Monday, December 11, 2006


This morning I:
~ got woken up 10 minutes before the alarm by a yowling cat
~ tore a hole in my brand new Givenchy textured stockings (that I've only worn ONCE)
~ forced to wear jeans that don't go with the outfit since short plaidish skirts do NOT look professional (ie. unharlotesque) with torn Givenchy textured tights
~ missed three buses in a row (I have officially broken up with the Belmont bus line...I never want to see or speak to it again)
~ slipped on the wet pavement and looked like an ASS while trying to rush from bus stop to office
~ was consequently 30 minutes late (or later) to work
~ am realizing that I don't have an umbrella as I look outside at the pouring rain. Oregonians need to get them permanently affixed to their appendages. Not sure how that would work. Someone needs to get on that

On the upside:
~ I got this new jacket, and though I look extraordinarily short in makes me feel like a princess AND it was on sale -->
~ my weekend was spectacular. I got to see Meet Me in St. Louis o
n the big screen and listen to Margaret O'Brien talk about making the movie (considering she was 5 when it was made in 1944...the woman has a stellar memory...I can't even remember most of last week)
~ attended my 2nd official Christmas Party of the year and gorged myself on sweet things
~ AND the giant, ancient, native american burial mound of a pimple on my cheek is FINALLY beginning to disappear...almost as fast as the native americans themselves.

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Jen said...

Sounds like you've had a rough morning sister. It really sucks about the tights. My list would be no where near as good. All these sentences are disjointed. I need a Diet Caffeine Free Coke. Mmmm, colored bubble water.

Laura said...

Sounds like another stellar day in the life of Kara. At least you only looked like an ass as opposed to falling on your ass. So that's a plus, I'd say.

We had a lovely day so far. Took the chubalub to see Santa. He did good except I think he might have pooped while sitting on Santa's lap. Hopefully Santa won't hold it against him.

d said...

well i guess i won't complain about how sick i am then, since you had a bad day and all.

but i am, you know... sick. sick on the weekend too when i was trying to have a nice visit with my girlfriend. the first visit in two weeks.

AxAtlas said...

It's okay. Nobody's perfect.
I'd type more words but my typing fingers are too tired...sleepy...*yawn*...that was my fingers yawning. sorry. i know it's contagious.

Kara said...

jen - and that's why i'm ending the day with a cocktail...and gossip about nicole richie

laura - i draw the line at you talking about your baby pooping...we HAVE to have boundries

d - too sick to update your blog? whatevs. at least you have a girlfriend and aren't going BACK down THAT road with the Ex Sys Admin who you KNOW will never commit BUT has SUCH a darling and persuasive dimple that you know you have no power against know?

ax - that's because it's sleepy time in your part of the world. the part where people say "y'all".

sarah said...

I got a new coat too! I don't feel or look like a princess though. I feel robbed.

MarinaMode said...

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Kieran said...

So good day then.

INAMINI said...

My tights don't last through one wearing. I'm ready to go back to itchy, woolen ones.
Hope today is better, and cool coat!

Kevin said...

I almost fell off my roof this morning while cleaning my gutters. But that's only one thing. I'm glad my day wasn't like yours.

apterix55 said...

Actually, the White Man brought the Pimple to North America... that, and Smallpox. Native Americans were originally herded onto reservations due to their unsightly achne. Look it up.

Jill said...

Isn't it amazing how much noise a yowling cat can make? In my neighborhood, there are a couple of tom cats who like to do the "stand-off" thing in our driveway. They just sit there and yowl at each other. The only way to get any sleep after they start is to go down there and shoo them away. I think they would sit there all night. Such is the scourge of testosterone....

The Future said...

This has to be the most diverse set of comments you've gotten yet. It's too bad you didn't get your coat before meeting Margaret, I'm sure she would have commented on the whole princess thing. I was going to ask why you were walking all the way to the Belmont bus when I remembered, you weren't sleeping at home. Hopefully your cat wasn't yowling at your roommate in your absentia.

Kara said...

sarah - anyway you could work it out so that you feel like a princess who was robbed?

kieran - well...the last half. sweet coat, though, isn't it?

inamini - thanks! and this was my ONE pair of non-thick wool, pants-like tights. alas.

kevin - don't try to put things in perspective for me, damnit! this is a pity party for ONE!

apterix - oh i WILL. and we'll debate it over Christmas

jill - i love the mental image of "shooing". do people really "shoo"? i you really walk up to the cats and say "shoo!"? I hope so.

my future - there was a lecture somewhere in there...i can feel it. don't worry, kitty gets plenty of love.

slaghammer said...

Rain, what the hell is that? It’s so damn dry around here you can’t blink your eyes without scraping your corneas raw. My throat feels like a rumpled paper sack and my lips are stuck to my teeth. I hate winter.

A chuisle said...

sounds like you're having the kind of week i'm having in day form... i can't believe how crazy it's been with just bad luck abounding. i gotsta find me a leprechaun.