Friday, September 21, 2007

What the HELL is IN Pamprin Anyway?

It’s not often you have the type of manager who offers to stand in front of you in the role of a buffer as you flip off an asshole coworker when he's walking away down the hallway. It’s these people that make my world okay. These rare…rare people.

You know, in 2004, I was in election MODE! I was listening to the radio, watching all the debates, joining grassroots movements, attending rallies, everything short of actually participating in protests (unless you count that one time when I was leaving my office and literally stepped out of the door into the middle of one. I got trapped). I was involved.

I was devastated when Bush won. Completely deflated. I couldn’t believe people could continue to be THAT stupid. I wanted out of here. Desperately. I even looked into becoming a mail order bride. Turns out my standards are too high. That’s not allowed in the mail order bride community. Bastards.

The next election is in 2008…but it feels like it’s been going on since 2006. And you know what? I’m already sick of it. I hate everyone in it. On both sides. I think they’re all mud slinging disingenuous bull dogs who will wave their over-blown patriotism, their touted love of ‘god’, and their empty promises of universal healthcare in front of our faces to get whatever it is they want. None of them are real people. None of them will instigate real progress. None of them have any real new or original ideas. They’ve had 8 million debates and I haven’t watched a single one. Every time they do a breakdown of them on NPR, I get more disgusted. I really don’t believe there to be much hope of a positive voting outcome and have pretty much come to terms the idea that we’ll probably be stuck with the former mayor of New York with his mistress turned 3rd wife or a Mormon with a dumb name and a wife who’s name I don’t know (his other wives are probably hidden in a cave in Utah somewhere). I have no faith in the people to elect anyone progressive…not after 2004. I’m going to do my part and vote, but don’t ask me to support anyone. Screw it.

This isn’t a very upbeat topic for a Friday. A payday Friday at that. Well, what can I say, my jeans are tight.

The waif bought me polka dot shoes from Italy. I will be posting a picture of them on here as soon as I take one. Until then, they sleep on the extra pillow…next to mine…well, only when Kansas is on a work trip. Selfish boy.

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AxAtlas said...

So are you gonna vote for "None of the Above"??? (you hafta get this movie reference)

apterix55 said...

If you pray really hard, God will put the right person in the Oval Office. Seriously, what we need is a president Bartlett. Martin Sheen to be the stand-up guy for the cameras (like all real presidents) and Aaron Sorkin as Chief of Staff.

Kara said...

ax - don't get it.

apterix - at this point, i'd probably vote for Martin Sheen. not Charlie, though...dude's a menace.

Gorilla Bananas said...

If I were human and American (which thankfully I'm not) I'd vote for Roger Ramjet. The world needs America to have an ass-kicking president. Without fear, there is only chaos. If you want to led by a wimp, emigrate to Luxembourg.

The Future said...

That is the question, which country in the world has a leader you can respect? I'm not sure I can think of one. I wish Madeline Albright was 20 years younger. She oozes integrity and high moral and ethical fiber. They don't make'm like that anymore.

Laura said...

I dunno, Future, I'm not sure I want a president that oozes anything. That would just be yucky. Stewart/Colbert will always be my dream team.

Kara said...

goranas - how's the nightlife in Luxembourg?

future - sad but true.

waif - hey! we have the same dream!

Susie Q said...

Two words...Ron Paul
He'll never in a million gazillion years make it, but dammit he is the only one with a thought in his head worth thinking.
But I'm with you, I start to feel what's the use?
Great, now I'm depressed. Need a picture of the polka dot shoes

... said...
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C said...

Wow, I worked for the DNC during 2004! I canvassed in Atlanta. In July! I probably lost 10 lbs. in the form of sweat. In a week. It was a fairly positive experience because the ATL is full of Democrats, but the state of Georgia was seen as a lost cause. I guess it was. I couldn't believe Kerry lost. I was mad at the voters, but I felt he looked like a serious punk ass during his campaign too.

Now, I'm as uninterested in the 2008 elections as you are. From what I've read, I like Kucinich the best, but he's too honest and compassionate to get the nomination so I'm just waiting to see who Hillary picks as her running mate.