Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Missed You Too. Really.**

I should probably talk about the election seeing how it's today and all...but instead...

I'm going to talk about how I saw The New Kids on the Block last week and you didn't.

Suck on that.

New York was awesome...except for the fact that we got swindled. I'll talk more about that later when there are visuals.

**update with visual**

But we saw movie stars. And Marie hit Kenneth from 30 Rock with a door while I sat watching Conan like a CHUMP (she had to pee so they let her out). We got pissed thanks to some hot Irish bartenders. Saw congealed garbage sculpture at the Whitney. Finished the last 100 yards of the NYC Aids Walk by accident. Caught a kite festival in Brooklyn. Drank boxed wine in our suite at the Hotel Chelsea. Ran into Matthew Modine. Twice. Gave directions to tourists. People watched at both a tattoo festival and the Waldorf Astoria in the same night. Squealed at some ginormous dinosaur bones. Went to H&M (don't have one in Oregon yet. I KNOW). Got text messages from people I don't remember giving my number to. And spent an hour at an airport bar sipping $8.50 margaritas and filling in my ballot. A team effort.

A fucking fantastic weekend. I'll show you pictures if you want to see them.

If you don't, well then I won't show them to you.

And I hate you.

I can't write anymore because I have to go catch up on all your shit WHILE trying to cook pasta. And it's wheat pasta so I always fuck it up because it takes longer or some shit. Makes me want to do away with wheat all together. It's a foul grain.

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Robert the Skeptic said...

Damn!! You did a LOT of stuff during your hyper-weekend in NYC. Did you ever stop to sleep, or was there no time to fit that in?

And you actually SAW "Kenneth"!!! That alone would have made the trip soooo worth while to me. I love that guy (but not in a gay way, seriously).

Welcome home... now don't wreck my car before I get home. - Dad

Gorilla Bananas said...

Ah that's great sightseeing! Celebrities love being ogled by the truly starstruck. I assume you managed to fit in some good dining to your schedule. Better measure your tush before tucking into the pasta.

Mary Witzl said...

When I was waiting on tables in New York, I once waited on the Japanese world figure skating champion and never realized it until someone pointed it out. (I was too busy trying not to spill tea on her; recognizing her would have been too much multi-tasking.) I'm just telling you that so you'll know that I too have rubbed shoulders with the famous and influencial.

Mary Witzl said...

I want to see the pictures!

Rachel said...

I wanna hear how you got swindled. Cuz I love laughing at others' minsfortunes. I roll like that.

and where's the damn pictures, woman?

whole wheat pasta is of the devil

AxAtlas said...

i went to high school with the former operations director at the hotel chelsea. the kid was recently fired for being lame & strict. i'm sure your stay there wasn't lame & strict as the swindle.

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

The Chelsea Hotel? Oh for cool!

It sounds amazing. Photays please!

Sarah said...

NKOTB in the flesh???? You have no idea how jealous I am.

Why are you eating wheat pasta? Ew. Shoes taste better than that junk.

Orhan Kahn said...

Good to see you back. NYC does seem like a lot of fun. Lucky bish.

Kara said...

dad - i didn't actually see kenneth because i was still in the theater watching conan. marie, who can't hold her water saw him. and i yelled at her for it out of jealousy.

goranas - i walked more than i ate, i promise. the tush is the same size. large.

mary - figure skater, huh. no, i'm sorry, no. that does not amount to the same thing as a matthew modine sighting. not the same caliber. he was in Married to the Mob after all.

rachel - yes well...you'll have to WAIT.

ax - what an odd anecdote.

sam - for cool indeed. we got the pink room.

sarah - i'd eat shoes. if they were cute enough. call me at your earliest convenience so we can plan this weekend.

or - i'll take you there someday. because i have that power.

theWaif said...

Sounds like twas high adventure indeed. You neglected to mention, however, how the luggage worked out. Well, I hope. I don't know how it could have been otherwise as adorable and polka-dotty as it is.

We head eastward once again to the land of chilly evenings tomorrow. Looking forward to getting the "down and dirty," as it were, from you about your trip upon our return.

problemchildbride said...

Who died/overdosed/was fellated in the pink room?

problemchildbride said...

Famous people I mean? The tawdry tragedies of the great unwashed interest me not. Unless there was a gusher,'course. Anyone hit a main artery in the pink room? They must have had leaflets about that sort of thing.

Orhan Kahn said...

And I will be taken there. Because I am a SAP.

Kara said...

waif - and i need to hear something about hawaii. and sunshine. and what sunshine feels like. the bag held up BEAUTIFULLY.

sam - hopefully it wasn't the one Sid Vicious killed Nancy in. stabbings shouldn't happen in the pink room.

or - a sap? saps don't want to go to new york. saps want to smell flowers and sigh heavily. bad asses want to go to new york. pull yourself together man, or we'll never get there!

EmmaK said...

You prick tease....where are the pics of The New Kids??? pics, we need pics, especially of the congealed garbage.

Stinkypaw said...

Damn! Reads like a busy time! Wanna see pictures! Please. And don't you think the "new Kids" should revise their name by now? I do!

Anonymous said...

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