Thursday, March 22, 2007

Doin' It For The D

So this is d. I've introduced him before, I know, but it needs doing again as this post is specifically for d. I happened upon his blog one probably not sunny day back in, I don't know when and read some post regarding a "rogue sun" which produced a giggle fit from me. So I was hooked. Funny guy. Strange. But funny. He and his girlfriend (who loves shoes only slightly more than I do) live in Calgary, Canada. A place where I imagine moose run rampant in the streets. He also likes candy a lot. And that's pretty much all I know about d. That and he likes basketball...which brings me to my point.

One time, d said something about buying candy from a Bulk Barn. I panicked at the thought. Candy from a barn? That's just unsanitary. As you can imagine...a barrage of questions about such a ghastly idea were hailed upon him. To allay my fears and prove to me that the Bulk Barn was indeed, no barn at all (and therefore...not dirty...not 'barn' dirty anyway), he took and posted a picture. I thanked him for said picture and asked if there wasn't anything I could take a picture of for him in return. He decided on a picture of a Trailblazer (our NBA team here in Portland...they suck ASS). But a deal is a deal...and he's been waiting for a long long time.

So here they are, without further ado...the pictures:

Here are the Blazers milling about.

Here they are playing and consequently, losing.

And lookey here...a time out thing.

Here's the taker of the workmate Ryan who was told he needed to pretend to pick his nose. Not very convincing.

Here is Jen's leg. She went to the game with Ryan. She likes watching our little pothead team lose. Apparently, they were trying to photocapture drunken rednecks here...but that didn't work out so well.

So there you have it, d. It only took a year or something...but I did it! I got you Blazers pictures! Huzzah!

Happy Friday.
(I know it's not really friday, but Kansas and I are going on a mini vacay)

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Jen said...

Yeah they lost that time, but the next game I went to, they apparently had let up off the spliff and won a well-played game against the Washington Wizards, currently No. 1 in the southeast division. And could my leg be any sexier? No, no it couldn't.

d said...

i never thought i'd actually ever get my pics. now i can call off that hit. that's a relief.

thank you k2 - you're alright. ok... so maybe you're more than alright. you're my favorite person in portland. including all of the portland trailblazers.

Kara said...

jen - well you took all the fun out of answering THAT question

d - i know you were doubting. and I can't say i blame you. i'd doubt me too. and as for that hit...if he was traveleing here via mooseback, i'd say you have some time to catch him.

Niall said...

Ok, so you posted this blog exactly ... 8 minutes ago according to my vudoo ... how do you have three replies so far? Four? You send out an email to people saying you're updating?

A chuisle said...

i have nothing to say in regard to this post....i dunno why i just don't lol. however, i do have to say, nice leg jen! ha.

oh, and btw, i sooo took what you said in a good way...don't you worry bout it!

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...


I can see why they're called the Blazers.


The Future said...

Well, this is a shock. The Portland Trailblazers on Kara's blog. Now that's a hoot, you haven't paid any attention to them since we sat on the tarmac at the Hillsboro Airport overnight waiting for them to arrive from Chicago (where they lost of course). That was a night to remember (so you'll never do something that stupid again). Remind me, just why did you agree to go with me again? The reason escapes me. The best part of the night was seeing Shawn. Of course, he thought we were crazy too. And the Blazers were too stinking tired and upset when they landed to even wave at us much. Well, if nothing else, we got on tv, right?

thethinker said...

That pretend nose picking thing works on me all the time. Somehow, I'm just dumb enough to believe it.

Gorilla Bananas said...

If that's the best he could do you should have picked it for him.

Kara said...

niall - there's a couple people in the office i just IM the link to when it's updated.

macoosh - i never worry. i do sometimes lie, however.

sam - lamest team ever.

future - i've tried to block that day out of my memory

thinker - well maybe you have some supressed nose picking memories you need to deal with

goranas - i don't EVER go there.

froelica said...

I saw them win once. It was pretty sweet, especially since my expectations were so low.

slaghammer said...

Twenty seven words, I don’t watch basketball but your photo montage was every bit as exciting as it was informative. I had no idea they all smoked pot.