Thursday, January 25, 2007

4:10 PM Thursday

[16:10] k: remember that one time when we were all working here and we were happy?
[16:10] Jen: yeah, that was nice
[16:11] Jen: but somebody always has to go and upset the apple cart
[16:11] k: seriously. what the fuck? why can't everyone be happy with mediocrite. how the fuck do you spell mediocrite?
[16:13] Jen: I have no clue. It sounds like a lame philosopher. "Mediocrite... you are soooo luke warm."
[16:13] k: AND he probably spent inappropriate moments with male students
[16:13] Jen: and they weren't even exciting
[16:14] k: have you EVER known an exciting philosopher?
[16:14] k: I mean, there's a reason they don't get invited to parties
[16:16] k: philosophical pedaphelia
[16:16] k: existential pedaphelia
[16:16] k: i mean...did it REALLY happen?
[16:16] Jen: transcendental pedaphelia
[16:16] k: is it happening here? or in another dimension?
[16:17] Jen: twilight zone pedophelia
[16:17] k: is it peda? or pedo? I mean...don't we run the risk of making people thing we're talking about feet?
[16:17] k: that would be "pede" right?
[16:18] Jen: I believe pedo. I have no idea. I've lost the will to live
[16:18] Jen: and use Merriam Websters
[16:24] k: Well, i have ceased to care. I want a taco.
[16:24] Jen: that sounds good. I wish I had a Sandra D taco. Simple simple simple, but good
[16:24] k: does there exist the complex taco?
[16:25] Jen: I think if you have several midgets and 2 monks build it, then yes
[16:25] k: this is excellent news
[16:27] Jen: have I told you that my elbow hurts?
[16:27] k: no. why?
[16:27] Jen: I swiped a new chair
[16:27] Jen: because the old one was hurting my ass
[16:27] Jen: now this one is good for my ass
[16:27] Jen: but not my elbow
[16:27] k: just one?
[16:28] Jen: is there not a chair out there that can do my whole body good?
[16:28] Jen: yes, my right.
[16:29] k: can you sew it some sort of cushion?
[16:30] Jen: I was thinking about buying one elbow pad. Do you suppose they sell them in singles?
[16:30] Jen: Like cheese?
[16:30] k: i don't see why not
[16:31] Jen: Sewing one is a good idea
[16:31] Jen: an then make the arm of the chair wear the elbow pad
[16:31] k: but how will you ever find the TIME
[16:31] Jen: I really have no idea
[16:32] Jen: Barron Von Schumaker is taking me to Venice later this week
[16:32] Jen: and then I have to bedazzle all of my lingerie
[16:33] Jen: and have all drugs and crime stamped out by 6 o'clock tonight
[16:33] k: that could make for some sore wrists
[16:33] Jen: I am a busy person

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Jennifer said...

If we could sell our conversations for food, we'd lose a lot of weight. Unless we sold them to Howard Hughes before he died, then we'd be rich. But that would require a time machine, and the only one I have is Mickey Rourke specific. My life is damned.

Kevin said...

"and have all drugs and crime stamped out by 6 o'clock tonight."

Girl, that made me laugh.

Laura said...

Just for future reference...




(I know the last one wasn't used but I'm spelling it for you in advance in case you decide to use it in your next IM conversation.)

Kieran said...

All the philosophers were mad as bats. They couldn't have been any more exciting. Except for that Kant guy, the kant.

Jill said...

Jen must be a superhero. Do you think she could zip down and take out that band of raccoons who have marauding our neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning? I'd even be willing to make an elbow pad in exchange.

Kara said...

jen - not as damned as mickey's. he's gonna have to sell his soul to the devil to get his old face back.

kevbo - isn't she a comedic gem??

laura - you're anal.

kieran - mad people are not always entertaining. i've been followed off the bus by enough of them to know this.

jill - i'll have to ask her...but it's fairly obvious that she's not doing anything later. though i thinik it will have to be after happy hour because we got hit with some SHITTY work-related news that we have to go drink off first. then she'll get back to you.

froelica said...

I'm still thinking about the "singles of cheese" part. Mmm....

Laura said...

I'm not anal. Well, only when it comes to spelling.

slaghammer said...

Three words, “hammock.”

Emily Powell said...

and this is just through IM - I would love to be a fly on the wall when you 2 are talking in person! Possibly the most random of conversations I've ever witnessed! Well done!

A chuisle said...

sigh, this reminds me of me and my best friend. :)

this post rocks. your conversations should be posted more often!

Orhan Kahn said...

[16:17] k: is it peda? or pedo? I mean...don't we run the risk of making people thing we're talking about feet?

Much lol.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Philosophers don't get invited to parties because they think they are interesting and they can't dance. It's called the mind-body problem.

Kara said...

fro - i have never before met a girl so crazy about cheese. let me just say, it's a damn good thing you didn't go vegan.

laura - uh. yeah.

slag - i'm trying desperately to find meaning there and i'm coming up short.

emily - these are daily too...but that one screamed "post me!!!!!". and then it kicked me in the shin and ran away.

macoosh - oh yeah? well then maybe i WILL!

orhan - woah there tiger...don't lol too hard or you'll split your spleen. that's an important organ...don't want to be losing it.

goranas - is that the medical term for it? you know so many things. i'm in awe. i'm also hungry. should do something about that...

slaghammer said...

Ok, I’ll explain. “Three words, hammock” it a total of three words. Hammock is the solution to the question asked by Jen at 16:28. The question was “is there not a chair out there that can do my whole body good?” There is no chair that can do that, hence the suggestion to string up a hammock, once again, a (h-a-m-m-o-c-k)

ham•mock - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ham-uh k]
a hanging bed or couch made of canvas, netted cord, or the like, with cords attached to supports at each end.

Anonymous said...

What about that guy that ran down the street naked yelling, "Eureka, I've found it" or something like that. He might be fun at a party...if he weren't dead anyway.

The Future (I forgot how to sign into this stupid thing.)

froelica said...

Yeah I thought about the vegan thing for a while, when my friend Jenna tried it out....
It didn't go well.