Friday, December 01, 2006


We all sit in the same room. In fact...on the same SIDE of the same room. Our desks are bunched together in little groups of two or three. If one were to flick a freshly cut nail clipping in any direction...a target would be hit. We're THAT close to each other. And yet, this is a typical conversation:

Jen: I'm going to do Firefox.

Tracy: Ok.
Casey: Ok.
Kara: Doing the MAC
Jen: Ok.
Tracy: Ok.
Dan: What?
Jen: What?
Dan: What'd you say? You ARE doing Firefox?
Casey: Jen is.
Jen: Did you start it?
Dan: Oh, you're doing it?
Tracy: Yes, Jen is doing Firefox.
Dan: So you're doing it?
Jen: Did you already start it?
Kara: She said she's doing it.
Dan: No, I didn't start it. I just asked if you're doing it.
Jen: I said I'm doing it.
Dan: Well, you mumble.
Casey: I heard her.
Kara/Tracy: Yeah.
Dan: If you're going to mumble you have to enunciate.
Jen: B-i-i-i-t-t-t-e m-e-e-e-e.
Dan: See, that was loud enough, so you didn't have to.

So, anyone remember who's doing Firefox?

Imagine that conversation, with slight variations for temperment and character changes happening all day long and you'll get an inkling of my average work day. Yeah, we're reall productive. Long live Payday Friday.

It kind of feels like this:

7 keep(s) me blogging:

Jen said...

Dan wears ugly shirts.

slaghammer said...

How about that Ritalin? I’m hearing lots of good things about it. Is there a water cooler close to your workspace? Just asking, that’s all.

AxAtlas said...

Whoever is Dan's secret santa, for your March or April or May company christmas party, should get him this:

Jill said...

Do you think it's a hearing problem, or a listening problem? Either would drive me nuts. Everybody should just use email.

The Future said...

You're leaving out the obvious one, conversations on your cell phone. I think every other word is, "what?"

Kara said...

jen - sometimes, yes.

slag - that's what i need...drooling, glassy-eyed coworkers

ax - yeah, that will come in real handy in April

jill - we do email, AND IM...but sometimes it feels ridiculous when we're all so close together

future - ahh...the cellphone.

Laura said...

And to think I am missing out on witnessing these conversations first-hand. It's enough to make one cry.