Sunday, March 15, 2009

All We Want is Life Beyond the Thunderdome

There have been two moments, this weekend, where I have questioned this world and what's wrong with it. Both times, it's been about music and Brendan.

Now, I get that he didn't recognize Tina Turner's artful ballad,
We Don't Need Another Hero" circa 1985 when I excitedly hummed it as yet another example of why Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is one of the greatest movies ever. Turns out he'd never seen the whole movie. That was a whole different drama.

But then this morning as we woke up he said something regarding "my girl" and I launched into "tell me wheeeere did ya sleep, last niieeeeght"...I got nothin'. Blank face. He didn't know what song I was talking about. Which turned into "I don't have any Nirvana albums". Which turned into "I didn't think I liked them in 1999" [when he started listening to music]. Which made me turn over and have a good think.

But really it's not his fault. First of all, I was doing the singing and my talent combined with my cold leaves much to be desired. Secondly - not everyone had the music-lovin' kind of parents that I had. I think that shit usually rubs off on the kid. And to be fair, with regards to Nirvana...I am from the NW and you couldn't throw a rock around here without hitting something related to grunge for years.

Thirdly - he hadn't seen
Ghostbusters until made him netflix it last year.

That was just put in for shock value.

I'd like to blame the state of Kentucky for this, but really, there is no one TO blame. I'm fairly certain that all of the above had to be released in that statehood at some point in time. It does no good to complain at this point anyway. All I can really do is try to educate to the best of my ability in what context things are awesome. Toto's red album, The Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society, Nirvana Unplugged, Henri Mancini and The Pink Panther Theme, Screamin' Jay Hawkins. So much to do, so little desire to put forth effort.

On the other hand, I get really excited. Being the first one to introduce the awesomeness that is Astrud Gilberto to someone at this juncture in life is pretty damn fun. Watching him start to dance to it as though he's just discovered rhythm is even more so.

On the other other hand, he's trying to do the same thing with me and
Battlestar Gallactica and I'm fighting it pretty hard. We women do like our double standards.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

You're asking too much of a relationship if you expect your partner to share your musical tastes, Missy. He's gonna break your little heart and feed it to the munchkins.

Jon said...

You're right about Kentucky providing no way for a kid to have listened to Nirvana or seen Ghostbusters. I really wish there had been some sort of television channel or other listenable media where songs could be broken into waves or particles and trans-mitted through the air and "received" by some sort of mechanical device in Kentucky. It would have helped us understand the popular culture of the USA so much better...

And maybe Brendan could have seen Ghostbusters if there had been some sort of national distribution system in which canisters containing moving-picture-photograph-film could be sent to places like Kentucky for viewing in some sort of large room with seating and a projection device. Maybe in a few years science will come up with something.

Boom. Roasted.

Stinkypaw said...

I can't believe he has not seen "Mad Max", it's a classic and then my jaw hit the floor when I read about "Ghostbusters", oh dear! Shock value hit home. That's a lot to cover... have fun!

And you should cave, "Battlestar Gallactica" is worth the little effort

Brendan said...

Jon, I'm pretty sure you just roasted me and my oblivious teenaged self way harder than you did Kara. Of course, I'm also pretty sure that's what you intended to do.

Kara said...

goranas - we're pretty compatible so far...except he hates The Clash and I love them. so i plan on hitting him with a wooden spoon until he changes his mind.

jon - you know, brendan and i were just talking about that. my theory is the sound waves must've gotten all broken up and absorbed by the mountains. i understand the folk up there use the wave energy to power their horseless carriages. oh SNAP. seriously though...why didn't you help him? you've left me so much to do and i'm so tired!

stinkypaw - i've started a list for him. he's slowly adding it to his netflix list. we'll be doing a lot of staying in.

B-Rock - people are not allowed to speak to you through my blog.

Jon said...

Brendan, you know me!

And Kara, Amanda and I did the best we could in the time allotted.

Jill said...

So, Brendan is a Kentuckian, eh? That can explain some things, but it can't possibly explain missing Ghostbusters. I'm from southern Indiana, which is essentially the same as Kentucky, and we've had VCRs for years. Plus I'm pretty sure Ghostbusters was shown at the drive-in theater we frequented in the 1980's, so being from Kentucky is no excuse.

And yes, that drive-in theater is still in business today. The screen is visible from the road, so they don't show R-rated movies. Couldn't risk some passer-by seeing a bare boob and going into shock.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Movie and musical compatibility is crucial in a relationship, although there is room for some divergence. For example, I leave the room when Nancy either cooks liver or plays Bill Stains or any number of blonde-chick-with-guitar albums.

Truth be told, in 24 years of marriage I have NEVER EVER heard her sing. That is probably wisdom on her part as a relationship can bend, but you don't want to break it. She also has movie amnesia, which means I can watch them multiple times yet they are always "new" to her. All in all, it works out.

theWaif said...

It is freakishly ironic that you mention Beyond Thunderdome in your blog post. Just so happens it was on the telly Sunday and we both had to sit there and watch the dome battle scene before changing channels. That film is positively rich in quotables: "Two men enter, one man leaves!" "Break a deal, spin the wheel!" "Master Blaster runs Barter Town!" Becks loves being Master Blaster on daddy's shoulders.

Not having seen Ghostbusters is just pure craziness. Unless he purposely avoided seeing it on principle like Ty and Top Gun.

Whew, that's a mighty long list of pop culture awesomeness to go through. Better get cracking, Teacher Kara. And stop complaining about BSG, it's not that bad. Better than Star Trek Deep Space Nine or something awful like that. (Brendan: I'd also suggest Firefly as well, I think she'd enjoy it.)

OH -- I have the last season of IT Crowd for you too, remind me next time I see you.

Twinkie said...

I've never seen Mad Max BUT even I knew about Tina Turner and that song. tee hee.

Orhan Kahn said...

..Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is one of the greatest movies ever.

Thats as far as I will ever get into this post. Ever!

The Future said...

Mad Max is one of those movies that mesmerizes me in that I don't want to look but I can't stop throughout the whole darned thing.