Tuesday, March 20, 2007

St. Drunkard's Day..."shaw sh-shaw shaw"

Top o' the mornin' te ya. Well, it's not really morning...top or otherwise, but still.

Allow me to introduce the players...Me, Kansas, Amy G., Danny (her boy), Kellie and Marie all went out for St. Patty's Day. We hit a bar opening in The Pearl (uppity part of town that Gus Van Sant lives and gets DUIs in) and danced drink-induced jigs til our feet hurt.

I also discovered a fantastical new drink...the Green Wedding. Marie found it...and made it...and served it: Champagne, Midori, and Vodka. Hello friend. Went down smooth and happy-like. Like pudding. Only nothing at all like pudding.

The evening began at Marie's House of Globes...where we drank our Green Weddings and ate cured meats while watching Amy get her man Danny ready for his big night. It IS her special talent after all.

Once under the tent and listening to the smooth, solid sounds of some Irishtastic band I couldn't name...there was more drinking...and some bead wearing...and then more drinking...and look what came out! The face! It's like a sickness.

Later in the evening...Kellie received a free Miller High Life from someone wandering around with a bucket of them. Kellie loved her Miller High Life. Loved.

At some point in the evening...Amy turned cannibal. That's her "I'm gonna eat you, wee one" face. It alarms me. But that's only after the fact. At the time, I probably couldn't have even focused on her. This was about 6 drinks in.

Hey LOOK! It's a sock! What joy is mine...a sock it is!

This was taken by me (I think) whilst sitting with Kansas upon a curb at the very end of the night. I'll let you all be the judge of my...um...state.

I ate so much bacon the next day. And I was grumpy with absolutely everyone. Sorry everyone. Thank you bacon. I love you.

The end.

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Sarah said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time. I had a dream last night that I fought you...like a couple of ninjas. I think I won, but maybe that's just because you're little.

A chuisle said...

faaaaantastic. you did the irish saint honor. oh, and kanas is a cutie.

again with the oh and.....oh and, mmmmmmm bacon...

Niall said...

Good to see you're keeping us (... me), Irish proud! You forgot one minor detail - where is the English hating? I didn't see any in your entry! Honestly. I'm somewhat disappointed in you ...

Niall said...

I'm sorry. You did your best. I can't argue with that.

Kara said...

sarah - yeah, i think we all know you'd win. but not just cause i'm small. more because i suck at street fighting.

macoosh - awww shucks. he is cute, isn't he. that cary grant chin gets me every time.

niall - well, i DID fail you there...and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. or maybe for the next hour. i don't know.

happy to have you commenting again, young man.

AxAtlas said...

Green wedding eh? If you add Jager to the mix, what would its new name be?
Oh and excellent performance to you playas. Bravo! Dig the last pic of Kansas and ya. It's like you and him are sharing a special moment right before your alien abduction.

Kellie said...

I thought we agreed that the Miller High Life man-hands photo was to be permanently destroyed? And I don't see any pictures of Marie!

Laura said...

I would have been a floor mat after two Green Weddings, whateverthehell Green Weddings are. I know this as I am currently drinking a short glass of Bailey's on ice that is 6 months past its "best if enjoyed by" date and I'm having trouble feeling my knees.

One thing I shall address to Niall: as to why Kara didn't be hating the English in her post -- this is because she loves their accent and their Colin Firths so that it would only come across as insincere at best and laughable at worst.

Just FYI, I had to retype English three times before I could spell it correctly. Engish just didn't look right in the end.

Ugh, I just made myself sad.

Orhan Kahn said...

Pictures certainly say a thousand things, or something. However the saying goes. Look, just say I'm insightful!

No pictures of you, what gives?

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Joy was certainly your's. Was the sock though? Wherefore the sock? I'm worried about that sock and its blue-toed owner.

Kansas looks lovely. :)

Niall said...

See, I have this neat setup with Google Reader whereby I have 'subscribed' to your blorg so I can read it there. It takes effort to have to go to the page to post a comment, you see.

Interesting comments, Laura ... but I think even the English hate themselves on Paddy's Day!

Kara said...

ax - if you add Jager to the mix the name would be "Shitty".

kellie - i remember NO such request. I'm sorry...who are you again????


laura - you make me smile and wince all in the same moment. how do you DO that? you're a special one. and i'm proud that you went all the way DOWNSTAIRS to comment on my blog.

orhan - i'm the blond one, silly. well, dark blond. whatever. i'm the girl in the black t-shirt.

sam - the sock is mine...and it's CLEAN! i was using it as a camera case. because that's something that always seems like a good idea at the time.

niall - well i wouldn't want to put you out or anything.

Kara said...

oh, and kellie...marie doesn't let me post pictures of her anymore. you'll have to take it up with her highness.

Gorilla Bananas said...

The first picture of you doing the funny face is brilliant - I could look at it for hours. The last one is sad - you look like a pathetic husk of a woman. When are you going to pluck up the courage to tell Kansas to shave the off the bumfluff?

Kara said...

goranas - well here's what you should do...go ahead and look at the first one for hours...but DON'T under ANY circumstances, spend any time looking at the husk one. Avoid the husk one. Transfer those hours back to the first one. Besides...you wanted pictures, you got pictures...you're not allowed to complain. jebus. and i don't mind the whiskers. so there.

thethinker said...

I'm so jealous. That shade of red is perfect on him. It brings out the red in the wall behind him.

slaghammer said...

This post was only ten days ago. I guess I better start minding my manners in case you check back this far. You and Kansas look absolutely marvelous together, almost as if you were born to be together, almost like…hey, are you related to that guy? Sweet mother of Zeus! It’s ok if it’s something like third cousins four times removed, but nothing closer than that. Just don’t tell me if it’s true. You guys do look like you belong together though.