Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Goth Stormtrooper Midget

I just ate weirdest salad ever. This is what happens when I'm allowed to pick what goes in it. I end up with tuna and dried cranberries and peas and cheese, as well as the usual salad accoutrement. Weird. It tasted weird too. But I ate all of it. And now I'm full.

On the way back from the salad place (Player's...worst name ever) I saw two guys all bundled up in a convertible Volkswagen with the top down. Even weirder. Unless the top was broken, in which case, why didn't they take the other guys' car? Weird.

Today I made a very poor fashion choice. I am now forced to live this fashion choice down every time I have to walk past the giant, glass enclosed meeting room which is across from the bathroom. I do not enjoy this, as there are all the Sales Reps from all over the country (and Canada TOO) here to have some sort of giant, well-dressed meeting. And here I keep walking by looking like a Goth Stormtrooper Midget. And they stare. And judge. There is judgment in their stares. I can feel it.

So, I have the chocolate-filled Trader Joe's advent calendar, I've done the present shopping, I've watched Elf...I'm going to a screening of Meet Me in St. Louis this Saturday with the fam (Margaret O'Brien will be there...and if you've seen this movie, you'll know how fucking COOL that is), I've baked gingerbread and I've put up my little black Nightmare Before Christmas tree in my new, mold-free living room. So where is my Christmas spirit? Reading other people's blogs, I'm getting the feeling that I should be, well, feeling it by now and I don't know where it is. I'm worried. I'm worried that this Goth Stormtrooper Midget look might be having an effect on my Yuletide cheer. Perhaps tomorrow I'll go for a Hippie Chic Hobo Vegan look. You don't think I can manage it, do you. Well, you've never seen my closet, have you. That was rhetorical. And that's why I love blogs. The end.

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Jen said...

Where are you going to see Meet Me in St. Louis? You know I've never seen that movie... put it on my list. Along with Gone With the Wind. I never would've come up with the Goth Storm Trooper Midget comparison, but I do agree about the judgement coming from behind the glass walls of the conference room. I myself am a poster child for Old Navy. I know they judge my inexpensive mass-produced threads, but I hold my head high... and eat their leftovers.

sarah said...

I'm picturing you in all black with a white helmet running around your office. Ah, good stuff.

d said...

i haven't done any of that and i don't have the christmas spirit either. but i'm not worried because, well, i'm dead inside.

AxAtlas said...

I'm from St. Louis...I've only seen bits and pieces of Meet Me in St. Go Cards!!!!
i'm not in their photos.

The Future said...

Some people are what they eat, others are what they wear, while others are what they smell (stay away from those). You're right, based on the contents of your closet, you could be somebody entirely different everyday. And you are!

slaghammer said...

The worst thing I ever ate was an egg on top of a pile of Uncle Ben’s Rice with old smelly lunchmeat forming a dam around the mess to keep the egg whites from draining to the other side of the pan. I hate christmas.

Kara said...

Jen - Cinema 21. Should be EXCELLENT.

sarah - minus the helmet, you were pretty much spot on. Oh, and email me your address (for the hundredth time, I know), I have some Christmas cheer to send you

d - you'll be better when you see your g.friend again. right now you're just mopey

ax - you should watch that movie. but then, did you ever get around to Harold and Maude??

future - my, that was deep

slag - that sounds disgusting. here's to hoping that Jill does all the cooking. She made me feel guilty for not liking Star Wars. Here's hoping a Judy Garland and Vincent Minelli baby-makin' musical with bring me back from the land of the dark where that shame has put me.

AxAtlas said...

"Goth Stormtrooper Midget" sounds like a song title that Guided By Voices would've used...and you could've been in a music video for that song, like how Beetle Bob, someone everyone should meet in st. louis, was the "Soldier" in their music video for "My Kind of Soldier".
I'll add that movie to me list...I haven't seen H & M (and haven't shopped there yet) fact, I haven't even used that gift ca...hey! i bet ya don't know what i'm gonna get ya for xmas.

The Future said...

What is this no posting stuff, what's up with that?

A chuisle said...

i LOVE meet me in st. louis! and i love that you're meeting margaret o'brien. v. cool.