Monday, January 21, 2008

Hiiiii Brother...

Jahooni was talking about TV shows the other day. Once again, it brought back my longing for the best show ever...Arrested Development. Lucky for me, I have a brother who loves me enough to get me the entire series for Christmas, so I can lay in bed hungover on Saturday mornings laughing my ass off. I watched the below episode twice in one sitting. Oh yes.

I've been able to tell a lot about a person by which panel is their favorite. Therefore, today is Learn About My Deadbeat Readers Day! So tell me...which panel moves YOU to tears of laughter? (click on image to enlargen...heh heh heh...I said 'enlargen')

No. 3 causes a giggle EVERY time I look at it.

Everyone else is off today for MLK Day. I guess my company's racist.

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Jahooni said...

I'm here at work too Kara. Why the F**K are we??????

This is funny. Okay I am going to watch an episode of Arrested Development just for you girlfriend.

Of course #3

Gorilla Bananas said...

So it's like Thelma and Louise between you two now, is it? Pictures 2 and 3 are different characters. He's playing the doofus in 2 and Zachary Smith from Lost in Space in 3. Both are funny.

Kara said...

jahooni - you really have to start at the beginning. though not totally linear, it's good to get the character development.

goranas - jealous?
you've seen this show, right? please tell me you have. i don't want to have to take coolness points away from you. you've worked so hard to earn them.

Jahooni said...

shucks, i didn't know that kara was giving away coolness points!! okay, I lied, I have seen ALL of Arrested Development and it is my ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW!!!!!

stinkypaw said...

I'd say 3 & 4 and was just thinking... since we, Canadians don't even mention MLK Day, does that make me an ignorant racist French-Canadian, to top it off?!!

yinyang said...

No tears of laughter here, but I like how odd the second panel is, and I wonder what happened in between the fourth and fifth ones.

Rachel said...

I was at work all day too. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. LOL

As for the pic-strip...well, NONE of them move me to "tears of laughter" but I DO fint the last picture most amusing.

Sarah said...

The first is my favorite. It's funny for a grown man to be sitting in the photo booth by himself in the first place. The sheep just adds some giggling.

Oh, and to rub it in, Josh was off today with us. Thank Jebus too, I'd a killed myself to spend another day with all three kids. Lauren was sick 3 days of last week. Yeeh.

BananaToo said...

I dunno... I think I like panel 2 the best. You can see an emerging sense of dorkiness mixed with a little eyebrow freak out happening! Like he is trying to smile even though something strange this way comes...

Damn... I am putting too much thought into this. Must crawl into bed and listen to a boring lecture so I will go to sleep.

Orhan Kahn said...

Good old Staff Infection.. my favourite part of the episode is the very last scene where the Bleuth employees are being herded away.

As for my favourite frame it is a toss up between the third and bottom one, the third because that is Buster all over and the last because I know Buster is somewhere either running and screaming or hiding in fetal position.

theWaif said...

The last. Makes me think that Buster got "et" by the sheep. HI-larious!

Oh how I miss AD.... did you watch the Roomba episode yet?

ZenBoomer said...

Arizona didn't celebrate MLK day until 1992, and only after a tourist boycott.

Best TV show ever:
Star Trek (the original)

Kirk: "Scotty, I need that impulse power Now!

Scotty: "Cap-n, ef aye push em anny hurder they'll blow up anny minna"

Bones: "I'm a doctor, Jim, not a [you fill in trade or profession here]"

That, Jonathan Winters on the Jack Parr show. Ah, I've seen the best media has to offer. I can die now.

The Future said...

Obviously it's the final frame for me, sheep dominance! Reminds me of a sheep shit covered hillside in the Lake District when the sheep did not prevail (thanks to Waif that is).

Jill said...

I must work for a very progressive company, because I was off yesterday. Actually, they just moved the day we got off for President's Day to MLK Day. I guess the corporate elite don't care about dead presidents anymore.

P.S. I like the last photo best. The human is defeated. Sheep rule.

EmmaK said...

I feel very much out of the loop here, being from the UK I have never watched Arrested Development. If that sheep was in the show I hope he wasn't exploited and had his own groupies, trailer etc ;)

Mary Witzl said...

I've never seen this either, but if it's funny -- and I'll take your word for it -- then I'll keep an eye out for it. I need more funny in my life.

And I'm wishy-washy, so I have to say that I like them all too.

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

I know not of this Arrested Development either but I like picture #2. The sheep looks sly - there's something on her mind.

Kara said...

jahooni - no fibbing!

stinkypaw - yes. but don't worry. so are most americans.

yinyang - not even a one? you're a tough crowd.

rachel - maybe you need to know the character to love those facial expressions...but oh just cracked me up again while i was trying to write this.

sarah - even better is this is something that "happened" to him on his one visit to's why he never wants to go back and has trouble with confined indoor spaces.

bananatoo - then this is the show for you! it got canceled when viewers complained the show forced them to think! idiots.

or - he's curled up in his defense ball!


zenboomer - i'm amazed we share the same genes. star trek? really? star trek?

future - that was pretty funny, how scared we all were. ty was the funniest.

jill - well, as Cake says..."sheep go to heaven...goats go to hell"

emmak - this was a cameo for the sheep, sadly. but you must watch. must.

mary - i'd absolutely love to know what you think of it.

sam - no one knows sheep better than you, so i'm certain you're right.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I've seen few episodes and would probably watch it again. It was weirdly amusing and yet I didn't really care what happened to anyone.
It needed a straight man.

Susie Q said...

Funniest show EVVVVEEERR!
Panel two is classic! The sheep is peeking, and poor Buster is unaware of the terror to come. Damn I miss that show...

froelica said...

Hey, hermano.