Wednesday, March 07, 2007


You know that song that goes "Incense, peppermint...color of time"? Well, ever since I read this article, I've been singing "Incest, with three eyes", and I just can't seem to stop. Here's a kick ass karaoke version of the song...uh uh.

That's right...the German brother and sister who have been living as man and wife and have brought forth from their unholily united loins...3 or 4 children who have yet to show their tails and will have a VERY difficult time with adulthood...and their fucked up lawyer is calling Germany's Incest Law a "historical relic". Look, I swear:

He said that the couple were causing no harm to others. "Everyone should be able to do what he wants as long as it doesn't harm others."

Incest is not illegal in many of Germany's neighboursing countries, he said. The law was a "historical relic".

I can't even begin to outline the fucked-upedness of this story...but I AM thankful to note that it IS taking place in Europe as opposed to...say...Kentucky (though it's probably just not documented in Kentucky). Regardless...the term "as long as it doesn't harm others" is fraught with subjectivity. As I said above, the children have yet to show signs of extra extremities...but the chance of their having a balanced adult life is totally and completely shot.

And if you didn't already think that these two were prime candidates for populating the world...consider this statement by Mr. GrossBrotherGuy:

Speaking to a German newspaper, Mr Stübing said the couple decided to have more children after the authorities took their first-born away. "The younger children might not have been born had they not taken the first one from us," he said. "We just want to make sure that we don't lose everything again."

Yep. Certainly the best reason I can think of for procreating repeatedly. Once the kids stop getting taken away, my guess is they'll keep trying for more until they get a redhead. Because why not, right?

Oh wait...but they can't. The article also states that Mr. GrossBrotherGuy has been steralized. WELL FUCKING DONE, GERMANY!

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Jen said...

Mr. GrossBrotherGuy: Ich liebe dich.

Mrs. GrossBrotherGuy's WifeSister: Ich liebe dich also. Kanst du schtup mich?

Mr. GrossBrotherGuy: Jah, sehr gut.

What's German for ew?

3lool said...

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AxAtlas said...

I was just singing the S.A.C's Incense and Peppermints song today at work...followed by "Tomorrow!!! Things won't be the same. Tomorrow!!! Life would be a different game. But right now I'm..." Sorry. Got too caught up in their "Starshine" magic. Hell I was even clapping my hands and gettin' jiggy wit it...okey, people are starting to stare at me. Laters...oh yeah and nice entry.

apterix55 said...

Ah those wacky Germans.. they just can't give up the idea of a Master Race.

The Future said...

There are liberal views and then there are perverted views, guess where this one falls? What's really unfortunate is that they have gyped their kids out of an aunt or an uncle. Sickosville!

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

It's a godawful mess, obviously, but they're not sick in the sense that incest is just some sexual peccadillo of their's. It's not a consciously perverted decision, it's unconscious, so the head doctors say say; they're sick in a defined psychiatric way, related to difficult upbringings. Blah blah weepy weepy, I know, not everyone with a lousy childhood ends up screwing his sister but I was reading a couple of articles about it after I'd read that Guardian thing in February and, apparantly, it's surprisingly common how often siblings who never knew each other'til adulthood will feel overwhelming attraction for the other. It never happens between siblings who grow up together.

It's got its own Syndrome and everything and can be broken down into common motivations, need, loss, comfort, love, relief, identification and stuff - just all directed in a pathologically mangled way. It's one of the arguments against adopted people seeking their families later.

This pair are of below average intelligence apparantly (the woman's IQ is low enough that she had special services growing up) and they both need a lot of help. In light of that, this quote - "The younger children might not have been born had they not taken the first one from us," he said. "We just want to make sure that we don't lose everything again." - makes a lot more sense. These aren't smart people.

To me it sounds like a clever lawyer is trying to make a name for himself out of a horrendous family tragedy.

How were they ever allowed to be in a position to have 4 kids? Where were the social services? They are deeply in love, sick though that is for them, and are just a desperately sad and doomed couple. But someone will be making a lot of money out of them.

What are the authorities going to do though? Tell the children that their mother and father are too evil to be allowed to see them? Incest should remain illegal and they shouldn't be able to set up house all together as if they were the Partridge family. If it remains illegal then there is a means to moniter the couple and make sure they stay away from each other. Which they will have to accept for their children's sake and the social workers on their case should be publicly flayed and rolled in lemon juice and sand. They knew about the case well before the second child was born so it wasn't as if these people were flying under the radar.

I know the tone was meant to be light-hearted and all - I'm sorry if I wrecked it. It's just that I happened to read about it and thought it was worth it to make the point that they're not bad and evil, they're just badly fucked up.

Poor bloody kids.

slaghammer said...

I’ve read that it is a recurring theme in primitive cultures that males and females are separated for extended periods of time, sometimes up to two years, as a part of the “coming-of-age” tradition. More so in small villages where growing up in close quarters might be detrimental to the propagation of the species. Supposedly, it has something to do with the “Ew syndrome” where a natural revulsion towards sex with family members is unfortunately applied to all legitimate prospective mates.

slaghammer said...

That’s strange, my comment started with the word “Nasty!” but it disappeared when I hit the post button. I‘ve also consistently had to re-enter the Word Verification to get my comment posted. I think you’re right, our blogs are not playing well together.

AxAtlas said...

I've talked to people who grew up in Potosi, Missouri (or Missourah as they pronounce it down there), a small town that was known for having one of the nation's largest incest activities or breeding or whatever. These normal people told me that when they liked somebody at school they had to tell their parents to make sure they weren't related.

Kara said...

jen - I believe it is "yeaich"

3l00l - thanks! it likes you too! and I shall!

ax - but were you singing it with the correct words...or the newly updated and obviously much better words?

apterix - apparently they think there's safety in numbers.

future - i know! and if you don't have an auntie like ME...who's gonna get the kids the cool Jolly Roger onesies???

sam - well...badly fucked up can often lead to bad and evil behavior? case in point...jeffery dahmer. woah.

slag - seriously...what's with that? it's like they're oil and water now. you must have offended mine somehow. Oh, and leave At out of this!

ax - gross. get the fuck out of there NOW.

AxAtlas said...

kara - I was singing it with the correct words. Sorry. I need to hear you sing it with the groovy karaoke music...ya know the original vocalist of that song was 16 when he recorded it...and he wasn't even a member of the band.

kara - I'm workin' on it!

thethinker said...

I'm no longer inclined to visit Germany the next time I go to Europe.

A chuisle said...

whoa. just...whoa.

Kara said...

thinker - well, visit the country...just don't drink the water, you know?

macoosh - exactly.

Gorilla Bananas said...

There are worse things than incest and as long as the children don't start bonking each other they'll probably be OK. Do it for generations and it's the end of the species.

Jingo said...

Just imagine the amount of abuse those kids will get from other kids...

Kara said...

goranas - there may be worse things in the grand scheme of things...but i would say that incest is in my top 10 things i don't even want to think about. but apparently you have no problems with it, you sick bastard.

jingo - no kidding. and they'll probably be the hardest on themselves.

Gorilla Bananas said...

i would say that incest is in my top 10 things i don't even want to think about.

But obviously you have thought about it a lot to have such a strong negative reaction. Much more than I have. It wouldn't have anything to do with being a baby sister, would it?

froelica said...


Niall said...

This is definitely the last time I read one of your blogs and say "Hey, I don't need to read the articles that Kara links to ... the picture she posted will do fine!" ... I thought it was another entry about "candy" and then I see you talking about incest-ness ... no. Bad Europe.

Where have I been? Studying hard like a good boy. I've been reading most of your blogs, just not replying. I need sleep or lots and lots of caffeine.