray!!!

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

He loses hot points for the nose, it's true. I put him at tepid for the time being but still hotter, nose and all, than Richard Gere.

I read in the Sunday LA Time last week that Portland, Oregon is the most eccentric city in the land. I only know you there and already I'm convinced they're right.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Voldemort's one is virtually unpickable. No wonder he's so annoyed. Noses can be unattractive, but what's a cute one? I'd say hedgehogs win the contest.

Kav said...

"the bus I must take"

Well if it's good enough for Yoda, it's good enough for you.

Kara said...

macoosh - well, it's not so bad if you just stare at the eyes and let the bottom part of your vision just glaze over so it's fuzzy. or is that too much work?

laura - listen waif, stop telling me when and what to blog or i'll turn on a fan and let the air knock you over.

sam - richard gere isn't nearly as cute as the gerbil he killed by ramming it up his ass all those years ago. that's right...if a rumor stands the test of time (decades) you know it has to be true.

goranas - well, if you want to go the animal route, i can think of all sorts of cute noses...that i don't want to fantasize about. as for men...johnny depp has a "come hither" nose.

kav - hey! there's no copyright on rearranging the subject and the noun in a sentence! maybe yoda stole that shit from ME! ever think of that? little green fucker...always taking credit for things.

Laura said...

You listen here, pipsqueak. I got 2 1/2 years and at least 2 inches on you, so you just better watch yerself.


Orhan Kahn said...

How can someone that hot sleep with someone this cheap? I don't get it.