Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pinkie RIP!

I broke my pinkie toe. Don't you think "pinkie" should be spelled "pinky"? I do too. So I was doing a little dance-glide through the not-so-spacious living room when my little rebellious pinky toe, which absolutely REFUSED to keep up with the others, took a little side trip on the metal part of the foot stool. And SNAP! It was gross, people.

Turns out I no longer own the first aid kit I got from my dad when I graduated high school...9 years I had to tape up my toes with corn prevention tape. Is it strange that I had the one thing and not the other? I don't know.

I've been given a laptop for my new job that I must attach to my hip and never be without. It feels like a tracking device. I might run. I might just freak out and run.

But I'll probably get shanghaied and wake up in The Village.

Today they were handing out free root beer floats in Pioneer Square (pictured above...the Square, not the floats). They weren't served in thimbles as originally feared...they were a good 12oz. cup size. It was glorious. The Square is known as "Portland's Living Room". I had no idea this was the case until just now when I was looking pictures up on Google Images. I'm wondering where "Portland's Bathroom" is located. And "Portland's Kitchen" too, for that matter. Strange.

This city's citizens are weird about doing things with each other. There's always these official "activities" to bring us to the "Living Room". Like...we have an annual pillow fight. And we all gather to light a giant Christmas Tree, etc. I resent these forced activities...not so much because of the forced socialization...but more because I usually forget about them til after they've already happened so I feel resentful and left out. That's why I'm glad I caught the Free Root Beer Float day. Inclusion. And ice cream. And root beer.

20 keep(s) me blogging:

Laura said...

I'm just relieved you chose not to post a picture of your broken toe sticking out sideways, cause I don't think I could stomach it.

This City's Citizens is the name of a band I'm now going to start. We'll be playing at "Portland's Armpit" next Saturday, hope you can make it.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm sorry about your toe, but the payback would be hearing you curse and snap at people. Sometimes pain produces great art. Try saying "root beer" to an Australian - watch his face closely.

Macoosh said...

ooooh the toe situation is no good; but at least it came out of something cool instead of just walking across the room or something.

i want to go to a giant pillow fight.

i think i may have to move to portland's living room. as long as it has an internet connection.

Kara said...

waif - I would say the Armpit is somewhere on 82nd?

oh goranas - i snap and swear at people ALL the time. even on my ride in this morning...people unlucky enough to be in my way with windows down got my trademark "What the FUCK are you doing?". i'm so predictable.

macoosh - if you go to the link, it will tell you when the next pillow fight is...i think it's in winter. so that's when you'll have to make your move. and yes...portland has free wi-fi throughout the city BEGINNING in the "Living Room".

Susie Q said...

A pillow fight SOUNDS fun, but in reality is some seriously scary sh#t to me. The link you provided confirmed it! Guys PUMMELING each other and the girls looking frightened and pathetic. Yeah that's how I want to spend an afternoon.
However, I hear there is a sand castle building contest coming soon. Not one you can randomly partake in, mind you, but something to watch.
(Or as you can relate, I've probably missed it and will just "feel resentful and left out".
Sad, sad Susie.

Susie Q said...

Dammit, I really did miss the sand castle building gig! It was mid-July. (((OOOhhhhh)))
But I see there are movies to viewed. "Flicks on the Bricks" they're called. Movies on a giant blow-up screen, folks sitting in lawn chairs. I like it! I just may have to take a gander at one of those.

Orhan Kahn said...

I shouldn't laugh, but I do, only because it is you. How very apt that you, of all people, would break your pinky toe.


Don't ever, EVER, change!

Dan said...

Ouch! Poor pinky ... er ... pinkie toe!

You're in Portland! I just got back from 10 days in Oregon. The Friday afternoon traffic out of Portland was horrible! But I guess no worse than most cities. Loved the state, though!

Macoosh said...

that's it...i'm moving there. think kansas has any boys he can set me up with? maybe someone with a name like...alaska...or..hmm....indiana?

AxAtlas said...

I have blacktoe from playin' Squash alotz...I feel your pain.

froelica said...

I prefer not to be included in things.

Kara said...

Sue - see??? they're always trying to push us into that space together. always! and you're going to give in...i can see it.

or - what the fuck is LOLZ?!?

dan - it's PINKY! yeah...the state has it's moments. too bad you've left, though, cause Brewfest is this weekend. that's when the stars REALLY come out to shine.

macoosh - i have a guest room! we'll work on the set up part.

ax - gross. why would you continue to play a sport that does that to your toes? and is named after a hippie vegetable.

fro - word.

nic said...

Your poor toe? I can only vaguely relate after taking a line drive to the big toe a couple years ago. It's a bunch of poo, I tell ya. And dammit, you have to wear sensible roomy shoes.

As for the living room, I hope to see it sometime. I love pillow fights. I just don't like the pillows that are filled with large rocks or pool balls.

Feel better toe!

Orhan Kahn said...

OMG = Oh My God

Laugh Out Loud = LOLZ

LMAO = Laugh My Arse Off

LAMO = Your Pinky Toe

Oh, I went there ;)

AxAtlas said...

Reminds me of those "What's grosser than gross?" jokes...hmmm...What's grosser than gross? A picture of my black toe

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

If Pioneer Square were truly pioneering, it would be round. Or polyhedral or whatever.

I heap condolences on you about your traitorous toe. Make sure you take it for a long walk when it's better and give it a great big blister. Toey insolence! She should remember her place.

What colour is she now?

Kara said...

nic - ok, those wouldn't be used for pillow fights, those would be used for pillow hits. if hitmen used such tools, i mean.

or - that still doesn't explain the "Z". freak.

ax - that would be the GROSSEST

sam - red...but only because i painted the nail. you match!

and the square isn't that's some other sort of shape.

Orhan Kahn said...

Every word deserves a Z.


nic said...

wellz, thenz let's go for it.

thenz againz, maybez notz.
I feel kinda like a stereotyped European. It's wrong.


Kara said...

or and nic - freaks!