Friday, March 09, 2007

Somtimes...I Ramble.

Why does a candy bar with such a fantastic name have to taste like complete and total pooh. Not literal pooh. Cause ew. But there's no caramel...peanuts's just bad news.

My paltry raise kicked in today. To celeb
rate, I bought one of those new-fangled ipod speaker thingys/thingies/thingees so I can play it in my room. It's black. I've been spending more time in my room lately. Yep. My room. Bedrooms in general. If I could raise one knowing eyebrow in your general directions at this very moment...I most certainly would be doing so. But again...I'm not giving any details. This new and wonderful thing needs to at least make it to the three week mark before I start dishing.

Oh, and I bet you're wondering what happened to Web Designer. Absolutely n
othing interesting. I know. Disappointed, aren't you. Instead of turning out to be a freak...he just turned out to be dull. These middle ground kind of men...somehow they're so hard to come by. Either they dress in women's clothing...or they're silent during dinner. Either way, they have to be chucked.

Well, I've found a middle ground now. Interesting without being too much of a f
reak. And I'm breaking my own shush rule, so I'm shutting up about it right now.

Work has been frustrating today and all my plants are dying. I can't keep plants alive for the life of me. And I only have two. A bamboo at work and a money tree plant at home. Both are yellow with bits falling off all over the place. At first I thought I was watering them too much, so I stopped for a while. And then I realized that "a while" can be a problematic amount of time in I started trying to remember to water them again. I even stuck both of them in the win
dow so they could get some fucking light. This was ages ago (probably a couple weeks) and they're still at deaths door. So I quit. Fuck plants. I don't need their oxygen anyway. They can suck my CO2.

Today on the bus there was this guy wearing a fedora with crystals affixed to it. Like...four of them. He was also toting a walking stick/staff of sorts with crystals and feathers at the top. I wanted to ask him if they were magic...but he had searing eyes that I didn't want pointed in my general direction. I mean...I didn't have any crystals to fight back with, you know? What if he'd decided to use his for evil?

You have to be car
eful about these things.

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Jen said...

Now how come you get the magically becrystalled super pimp on your bus? All I get is the Staring Man, The Cologne Douser and various teenage ruffians. I want a Crystal Pimp on my bus. Searing eyes? Fantastic. The closest thing I ever got was a 300 lb. homeslice wearing rhinestoned sunglasses on a snow day that said that he would love to comb my hair. That's right, comb it. Ah mass transit is a wonderful thing.

A chuisle said...

good luck w/ secret boy. :P glad you're spending time in the bedroom!!!! at least one of us is. i mean, i am too, but i'm just laying there watching old tv episodes. i have a feeling you're doing something much more fun!!! like....analyzing candy bars!!!

...agreed on the payday. what kind of crap is that!?

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Oooh! It all sounds lovely, Kara.

Kara and New Bloke up a tree
First came a Payday, then came a speaker,
He sounds not bad, half hipster, half geeker.

Thank-you. Thank-you very much ladies and gentlemen. I'll put me hat out just here in the corner. all contributions gratefully received.

How exciting.

Sarah said...

First of all, I'd like to throw a dollar in sam's hat. Well done.
Second, I effing love Paydays. They kick ass. Salty, chewy, chocolate needed.
And lastly, I'm sorry you have to ride mass transit. I remember when my aunt told me about the guy who got on at her stop every morning and then shaved his head with an electric razor, EVERY morning. The best part is he would stop when the train stopped. Like no one noticed when the train was moving.
The End.

Kevin said...

I LOVE PayDays.

Niall said...

That's the truth!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Middle ground? Is that code for something? Heavy grinding going on in the middle, perhaps. I hope it lasts for 3000 weeks.

AxAtlas said...

Where did my comment go? I thought I made...I guess I didn't.

Kara said...

jen - i just don't know...i guess you'll have to move.

macoosh - i'll tell you what kind of crap it is...the crappy kind. and i want an update on your crush.

sam - i'm speechless. absolutely speechless. you are a hidden treasure of rhyme, my friend.

sarah - that HAS to be a health code violation of some kind. has to be.

kev - no one's perfect, i suppose.

niall - where the peckinpah have YOU been? it's about bloody time i hear from you!

goranas - yes. and no. maybe. i don't really know what you're saying. and i don't know how much time that really is...but i'm gonna hope it lasts even LONGER!

ax - it's right there. silly.

slaghammer said...

You’re not allowed to withhold info about your so called “boy” and then trickle it out. I made the rules up and you’re breaking them.

Kara said...

slag - well...are you surprised? what in the ages that we've all known each other ever gave you the idea that i follow RULES?!?! that's just silly.