Monday, March 12, 2007

Time Bandits

Let me outline for you yet another reason why the Bush Administration needs to be voted off the island. This year, daylight savings has been moved up several weeks to (according to NPR) save the country on energy costs by allowing for more time in the day with actual light. According to the Bush Administration, with light automatically comes heat and therefore, heating costs and energy usage will go WAY down and everyone will frolic amongst their extra currency in a field of golden wheat.

What. The. Fuck.

First off. It's now darker for much longer in the mornings. What's the first thing one does when they finally drag their near dead carcass out of bed and onto the ice-cold wood floor of the bedroom? Why, they turn on the lights and crank up the heat! And I don't know about you...but the hot shower is a LOT harder to leave when it's cold and my shower time probably doubles...yay energy usage!

The whole thing is a scam. I'm convinced Bush did it so he could start golfing earlier in the year. That's my theory though. One that is substantiated by absolutely nothing other than the fact that he likes to golf.

I hear they don't even observe it in Arizona. I've never really had any sort of urge to visit Arizona, but when my alarm went off at "7:00" this morning (and this is after New Boy's went off at "3:30"...yeeeah), I was all ready to buy a one way ticket, you know?

I guess what I'm trying to say with all this is...I want my hour back you mangy thieves! Give it back or I will destroy you!

Ok...that outburst completely drained all of my energy. I'm going to make tea. Black tea. Black as the blackest morning tea.

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froelica said...

See, I get up so late in the day that I haven't even noticed the dark mornings of doom. Although I will next week, so thanks for giving me something to look forward to, Kara.

P.s. I like it lighter later :)
But I wouldn't put it past Bush to yank us around according to his tee time.

A chuisle said...

not only are there all your reasons for why this idea is wanked, but also, now you're on a different time schedule than the rest of the world....we're still forward an hour.

i just don't get him.

AxAtlas said...

I suggest that you submit a complaint to the Bush adminstration's customer service center at 1-900-RATS-ASS.

d said...

yeah... your president sucks.

wanna know who sucks more often though? well, nobody. but canada's prime minister tries really hard. he bought into the whole bush idea of changing daylight savings early. why? not because it's a good idea. no, no. it's because he has a secret crush on bush. like that woman from nasa who wears the diapers.

Kara said...

fro - i like it to be light later too...but you know what? that happnes automatically! so really...nothing gained, you know? the bastards.

sorry...i'm just tired/grumpy

macoosh - please don't try to get's the leading cause of anneurisms

ax - ok...that was hilarious

d - um...they're SPACE diapers. therefore, slightly cooler. at least prime minsters have a title that's close to prime rib. rib.

Kara said...

oh..and're Blazers pic should be happening tomorrow! hold on to your socks! it promises to be exceedingly anti-climactic!

slaghammer said...

Four words, Gomer Pyle.

A chuisle said...

you're probably right about that statistic.

at any rate, go to my blog. i talk about you.

Jill said...

Yeah, not to mention all the technical glitches that are still going on. The clocks still aren't right here at work, and I work at A COMPANY THAT MAKES COMPUTERS.

I predict everything will get straightened out in 2.5 weeks. Grumble.

Kara said...

slag - you're calling syllables "words" really have to stop doing that because i copy edit all day and it's driving me crazy. the batshit kind.

macoosh - you sly little thing, you

jill - a company that makes computers? hmmmm...i might try to guess which one but i haven't decided if i have that kind of energy yet. though my computer's clock is right...and we send, maybe we should make computers instead.

d said...


i mean, thank you.

Jon said...

Hey, I posted almost the same thing on the same day aaaand we both mention showers. Although mine mentioned pose downs a little more.

Kara said...

d - the pics are in my hot little hands...just have to figure out how i'm goin to display them without alienating the rest of the readers

jon - i'm not actually sure what you're saying...but i love that you said it. welcome and keep your exceedingly random comments coming!

The Future said...

Kara, it's nice to come back to Bush bashing. It really gets me back into the right frame of mind. But did you really have to pollute your site with a photo of the SOB? How about if you start including a photo os who you wish was president instead of the sorry ass excuse for one shown here?
The Future

slaghammer said...

This is what I get for neglecting my blog duties, I have a logical explanation for my claim of “four words” in my comment and nobody will ever see it. I always count the words preceding my point. In this case, the statement “Four words, Gomer Pyle,” has a total of four words. Now, since this post has long been relegated to the archives, I can say anything I want, so, I’M RIGHT AND YOU’RE WRONG! HA HA HA HA HA HUGHGHHG, shit, I choked my self.