Thursday, May 08, 2008

You Ask Me ONE More Time...

Everybody’s pushing me to vote. Don’t fucking rush me! I do my voting like I do my taxes…at the last possible second. I thrive under pressure.

may “decide” the democratic candidate. I may decide it by pushing over one of those Hillary Clinton sign holding crazies standing in the bike lane on the Burnside bridge. Up until now I’ve just been narrowing my eyes at them as I pass. I doubt this has much of an effect as I’ve also been wearing sunglasses. But I like to think they can feel the steely gaze. But we have something like 200 super delegates, so “they say” that by the time we have our primary…if Obamyomama wins Oregon, whatever unimportant states that are left won’t have enough super delegates to make a difference. That makes us awesome. And not to be fucked with. If only for the fact that we have killer beavers here that can devour your face in two seconds flat if you look at them funnilly. Saw it happen once. Still have nightmares.

But enough about politics. This shit bores me.

It doesn’t actually, but I like to wear nonchalance like an accessory.

The Waif, ty and the Face move out this weekend. I’ll miss them. I’m sure they won’t miss my cramped little place but it’s been fun having them here. Quality time with the Face is always appreciated…especially since I taught him the In Living Color Men on Film snap and he’s freakishly adorable when he does it. But now that they’re leaving, I’ll be missing out on these kinds of little precious moments brought to you by the letter W, the number 8 and my sister feeding the Face olives:

My god, Beckett…you’re just an olive whore, aren’t you ?
Laura, you just called your son a whore.
Well he IS!

Precious fucking moments.

And in case you don't know the snap I am referring to because you're either too young or living in a box in the middle of the Gobi:

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theWaif said...

It's true. I have an olive whore for a son. But he's still my son and I love him just as he is. It could be worse, anyway. He could be a pickle whore.

We had fun hangin' at the Condi Crib too. Props for tolerating us for two + weeks. Becks gives his auntie two snaps in a circle formation.

EmmaK said...

Since yesterday's post I had a nightmare about that bloke with the Anthrax beard. I just had to write a post about him today. Thanks for enlarging my knowledge of male beard hairstyles!

Rachel said...

Oh man, the Wayans Brothers....
ah, the memories

Not to rush you or anything, but you could be the single deciding vote that swings this nomination one way or the other!!! (Not really, but its sounds cool to say)


Robert the Skeptic said...

Ok, I don't live in the Gobi so I guess that leaves... OK, goddammit, I'm old. And I watched that clip until I realized nobody would get a pie in the face then I got bored.

Oregon hasn't decided a candidate for anything since John C. Fremont named a bridge after himself. Nobody cares what Oregon thinks or votes anyway. Hell, they let us get away with killing ourselves (Death with Dignity) because the rest of the country doesn't care if we die, even.

So send in your ballot... at least it will keep some county employee in a job. That's something!

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

Nonchalance this season is all about ballet flats and hoop earrings. Work that insouciance, baby!

Now I must away to my Gobi box. It's not much, but it's South-facing so I catch a lot of light, y'know? Really helps bring out the rockiness of the rocks. Lots of flies.

Orhan Kahn said...

In Living Color, for the win! Never seen Men on Film before. Mucho funnily.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Your nephew likes olives? He's developed sophisticated taste buds for a baby. It makes me wonder what sort of milk your sister was feeding him. Write in a vote for Roger Ramjet.

Kara said...

waif - nothing wrong with pickles. they're glorious. but olives...olives are the devil's fruit.

emmak - my blog is giving you nightmares? i'm so sorry!

rachel - don't you rush me.

dad - people care about us. that's why they keep moving in here droves (what replaced covered wagons).

sam - suddenly i hear RuPaul in the background. and i like it.

or - never? t'was glorious. i think i may end up buying that series.

goranas - is liking the devil's fruit a sign of sophistication? well just call me Cletis the Slackjawed Yokel, then.

Anonymous said...

"...I like to wear nonchalance like an accessory."

that should be in bartletts!

Anonymous said...

"...I like to wear nonchalance like an accessory."

that should be in bartletts!

AxAtlas said...

Nothing wrong holla with training your child to holla drink and enjoy a good martini...holla

theWaif said...

sis - nothing wrong with dill pickles. everything wrong with sweet ones.

Kara said...

oh i like you.

ax - i will kill you

waif - sweet ones are ok occasionally. OCCASIONALLY.

Sarah said...

Josh called Kate a "butt slut" today. I'm not sure why. I just stared at him.
Ah, the precious little moments.
You goin' to Lola's tomorrow?

Kara said...

wow. josh wins in the inappropriate department. i'll have the trophy made.

didn't make it to Lola's. the timbers game from the day before rendered me useless on friday.

Mary Witzl said...

Coming to you fresh from the Gobi Desert -- I swear, I've never heard of these guys. What a lot of stuff I've managed to miss! I really enjoyed that clip, even though it was a little jumpy in parts and I had to keep the sound turned down.

Effortlessly Average said...

So. Who you votin' for? You gonna get it done soon or wait till the last second? heh.