Tuesday, August 21, 2007

For Your Eyes Only

"I love you so much, I want to rip your spine out so I can move in."
- Dylan Moran

Happy 6th Month Anniversary Kansas! Ye better've gotten me something nice to prevent sage brush rolling by our bed tonight!

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Gorilla Bananas said...

My God, that must mean I've known you LONGER than six months! It's OK, I'm not tired of you yet. On our one year anniversary I'd like to see you tap-dancing. Thank you.

Jill said...


He's not ging to forget, is he? Some men have trouble remembering dates and numbers and such. After 10 years together, Slag can now remember my birthday. Whenever I ask him about it, he stops and thinks for a couple of seconds and then announces the correct date and raises his arms over his head in victory like he just won a race. It's adorable.

Orhan Kahn said...

Dylan Moran, ftw.

Kara said...

goranas - you HAVE known me longer! and i know how to tap dance...so done.

jill - he did not forget. not at all. it's kind of a joke with us because i'm the big forgetter of birthdays and anniversaries. it's very very sad how much of a man i become in relationships.

or - wtf is ftw? seriously, dude...you keep text messaging your comments to me and i'm going to have to keep a decoder ring handy.

thethinker said...

Congratulations on 6 months!

That's a long time.

Sarah said...

And I haven't met him. Dang! We need to hang out!

Laura said...

Congratulations! For your anniversary, I'll let you house-, dog-, and cat-sit for us for a whole week! I know, aren't I generous? You can thank me later.