Thursday, August 28, 2008

ChopWatch '08 : Week 3

Week 3: Introducing...the Chin

I had this image uploaded as "medium" and the chin just about jumped out of the monitor and chin-butted me. It's what I imagine a headbutt would feel like using the chin. I hope never to feel one in actuality...hence the reduction of the image size to "small".

Anyway, so this is the chin. It's clean shaven now...Ahabe has retired for the remainder of the journey. The chops are nearly complete.
the Misses seems surprised in this one. I don't know what by. I've shoved a camera in his face two weeks in a row now...the third shouldn't have come as a surprise. You can see rthat the chops are taking shape. I don't know what shape...but a shape, nonetheless.
However...some splotchines. I think time is all he needs. More time. He disagrees. He insists that what isn't there now will never appear. That's the kind of pessamisim that loses wars. I don't lose wars. Mainly because I don't fight them. You can tell I've had wine, can't you. Well, I have.

I've entitled this picture: Resignation.

In other news...I saw
Wanted tonight. For $3. It was about $2 too many. Still, it starred my Scottish lover, James Macvoy. And:
A lot of raw meat
A lot of bullets meeting bullets and crushing each other
A lot of Angelina Holie being anorexic and hoish...skinny, ridiculously healthy-haired bitch.
A lot of unnecessary innocent bystander casualties.
A lot of RIDICULOUS slow motion
Some guns
James Mcavoy without a shirt - yes
Jame Mcavoy without his Scottish accent - noooooo
And an overabundance of Nine Inch Nails


And yes before you ask, the Missus DOES look like this under his oversized novelty t-shirts.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

The poor boy must be pussy-whipped to let you use him as a guinea pig for your hirsute experiments. Maybe in a year he'll be ready to play Prince Albert...or possibly even Badger in The Wind in the Willows.

Orhan Kahn said...

What are you doing to this poor boy?? Somebody release him from the clutches of the beast!

problemchildbride said...

I think he's experiencing chop-slippage a bit there. Can be nasty. They are awfully low down though. Is that hip?

AxAtlas said...

His beard attempt looks like the beginning of an upsidedown version of Mr. T's head

Stinkypaw said...

IF the Missus looks like that, then why in hell are you posting pictures of his wannabe sideburns, woman!? What is wrong with you?!?

The Future said...

Have you gotten the impression yet that everyone thinks you've overshot your chop mark? Because they do and so do I and undoubtedly the Missus does too. (It kills me to call him that.)

Mandy said...

Oversized novelty t-shirt?


nic said...

*digs self out of hole and dusts herself off*

Sorry! Been stuck in a hole! How have you been?

Missus is such a trooper for doing this. :)

He's a cutie. Where do you find these people?!

Anonymous said...

can I borrow james macvoy when you've finished with him?

Kara said...

i've been neglectful, i'm sorry.

goranas - yes he is in some respects. but i don't always get my way. and then i pout.

or - are you calling me fat?

sam - no, it's not hip...he didn't consult me before the big shave. silly thing.

ax - that is my plan, of course.

stinky - he doesn't...well, maybe if i squint.

future - none from you, peanut gallery.

mandy - i'm working on retiring each and every one of them.

nic - well hello! he is an adorable trooper. and i found him because i'd posted an ad for a roommate. he was NOT the one with the anthrax beard, in case you're wondering.

myra - i don't share. well...not scottish candy with a six pack. i'm a jerk like that.

Mary Witzl said...

I'll have you know that I had to go get my second pair of glasses for that James Macvoy picture. Still, it was worth it.