Friday, September 26, 2008

It is ON!

You know you like a boy when you eat for four straight hours after dropping him off at the airport. Sad.

So, it's 4:30 PM right now. The Presidential Debates start in an hour and a half. But check out this Wall Street Journal screenshot:

I guess when you pay for the ads, they throw a fixed outcome in there for free! What a bargain!

But seriously. I'm excited. I'm really really excited. Not as excited as I will be for the Vice-Presidential debates, but still...excited. I'm probably going to continue eating, but will meter with beverages. The beverages are a must since amy g. and I will most likely be yelling at the TV within the first ten minutes.

This is my football season, people.

14 keep(s) me blogging:

Robert the Skeptic said...

Just yesterday I wrote an e-mail to CBS news and Katie Couric denouncing them as the "Official News Network of the Republican Party". It's McCain, McCain, McCain, McCain, Palin, and that other guy... whatshizname?? Osama something?? WTF, CBS, the Wall St. Journal.. they are all businesses and all in the pocket of the Republicans. Here is a clue, America: Karl Rove does NOT have secret service protection! (hint hint). But then you would need to get his Evil Twin, Grover Nordquist. Ahhh it's all fruitless, the bullets would just bounce off their fat asses. [This post is gonna get me renditioned to some CIA-friendly ally].

yinyang said...

I'm going to be liveblogging the debate. Is that a geeky thing to do? Probably.

The Future said...

I haven't gotten to see it yet. I think I'll call you to see what you thought before I watch it at 9:00:)

Gorilla Bananas said...

Aren't these debates very prissy? I never hear the audience hooting or shaking their butts at the candidates. You should buy some pants with a picture of a gorgon on the seat - sticking its tongue out. I think they'd be really you.

Niall said...

I was gonna watch the debate (actually), but forgot about it. I bet it was amazing.

Sarah said...

I wanted to watch it too, but had 2 neighbor kids spending the night. Good house is loud right now.
Thank you for being politically charged for me.

Woozie said...

Mexicans cut. Black people shoot.

Orhan Kahn said...

Was so certain I'd left a comment here yesterday.. hmm. Weird. I even lifted the text from the CONDI picture in relation to people commenting on my hair (including you!). Weird.

Go back to bed.

That is all.

Rachel said...


love the Condi toon. so perfect.

and the debates were awesomeo. Mccainw as grinding his yellow teeth the whole time.

AxAtlas said...

I was at Kells, boozing it up and saw most of the debate. Obama did well from a humanistic viewpoint. McCain did well from the standpoint of upperclass elitist assholes who love fuckin' with the minds of the middle class. All and all, the debates...and the beer, wings and nachos were damn good.

Mandy said...

I thought it was boring. A snoozer. Sucked ass. They both sucked! I was so disappointed!

The Boyfriend and I were so mad, we were beside ourselves. We'd even flattened out the futon to get comfortable to watch the whole debate.

So we had sex on it instead.

I put the sound on Mute so I wouldn't associate McCain's voice with sexual pleasure.

That is all.

Mary Witzl said...

I had a comment all ready after reading this, but I've forgotten it, caught up in the lovely image of bullets bouncing off fat Republican asses -- (your dad's quote).

I've missed the whole debate in all the moving flurry. But no way am I going to miss the election; that's what counts.

froelica said...

Am I the only person who found it sad every time McCain referred to himself as the THE future President? I know they all kinda do that, but he did it A LOT. Like once a minute.

Susie Q said...

"McCain did well from the standpoint of upperclass elitist a$$holes who love f'ing with the minds of the middle class"
Um that would be me... when you're over 50, pro-life and sick of Government at. all. let's talk.