Monday, November 02, 2009

Links! Not Just for Chains Anymore.

B's not home, so I'm watching Family Guy. He hates it. Thinks it's the lowest form of humor. I think laughing at people who accidentally trip is the lowest form of humor, but I do it anyway. It's mostly a lack of self control. And that's why I laugh at Family Guy. Bad things are funny. I also laughed my ass off at Twilight and an entire day of the Hallmark channel. And of favorite thing to sing in the shower is Eddie Murphy's Boogie in Your Butt. So I'll be damned if that randomly British cartoon baby and his deformed head doesn't crack my shit up.

But, you know, it's not all lowbrow all the time around here. I've been known to actually guffaw at Wes Anderson films and Dylan Moran in Black Books slays me. Abbott and Costello can be quoted ad nauseam. I grin for all 22 minutes of a Flight of the Conchords episode. I drop whatever I'm doing if Terry shows up on Reno 911. Never missed an episode of 30 Rock (without watching it online later). Tommy Boy and Clerks remains the most influential films of my formative teenage years. Bringing Up Baby still puts me in stitches, though viewed a kajillion times. I know quality.

But I don't like The Three Stooges. To put it bluntly...I don't get it. It's just not funny. Not funny at all.

Where's the writing? How do you fashion a script out of "woops" and "woe woe woe"s? And how does the gag not get old by the second time chubby half-bald man gets poked in the eyes after having his hair pulled? Someone needs to explain it to me.

In the meantime, I spent, like, a half an hour linking to crap to support my various arguments. Just so you don't have to. Enjoy.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

I've never wanted to watch Family Guy after it got a bad review from Eric Cartman in South Park. I listen to that guy. As for old comedy, Chickens Come Home starring Laurel and Hardy is my favourite. Hardy's wife and ex-girlfriend are hilarious. I think you could have played Hardy's wife.

Orhan Kahn said...

Clearly you, Brendan, Chandi and I are going to enjoy alot of time in front of the TV when I find myself in crappy old Memphis? Toronto? Wherever you're from. Wherever you are. Whatever.

Clerks rules your face off, still not sure about the sequel. Terry vomits everytime he has sex with his girlfriend, wtf. Tommy Boy trumps Black Sheep and Beverly Hills Ninja. And episodes of Flight of the Conchords are longer than 22mins, the first season anyways (and you still have me to thank for that only because I followed them before they were cool). Oh, and no mention of Arrested Development? You should be ashamed.

theWaif said...

Yeah, I can't believe you left Arrested Development off the list. Can't wait for the movieeeeeeeeeee!

Three Stooges are just boring. Marx Bros. are far better. Family guy does almost nothing for me. But I will watch it when there is nothing else on. I can't seem to sit through a Simpsons anymore, it lost all its funny about 10 years ago. Probably the only thing in our society Bush can't take credit for ruining.

erin said...

Fat man in a little coat...

I love Family Guy. My favorite is when Lois laughs at something and she shouldn't be laughing at it so she tries to hold it in and it sounds funny and then she just lets go and blurts.


One of my favorite funny movies is Sean of The Dead. FREAKING HILARIOUS. Have you seen it?

The Big Lebowski is funny too.

Stinkypaw said...

Thanks for the links, and I'm with you on the Stooges, just don't get them, not really care to either!

Anonymous said...

ew @the stooges.

My fav Family Guy episode is the one with the broccoli.

"Your days are numbered, Broccoli. Forecast for today, cloudy with a chance of DOOM!"

kara said...

goranas - you know, i don't love laurel and hardy either...but not at a hate level. they can bring a chuckle.

or and waif - COME ON! but really...everyone knows how i feel about arrested development. i needed to give the other shows some face time. but here's this to make you happy.

erin - i totally own all the of the (two) simon pegg and edgar wright movies. but i can't watch shaun for a while. remind me to tell you about the zombie dreams i had the other night.

stinkypaw - you may not get any of the other stuff either, but at least you'll have a key to my soul. somebody needs to.

rachel - well said.

Mary Witzl said...

I've never gotten the Three Stooges either. And I will NEVER understand the charm and humor of Jerry Lewis. But boy, I laughed myself silly at Twilight. There was nothing about that movie that wasn't hysterical, not the least being those deep soulful eyes the vampire guy kept making at the girl.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Jerry Lewis = Not funny
Adam Sandler = Not funny, never was, never will be
Laurel and Hardy = Funny, classic humor
The Stooges = Funny, and by the way, you are adopted.

The Future said...

I can't believe you left out the "Road" pictures. Just how many times have you seen "Road to Bali"?